Toronto Beyblade Burst Tournament Report: A NEW BEYGINNING

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March 16, 2019 at High Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Top 3: Kei – 3rd (Left), BladerBeast – 1st (Middle), OldSchool™ – 2nd (Right), MDK Shady – 4th (Background)

First Outdoor Tournament of 2019

Two months after the 166 participant BEYBLADE SHOGATSU 2019 back in January we had “only” 62 players for this event. It was our first outdoor tournament of 2019! The Toronto WBO community had such a quiet winter that it was nice to finally be back and to see the eagerness of the players in spite of the cold weather.

Reflecting on the Present and Past Toronto Community

I posted a couple videos on my Instagram Stories showcasing how many people had come and was surprised by the multiple shocked responses I received about the size of the event and how many kids were there. Over the past year or so I feel like I’ve become slightly desensitized to it because it sort of is just the new reality we live in at the moment; Beyblade is popular!

That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it–and I am very much aware of it if my previous report for BEYBLADE SHOGATSU 2019 is any indication–but having a few people reply to it in that way made me remember once again how amazing what we are doing right now is and reinforced the sense of responsibility I feel towards the community. I hope other Organizer’s feel the same way. We’re doing something special here creating such opportunities for people to meet.

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It’s amazing to me thinking back on the period a few years ago when 10-15 players was the average turnout we could expect for our events in Toronto. And even during the height of MFB, while we did have some large events, I don’t feel like we were ever able to consistently pull in 40+ players.

So, let’s not take this moment in time for granted and continue doing our best to meet everyone’s expectations! There’s always ways that we can be improving.

The Metagame

The Impact of Perfect Phoenix
As expected, with Perfect Phoenix now available it made an immediate impact on this event. Many of the players in the Top 8 used it in some capacity.

I spent hours and hours testing it over the past week in preparation for this event. The sense I get is that it generally speaking is better than Archer Hercules, but the risk factor associated with using it due to the Dead Armour potentially popping off at any point is significant. I forget the exact weight, but when that comes off you’re losing like 12g … so quite often it becomes a substantial detriment to the performance of your combo.

[Image: g7vzWQG.jpg]

pP vs. pP matches in particular are sort of hellish and I avoided them as much as I could during the finals. It seemed really pointless to engage in them due to how much the luck of the armour coming off played in the result. Still, it’s an extremely strong Layer and as such, was used by many. However, I don’t find it overpowered due to the aforementioned issue.

But because it felt pointless to engage in same spin battles with pP, and the fact that pP is of course good or on par with Hell Salamander depending on the combos, that really only left Attack as the ‘best’ option to deal with it, which is interesting.

1234beyblade (who unfortunately couldn’t make it today) and I had tested various attack types versus pP and found that while it is indeed unfortunately more difficult to deal with than hS and aH at this point, you could still do well with 超V and 超A against it to varying degrees depending on the pP combo used.

Wavering, But Ultimately Enduring Confidence in Attack Types
For some reason though later in the week I wasn’t feeling as confident with Attack against pP, so turned to the idea of using 超A.00W.Br. It was doing quite decently in my testing particularly versus pP.0C.Xt+ which I thought would be popular … however unfortunately this combo didn’t end up working out well when I used it against OldSchool™’s pP.Ω.Br in our semi-final match. Unhappy I lost 5-1 … my first loss since August of 2018! My streak was snapped at 24 straight wins, four short of my all-time record of 28 in 2017.

So naturally, in my match for 3rd Place versus MDK Shady, I decided to YOLO and construct an all-Attack Deck for the first time ever, which I think reflects my overall confidence it in the Burst metagame.

MDK Shady’s Deck was the complete opposite featuring three Stamina/Defense types: B3.0W.Br, pP.10C.At, aH.00B.Xt+.

[Image: 7w9MWio.jpg]

The Balkesh B3 caught me off guard as I had never seen him use it before and didn’t know he had it. I was scared it would shut down my entire deck since in my testing Dead Hades performed the best against it for some reason by far and it wasn’t one of the three Layers I chose.

In the first round he of course went with B3.0W.Br, but luckily I was able to score a convincing KO with my 超V.10α.X’ despite the very poor win rate it produced in my testing haha.

MDK Shady then switched over to pP.10C.At and I was able to score 2 KOs in three tries against it with 超V, quickly ending the battle with a final score of 6-1.

My confidence in Attack may have wavered before this event due to pP and B3 to a degree, but after all, during my aforementioned streak–which began after Xtreme Dash was released in August 2018–all three of my tournament victories were assisted by Attack types. So, it was nice to re-affirm my confidence through the third place match at this event.

I really hope TAKARA-TOMY re-releases Xtreme Dash soon so that we can hopefully start to see more people able to practice sufficiently to feel confident about using Attack combos in tournaments.

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The Quiet Impact of Balkesh B3
It is also worth mentioning that while it does not appear in the Winning Combinations list, throughout the day many players found success wielding Balkesh B3 on Bearing and Atomic, with a few of them like MDK Shady making it to the Top 8.

I did find in my testing that pP does seem to do better against it than aH, but need to try this out more to cement my opinion on this.


OldSchool™’s Streak Continues
This might not be focused on too often, but streaks of any kind when it comes to consistently placing within the Top 3 at events are to be admired. With OldSchool™’s second place finish at A NEW BEYGINNING, he extended his personal streak to three straight second place finishes!

I’m sure he’d like if at least one of those was a first place finish (sorry), but it is respectable nevertheless.

Also worth pointing out that he was able to do it today without the use of left-spin at all! I thought he would switch it up against me so I had nL in my Deck … lol.

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BladerBeast’s First Place Finish
There’s usually only a couple familiar faces at the top of the podium in Toronto … but BladerBeast was able to earn his second first place finish! The first came last year at another day, another bey. Congratulations!

Staff Thank Yous
And of course, thank you as always to everyone to who helped to run this event! Running events on this scale is certainly not a one-man job.

Thank you to @[OldSchool™], @[JesseObre], @[Justin TC], @[MDK Shady], and @[henwooja1].

Also @[Mitsu], stay for longer next time!

Already looking forward to the next one. It’s gonna be a … classic. Smile

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to post below!

Winning Combinations

1st: @[BladerBeast]
Archer Hercules (Level Chip) 0 Cross Xtend Plus
Hell Salamander 0 Cross Xtend Plus
Cho-Z Spriggan 00 Wall Bearing (Deck Format Finals Only)
Hell Salamander Ωuter Atomic (Deck Format Finals Only)

2nd: @[OldSchool™]
Archer Hercules Ωuter Xtend Plus
Perfect Phoenix (Level Chip) Ωuter Bearing
Cho-Z Valkyrie 10 Bump Atomic (Deck Format Finals Only)

3rd: Kei
Hell Salamander (Level Chip) 0 Cross Xtend Plus
Perfect Phoenix (Level Chip) 0 Cross Xtend Plus
Hell Salamander 10 Wall Bearing (Deck Format Finals Only)
Nightmare Longinus Turn Hunter Dash (Deck Format Finals Only)
Cho-Z Valkyrie 10 αngle Xtreme Dash (Deck Format Finals Only)

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