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Country: United States Registration Date: Apr. 25, 2018

I really like Beyblades and battling my friends. Leader of the ELEMENT BEYS. ALL TIME FAVORITE VIDEO GAME: White Cat Project Please PM me is you want to bring The Legends Of Chima Back I started Beyblading in October 2017 where I got fake MFBs. I was getting bored of watching Pokémon but I really liked the theme. I saw an ad on TV for something called Beyblade and decided to buy one and watch the first episode. After That I got hooked to the show and had to watch the episodes. But I still had no Burst beyblades. During winter break my mom took me to Walmart and I saw two beyblades there. A Evipero and Unictrest U2 Starter. I got those and a day later a few more. It took me forever to learn to assemble them. Then I got my first TT bey a Xeno Xcalibur. On YouTube I started watching BeybladeGeeks and JoJo. Then I saw something called I didn’t think about joining because... Actually I don’t know. Then I got spriggan Requiem and decided to join the WBO. I saw that there was a tournament on April 29th which was 4 days away and I decided to go. Tournaments I’ve attended: Beyblade Infinity Wars-12th Place Incrediburst jack jack attack-24th Place Back to the Bey- 8th Place Revive Phoenix Down-4th Place Grand Park’-8th Place No One Breaks the law-8th place This Ain’t Plastic- 6th Place Bursting With Joy-8th Place Los Angeles MFB limited Smash #1-8th Place Keeping it cLAssy-8th Place From Z to GT-8th Place Avenge of the fallen-15th Place LA Burst Classic #2-22nd Place LA HMS Brawl #1- 4th Place Jojos bizarre birthday- 23rd Place LA HMS Brawl #2- 2nd Place🥈🥈🥈 LA MFB limited #2 - 11th Place Top 3 Favorite Characters from every generation: Original Series: Tyson Granger, Kai Hiwatari and Tala Valkov Metal Fight: Gingka Hagane, Kyoya, kenta Burst: Valt, Shu, Count Night Favorite Beyblades from every generation: Plastic: Dragoon GT, Master Dranzer, Draciel MS. MFB: Flame Byxis, Variaries, Thief Phoenix Burst: Shadow Orichalcum, Cho Z Eclipse, Cho Z Valkyrie, Hell Salamaner, Cho Z Spriggan, Cho Z Achilles, Winning Valkyrie, Gran Valkyrie, Favorite Beyblade Seasons-Ranked Least to Greatest Beyblade Burst GT Spinoff Series Beyblade Metal Masters Beyblade Shogun Steel Beyblade Metal Fuison Beyblade Metal Fury Beyblade Season One Beyblade Burst God Beyblade V Force Beyblade Burst Super Z Beyblade Metal Fuison Beyblade Burst Beyblade G Revolution Favorite Video Games: Explosion Clicker, GalaxyXBlast, Anything by SpaceTekGamez, Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program, Pokemon Go, Beyblade Burst rivals, Monster Super Legue. Rune Story. Favorite Movies: Metal Fight Beyblade vs The sun Rogue One Favorite TV Shows: Beyblade Pokemon Sword Art Online Favorite Animals: Cats, Hawks, Fish, Guinea Pigs. Favorite Beyblade Combos: Plastic: Try Cutter 8 Heavy SG Semi Flat MFB: VariAries 145RF Zero G: Killerken Balro B:D HMS: Advance Eterner Stock Lol Burst: hS 10B At Custom: Blast Katana 12T J ~~Yeet~~ Wow... If you read this entire thing.... -UltimateMaster

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