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Country: United States Registration Date: Jun. 21, 2016

i (at the moment) am a 25 year old blader who (when i first heard bout tournaments and found out that i was not the only one into beyblades) wants to try and prove myself to be the number 1 blader, and i like dragons, swords, Yu-Gi-Oh, bakugan and drawing, but sadly, unlike everyone else, i have a job at an Amazon Warehouse (at the moment, may edit this if i don't forget to) i have unknown beyblades, unknown of them are hasbro beys and unknown takara tomy beys (unknowns for now since i haven't updated my collection yet, i have my own dream bey called Infinity Dragos and the parts i came up for him are called 10rings for the forge disc, scalie for the frame, and for the driver, i made up called Kingstail (GT form is Immortal Dragos Scaled Wings Oblivions tail'), now, before you go thinking, its just a dream drawings for now sadly, but im hoping that, one day, takara tomy will possibly make my dream beyblade come true, and from how i made my dream bey, i can pretty much tell that Infinity Dragos (or Immortal Dragos) would be perfect in the beyblade burst GT (quick update, GT form is Finished)), and any possible new burst gen seasons, also, another thing that I'd like to mention is that...... unlike everyone else who goes for recommended combos or winning combos, i like to go with my own kind of comes, like when i went to a beyblade tournament (and this wasn't my first tourney), and i had made one of my bey combos with Hasbro Maximus Garuda, and the combo i made for it was...... at first....... 5 meteor Cycle, but now, it's 7 star and for the driver/ performance tip I'm still debating on whether to keep Cycle with the combo, or use Eternal from Hercules (the Slingshock version by Hasbro, now its Blue garuda layer, 0 bump Hasbro Octa of Switch Strike) and it was because of G3 5 meteor cycle, I (after finding this out from my Rival known as Blader Reborn through instagram) was literally supposed to face him in the finals, but i didnt know that, why, cause at the tourney, i was told by one of the assisstants that i didnt make it to the finals, and blader reborn even told me that Yami (the first tourney host I've ever met) even said that i was supposed to face my rival (blader reborn) in the finals, heck, that battle could've helped both me and him prove to each other who was the best, wisest, and strongest blader between the 2 of us, he has also becomeone of the greatest friends i've ever had in the beyblading world, and i also hope to one day beybattle all of the beytubers of the entirer world, hope y'all find interest in this, also, if you guys wanna possibly see my dream beyblade Infinity Dragos, leave me a message on here and i will try to figure out how to post pics of them on here, but anyway, hope y'all have an awesome and beyblading day y'all rock sincerely, Ryan Jacobs or as i like my nick name, the dragon king P.S. i also plan to be the greatest Dragon beyblader of the entire world!!!

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