The first update for the third week in December. We have quite a bit in this update. The main focus is the game section, however the anime update is just as important. We have a new affiliate which is the first thing. For those of you that use the forum, which I advise everybody to do, you will have noticed I opened two new topics for L Drago and the Random Booster Volume 2 - Legendary Pisces Set. This contains new photos that were released on Toys R Us Japan earlier this morning. They are now available here to view. By joining the forum you will 9/10 now about this sort of stuff before it appears up here. Finally, Unknown God has complete something in the anime section. All details and information on everything is contained below. Unknown God has provided me with a new Christmas Special Update for next week. This will add a new section to the Media category of the site. I will let you speculate on what this could be as me and Unknown God will now be saying anything. Enjoy the update and a new one should be coming near the end of the week for sure. Keep checking back and join the forum. Have a good day from BeyUK!

*Have missed the bulk of the update as the majority is already known here anyway lol*

...::[Anime Update]::...

The Unknown God has managed to complete the entire Beyblade V-Force Episode Guide section. This is a great achievement for a single person. So this is another area completed in the anime section. He promises to complete the G-Revolution guides by the time Metal Fight Beyblade is released in April in Japan. To view the remainder of the V-Force episode guides then please do visit the section by clicking this link.

Please also continue to vote in the character profile poll on the previous update thread. The new profile will be added this week. The previous update thread can be found by clicking this link.

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This is the final update for this week. A Toys update has been made, it isn't a full blown update, but it is instead just providing some vital information regarding theINtoy and the MFB Beyblades. It isn't too bad but is worth your attention nonetheless. The long awaited character profile is now up for every bodies viewing pleasure. Finally, I have been working hard on a new image that will interest everybody. Your input is vital to its success. More info on this provided below. Keep it real and I hope you enjoy the update!

...::[Site Update]::...

I have been working on an image over the past few days that is of interest to everybody. Your input and thoughts are appreciated and needed to make it a success. I won't say anything regarding its use, but it will be very important in BeyUK's history and promotion of the MFB Beyblades. There is a thread on the forum dedicated to the image; so please sign up, it only takes a few seconds. Then please leave your comments in the thread regarding the image. Feel free to leave posts in the other threads if your interested as well. Click here to view the Image Thread on our Forum.

...::[TheINtoy Update]::...

This is just a small column regarding theINtoy. TheINtoy will be receiving some the RBV2 in stock over the December period. However, due to an out sell in Japan on these, they have had to look else where for them. This comes at a huge risk and price for us in the UK though. They will be a bit more expensive do to this complication, but no excessively expensive. I'm sure that everybody will still buy from them regardless. They apologize for this mix up but there is nothing they can do. They remain 100% dedicated towards Beyblade and have been since 2002. There motto still remains active to this date and pretty solid, we like beyblades, and as long as we can find supplies we will stock them. This remains true to this date, so don't feel put off because of a slight increase in price. If you want more in depth information regarding this then I have permission to give out information from theINtoy. Email me at beyuk[at] with any queries.

...::[Anime Update]::...

I have finally got the results of the most recent poll. To no surprise, Emily won. Everybody seems to want the female characters up first before the male characters. I can see why though, there are far less of the females than males. Anyway, Emily's profile can be found by clicking this link: Emilies Character Profile.

Please continue to vote in the poll above for the next character profile. Only you can decide on who should be next. Many thanks for your input up to this point though!

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Another update, this will be on of maybe three updates this week. From what your about to see see it is only a small update but on my part it is pretty big. It has taken me two days to complete this update. New photos were needed for the update and edits to the Beyblade A-Z were made. New blades were added amongst all the edits. More info is available below on this update. WBO are going Turkish? Yep folk, Brad at WBO along with members of the website BeybladeWeb, a Turkish Beyblade Fan Site/Forum, are making the WBO in Turkish. This is the first leap for the project in terms of multi-lingual support. More infor is below:

...::[Game Update]::...

Here is another update to the game section for everybody. As part of the on going process of renewing all the photographs on the website, I chose to take on the massive task of the Beyblade A-Z for both the plastics and HMS. I have added my entire collection to the work and will now be speaking to Gekiryu to take photos of her collection that have not already been added. After this I will photographing my friends and adding those as well. The information on the Beyblade A-Z's has been put to one side as I believe that getting the photos up is more important. People want to be able to see what the blades look like first. Links for these two sections can be found below:

+Plastic Beyblade A-Z
+HMS Beyblade A-Z

As well as the new photos, I have taken away the Beyblade Part Stats as they are complete nonsense. I have therefore replaced the stats with the weight of the attack ring. I will be editing the weight disks to follow suite. However, the stats will be kept and the weight disk weight will be added as additional information.

I would like to thank Hind for their/his/her awesome list of part weights which has been a great help. Click here to visit this amazing website. A link will also be added to the credits page. All that remains now is saying I hope you like the new photos.

Please also continue to vote in the character profile poll on the previous update thread. The new profile will be added this week. The previous update thread can be found by clicking this link.

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Quick announcement.

Quick announcement for the day. I decided to remove the personal information requirement. There were enough complaints about it to make me reconsider, and anyone who was really intent on cheating would have cheated anyway.

Sorry to make you go through all of that for nothing.

Don't cheat! DJ - Shock!

More updates coming this week.

About Beybladeweb

For a short time, no new users from Beybladeweb will be coming, for the reason that one son of a prostitute administrator in Beybladeweb has deleted the instruction topics about WBO. I will put them on BBweb again a.s.a.p and bust that brat and give him a good... whatever. Grin

Sorry for the slangy message.
As I'm sure everyone's noticed, we're getting a lot of members from Turkey since the WBO launched. I've been wondering how to handle this. Obviously, this is primarily an English-language board first, but if we want to open up to the rest of the world, we need to make the effort.

Ironically, this post focuses on the Turkish community but is written in English ... once I get in touch with one of our translators I will have it translated into Turkish!

To start, we've opened up a Beyblade discussion forum exclusively for our Turkish members:

Next up, you can actually view the board in Turkish now! Obviously not everything is translated -- no posts are translated, for example -- but most of the interface will be in Turkish. I redid the buttons myself! Smile


You can quickly change the language using this!


^ these images get bigger if you click on them, I promise!

It's at the bottom of every page. How amazing is that!? DJ 2002 - Yeah!

Maybe it's not that amazing ... Dj - Uh.

We're also working on a Turkish translation of the rules. I know some Turkish users have been having a bit of trouble understanding, so I want to get that done as soon as we can do it.

Also, yes, to use the WBS if you already have an account, or to register if you don't, you must enter your real name, address and phone number. This is simply to prevent cheating on the WBS. This information will never be shared with anyone outside of the WBO staff, and no other members can see it. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to PM me.

I would also like to address the possibility of the World Battle System rankings being reset over the next week or two (meaning, Bey Points set at 1000 and all battles erased for all users). As the WBS is beta software right now, there are no guarantees. I want to make sure everything is off to a good start and messy rankings isn't the way to do it.

As always, if you have any questions please post them. It's been a long day of hard work for me. Good luck and keep Bey Battling!

PS. to SchwarzeDranzer or ZenX, please translate this and post it in the Turkish forum when you get a chance! Thanks!

Kuznetsov and I have been working on this layout a lot in the past few weeks. Hopefully everybody likes it at least as much as I do.

As you can see, I will update the news bar below the banner every time there are some news. On the right, there is also a place featuring the events organized/sanctioned by the World Beyblade Organization.

As for the new content, the main update is that I wrote an article for Metal Fight Beyblade DS.

... I hope this is not the first time you will visit Beyblade Spirit, because I cannot summarise everything we have ...

WBO Rules Release 2 Now Available

After just a short few days, the 2nd release of the official WBO rules is now available. These rules are in effect immediately for all sanctioned WBO play.

What's new?

Addendum to the Selection of Beyblade and Launcher section:

Quote:The Blader is free to select a different Shooter or, in the case of a Dual Shooter, Spin Direction, unless they have already attached the Beyblade or inserted a Winder. Once either of these actions have been performed, the Shooter cannot be changed. In the case of the Dual Shooter, the spin direction can be changed between rounds.

Ruling added for Phantom Fox MS:

Quote:If one part of Phantom Fox stops spinning but the other continues to, the stopped piece must be left alone. The standard rules for touching the Bey Stadium or a Beyblade during a BeyBattle still apply.

Large section added about the World Battle System. Read this! Here's the most important addition:

Quote:To prevent the WBS from becoming unbalanced, you may only participate in ten ranked BeyBattles with the same Blader every calendar week (Sunday through Saturday). If you have accidentally submitted too many BeyBattles, please contact a WBO staff member immediately. If you are found to be submitting BeyBattles above the approved limit, your account will be subject to punishment, up to and including banning from the WBO.

You can download it here:
Not sure whether I'm doing this correctly but I may as well start. If it is incorrect then just say so Brad. The content of this post is copied directly from BeyUK's Update. WBO info won't be mentioned here for obvious reasons.

Well people, three updates in one week. We are goind hardcore at BeyUK. This update was going to occure at some point anywa so here it is. A quick run down of the things below. As you are probably aware, BeyWiki has now been converted to World Beyblade Organization (WBO for short). Further info on this subject will be given below. I have also included the new Character Profile to the anime category. Only a small, sort of, update but atleast we have something new for the community. You can rely on me and the BeyUK staff to update the site regularly with new content. We are one of the few Beyblade sites that are this active which is a good thing.

...::[Anime Update]::...

The new character profile is now available for everybody to view. The newest addition is Claude from Barthez Battalion. This is the first character from this team, so it is nice to see use broadening our horizons. His profile can be viewed by clicking this link: Claudes Profile.

The new poll is provided above. Please vote as the next profile relies soley on your votes.

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Well, it was significantly delayed, but here it is. I hope it was worth the wait for you all. Here is the official press release:

Since October of 2007, Beywiki has been uniting Beybladers all over the world. Founded by Bey Brad as an answer to the lack of concrete support in the Beyblade community, Beyblade quickly rocketed away from its humble origins to attain its status as the most popular Beyblade website in the world.

If one thing has been learned from the Beywiki project, it is that Beyblade has proven to be remarkably resolute all over the world. In many parts of the world where Beyblade has not been sold in many years, there are still many Bladers yearning for battle.

With Metal Fight Beyblade having launched in Japan, Beyblade has been given a second chance. However, Takara-Tomy has no plans to begin development abroad until 2010. While the WBBA -- the World Beyblade Association -- sanctions Beyblade play in Japan, there is no truly international governing body for Beyblade competition.

That is why, effective immediately, Beywiki is being relaunched as the World Beyblade Organization (WBO). The goal of the WBO is simple -- to be a sanctioning body for Beyblade, and an organization dedicated to the promotion of Beyblade, all over the world.

The WBO functions on the Elo ranking system, employed by Chess, Go, and many competitive games and hobbies all over the world. When Bladers battle in real life, the results are reported by the loser on the WBO website. The rankings are then adjusted accordingly. The goal is to provide a comprehensive ranking system for Beyblade. By winning many battles, Bladers will climb to the top and earn the title of the best Blader in the world.

The Beywiki project is not being abandoned. The Beywiki will continue as a side-project of the WBO. However, the focus of the website has shifted from the Beywiki itself to the community that has been formed.

The WBO is reaching out to Bladers in every part of the world, Bladers who speak every language. We have begun employing translators to reach out to Bladers who cannot speak English, so you can look forward to more international content as the WBO grows.

So, head to and register today, and begin climbing the ranks of the WBO!

For anyone that can speak other languages, I would appreciate if you could translate this release into whatever language you speak (Turkish and Japanese are top priorities for me right now). Thank you!

As time goes on, you will see more and more information becoming available about all of this.

Well ... comment away.