Toronto Beyblade Burst Tournament Report: Revival of the Phoenix


July 29, 2018 at Dufferin Grove Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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The Continued Dominance of Archer Hercules and Hell Salamander

We made our return to our alternate tournament location for the first time in at least a year today–Dufferin Grove Park–and attacted 22 players for our first tournament featuring the regular release of Revive Phoenix!

However, the trend of Archer Hercules and Hell Salamander’s dominance continued at this event from HIGH PARK THROWDOWN 10. Attack types seem almost irrelevant at this point; Archer Hercules 7/0/10 Eternal just snuffs them out completely unless you have a perfect bank and knock out aH on your first hit with like wV on Jolt, Hunter, etc.

[Image: kgRSB0l.jpg]

wV can do decently against Hell Salamander depending on the conditions, as can Bloody Longinus … but aH is just unstoppable with Attack at this point under ordinary circumstances. Has anyone found Attack combos which can defeat it consistently? I’m really hoping Buster Xcalibur is good because we could use a new viable Attack type right about now.

Revive Phoenix Emerges

Revive Phoenix did have a respectable presence at this tournament, but it did become clear that using it as a counter to Archer Hercules wasn’t as consistent as it originally seemed for 1234beyblade and I back when we were testing last week. In any case, I think it does have a place in the metagame in specific situations where it has the chance to beat both aH and hS.

1234beyblade’s Record Setting Streak

One other major storyline heading into this event was 1234beyblade’s four tournament winning streak for Burst Format:

  • Here We Go! - June 24th 2018
  • Beytuber Brawl - June 29th 2018
  • Put Your Camera Down - July 6th 2018
  • HIGH PARK THROWDOWN 10 - July 14th 2018

I’ve come very close to doing this during Beyblade Burst. Two times I’ve won three times in a row; I’ve had some impressive stretches where I maybe place second or third at a few events here and there but won many others around them overall without placing outside the top three … but four in a row is a new record for Burst I believe.

I’m not sure about WBO history as a whole, but I know that in terms of Toronto WBO community history, I’ve only ever actually won four consecutive events back in 2013 during Metal Fight Beyblade. In any case, to win four consecutive events is no small feat!

[Image: j2FJ4ZX.jpg]

Final Stage

In the first round of the finals I was able to easily take down SUGOI-KONICHEWA’s deck with my LC hS.0B.Br. His deck consisted of aH.0.Et, rP.10.Fr, and hS.0B.H. The hS.0B.H was a bit strange … the first two were expected, but had he used hS on Atomic the battle may have been a bit closer as it may have countered by LC hS.0B.Br.

In the next round, I was paired up with 1234beyblade. 1234beyblade has had my number over our last three encounters. His deck consisted of wV.7S.β, LC aH.0.R, and hS.10B.At. I decided to use cR.10.Et as a coutner to aH as in my testing it had beaten it during the mirror match … however in testing afterwards it seemed like it was more launch dependent than anything. With aH being much safer than cR in terms of defensive prowess, there isn’t much reason to use it. I really wish however that cR really was the best stamina type without question as it is much easier to defeat with Attack types and would bring some greater balance to the metagame. Right now we’re running into the classic “high stamina AND defense” issue we’ve seen so many times in the past with overpowered parts.

[Image: GxQT1c3.jpg]

[Image: mzI9FAr.jpg]

Anyways, for the first round of our match 1234beyblade was able to crush my cR with his wV.7S.β. After I declined the rematch and he elected to stay with wV, I countered with rP.7C.Ds and was able to knock him out to tie up the match. We then traded blows a few times with him sticking strong with his wV and me switching between my rP and LC hS.0B.At. Ultimately, I was able to win a tightly contested match with him today to advance to the finals with Justin TC by a score of 6-4.

1234beyblade is scary good with wV.7S.β; the only thing which really shuts it down is aH on Eternal … and that’s what happened unfortunately in his third place match with OldSchool™ who was able to win the first round with his hS.0B.Br versus 1234beyblades. LC aH.0.Et and then just avoided the hS vs wV match-up for the rest of the match.

[Image: JzDfSZM.jpg]

[Image: CkqUizv.jpg]

In the final match, Justin TC’s deck consisted of LC hS.0B.Br, aH.10.Et, rP.7S.At. We started off with a couple LC hS.0B.Br mirror matches. That resulted in a 3-0 lead for me. He switched out to a rP Atomic combo, and I again won with my LC hS.0B.Br to put me up 4-0. Strangely, his aH.10.Et barely OSed my hS the next round, so I didn’t chance it and switched over to my aH.10.Et and was able to win that mirror match for the tournament win!

It was my first tournament win since March of this year! I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch lately with early finals exits or 2nd/3rd place finishes, so this was a huge relief.

Winning Combinations

1st: Kei
Archer Hercules 10 Eternal
Revive Phoenix (Level Chip) 7 Bump Atomic
Archer Hercules (Level Chip) 0 Eternal
Hell Salamander (Level Chip) 0 Bump Bearing (Deck Format Finals Only)
Hell Salamander (Level Chip) 0 Bump Atomic (Deck Format Finals Only)
Revive Phoenix 7 Cross Destroy (Deck Format Finals Only)

2nd: @[Justin TC]
Hell Salamander 0 Bump Atomic
Archer Hercules 10 Eternal (Deck Format Finals Only)
Revive Phoenix 7 Star Atomic (Deck Format Finals Only)
Hell Salamander (Level Chip) 0 Bump Bearing (Deck Format Finals Only)

3rd: @[OldSchool™]
Hell Salamander 0 Eternal
Hell Salamander (Level Chip) 0 Bump Atomic
Hell Salamander 0 Bump Atomic
Archer Hercules (Level Chip) 7 Eternal
Archer Hercules 7 Eternal (Deck Format Finals Only)

More Photos

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to post below!

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Hi everyone, new to the forums. I’ve been playing with my son a while now and these reports really help me build him some great combos. I have one question. Is there a reason no one uses a disc frame on archer Hercules?
Hi Capt Antihero, I do the same with my son! I believe the reason is that Archer Hercules on the Eternal driver is a pretty low Beyblade heightwise. A disk frame is likely to start hitting the stadium floor when Archer Hercules starts to slow down. I have tested this myslef. Archer Hercules on the Eternal driver performed better without a disk frame during my testing.
I actually shot video for this tournament and finally posted it on the WBO Youtube Channel! Check it out:

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It's a city in Ontario, Canada. And please don't "resurrect" old threads.