FACE CONTEST: Design a Metal Fight Beyblade ... again!

Yes, due to popular demand, there's a new Beyblade Design Face Contest! You've always wanted a Face? Well, it's now or... later!

We want you to design your own Metal Fight Beyblade based around an Egyptian theme! Isn't that awesome? The winners will get their choice of:
How mysterious! Hm, I wonder what could be inside of them?

And yes, that's right, winners. Not one, not two, but four people will win Face Boosters! How cool!

What's even better is that this Face Contest is special : the grand winner will receive a Mercury Anubis 85XF, and the second runner-up will earn himself a Ray Unicorno D125CS!

So, here are some of the criteria your entry will be graded on:
  • Artistry: Obviously, someone who hand draws their Beyblade for several hours is going to be taken more seriously than someone who quickly puts something together in MS Paint. That being said, we understand that not everyone has the same artistic ability. Effort is what's important!
  • Originality: Try to think outside of the box and use ideas that haven't been used in Beyblade yet! At the same time, your concepts have to be relatively realistic. Also, nobody wants to see ten Seth-inspired Beyblades! Do your best to use an Egyptian theme that is uncommon. If you need help, you can refer to sites like this one.
  • Balance: Remember guys: there's no best Beyblade! If you make a Beyblade that's so broken it would theoretically ruin the metagame and be banned even by TAKARA-TOMY, try to think of something else! Don't draw a Beyblade that's only junk, but try to balance everything with good and bad traits!

And now for the rules:
  • Limit one entry per person! Your first entry will be the only one that's considered, so work hard on it!
  • The WBO Committee isn't eligible, as usual...
  • You have until September 30th at 23:59 PM to do it. Any entries must be posted before then!
  • Post your entries in this thread! (You can also talk about the contest, ideas, or whatever in this thread as well, but don't ask for direct feedback on your drafts!)
  • Your entry must contain a picture or a photograph of your imaginary Beyblade, and you also have to try to include a description of its parts.

That's all; make us all proud and good luck!

List of current entries:
Jerf - Undead Osiris S145FD
countdudoo - Sand Sphinx MD145MF
bakumonkey - Desert Pharaoh
Mc Frown - BCF Sobeka (N)B145
Corey - Ancient Osiris RD145RB
Pyro - Steel Scarab WC130DB
ChAoStOrM - Guardian Sphinx C145GB
mchlbant - Hydro Hydrus MD145MD
Beyblast98 - Shadow Apophis GT90PF
Omega - SF Ancient Osiris FR130SJ
bladebreak078 - Wing Falco F100RC
Crystal Pegasus - Sand Scarab 230EB
lognor - Sand Apis Bull ? WB
tony of rin - Pyramid Giza DF145WB
greekboy148 - Angered Spirit 90UJTMWHF
sadrak11 - Vengeful Ra EA100RHF
Ultimate_Blader - Sky Falcon 165XZ
Sora. - Flare Ra 75WRF/WBD
RayJºker™ - Hurricane Setek CH120RF/D
Fayt - Venom Asp F110RB2
FlameGasher5721 - Pyramid Scorpion S125MS
mythic ldrago - Mystic Ra M120P
Pisces - Bright Onuris MH125MS
Shadow - MF Claw Bastet SC145MHF
GalaxyDranzer - Sky Horus W90RHF
stormpegasus098 - Pyramid Cobra S105R²F
Akatsuki - Arkaneous Ra AS145XMB
kktt111 - Ancient Hieroglyphios V120WRSF
Natekilgore - Secret Ra S105AF
lacertablade14 - Desert Scarab SDS175SF
Bttuiop - Adamant Sai DC130UD
桃太郎 - Victory Ra S105CT
BladerZX - Cronus Ra 90RCF
jason_47 - Desert Sphinx RFP145DB/F
ShadowPegasis - Destructive Ra CH85RXF
Bey-Heart - Feather Nut F145RWB
Annilater009 - Wadjet Horus 100GD
reddagger - Crocodile Sobek F145HF/S
xstarblaz3rx - Fang Cobra S165ESS
shadowpegasus31 - Lunar Hermanubis 96SB
Ash - Sun Storm C145PD
newsky2 - Oblivion Seth LC105CA
MorningMess - Te Bast C105WB
Elmo - Solar Sekhmet 145BC
kjayko1 - Searing Ra RS125ES
xyo999 - Ground Scarab 145WB
Demosyks - Burning Horus TSA108R
LewLew - Cosmic Apophis TS125RF
redman609 - Speeding Cheetah 145CS
Hawksirune - Lightning Lynx 105FS
Dirge - Great Sphynx G120DPF
stormleone3006 - Lightning ???
darkleone145WB - Egypt Python FS145RS
pikabattler - Dark Ra ??
Blaze Wheeler - Ba-Pheon SB125CJB
Dragoon105RF - Curse Horus SD125MHF
FlameLyte - Taisen Lyte SAAD100-145CQB
SilverSurfer - Chamber Osiris RC145WDB
Moss - Justice Ma'at TCH145MB
phinamthi - Pyramid Spirit FH70WB
UDC - Burst Scythe GN145RRP
Hitesh - Space Apophis ??
Max is Bryan - Great Tawaret T110CF
iwee101 - Storm Paroah ??
Liontamer54321 - Storm Crocodillian TJ145F
Lighting LDrago - ???
14tosborne - Magnetic Mummy ??
BladebreakerR - Sand Scorpio SRB140RB
AbhorEvil - Prism Ra P125BF
Ivalcomen - Snake Pyramid F549ST
M L D - Sarcophogus Ra ??
klonoalunar - Droughting Sobek ST444SSH
super - Legendary Anubis R145XRF (Last post on the page.)
awesomedude8944 - Pyramid Onyx SA125ST
RエスコルピオT125JB - Khepri SR145CMB
ScotishBlader - MF Earth Scorpio ED145WD
genbbladelovr - Burial Anubis 85FB
i am awesome - Dune Sarcophogan SP175S/W/EMS
Hatchet Haro - Shine Ra ED²145XB
uydesai - Dead Pharaoh B145WD
BakuPhoenix90RF - Universe Ra RF120XRF
ShadowPegasus01 - Stealth Ra W195TF
DasherDeath - Divine Ra W145PD
goukaryuu - Tsunami Sobek GB145HB
Asbel Lhant - Shining Wadjet GD145SB
WhiteCharisma - Zombie Seker TP145BRS
Kizu-Eien - Anubitet Wings S125RF
INFINITYDRANZER - Hieroglyph Scarab MBS145WB2
eletbb - Sandstorm Seth M145Q
monalisa012 - Joy Hathor R²145ED
nov1c3 - Chaos Ra BB120SF
liamhoudoom - Sandstorm Snake 100SB
shadoweagle3010 - Horus Pharaoh P145WD
zaxs93 - Giza Pharaoh ??
Sagittario96 - Justice Ma'at WF125RHF/PF
username2130 - Ancient Pharaoh GA?WB
Royface3000 - Rebirth Kheprius RS145RBC
darkbladea - Re SP105PRF
Andrawya - Relic Isis M125BT
cyber45 - Stona RÀ D145CF
Dranicon -
Minion - Lunar Khonsu M90BWD
Nwolf - ???
Spoonigan - Spark Horus 120RF
.:VirgO:. - Chaos Seto 55WHF
i like cerial - Prism Pharos CR120BRC
Kredac - Claw Scarab ED145WD
sharkman - Immortal Sphinx DD130SE
Beyblade┼Spirit - Coffin Radem RD130BF
phoenixbeyblade - Lunar Thoth C155SH
Train - Flame Ma'at HX145PSF
Jsc - Arcane Isis SO145RB
Tuchpi - Reborn Horus SH145MS
Ochibi - Great Pyramid T145SB
novapegasus - Nova Ra ??
Nocturne Khonsu 105E²F
phantomfox - God Horus C105RF
Gianmarco.93 - Circle Camel 145BC
momiji manju - Nutra P230BC
Fonspark - Strike Cobra RD120WRMSF
Mar - Ankh Bastet C145HD
manga - Warp Pyrid 100RRF2
aquila rules - Eye Anubis S90(?)RB
FreedomFighter - Legendary Scarabeus 80CF
TheJugganawt - Dense Scaraban SD135MD
Orichalcon - Devour Ammit J125JF
Arenanet - Anubi Balance 100D
Giulio_L - Poison2 Ra CD140SP
ARMYMAN99 - ???? (Evil Sathunis 145WD)
brendan wu - Sandstorm Anty SA125GF
DarkThunder - Storm Apep RS145RF
agentrockit - Dragon of Ra105WD
Aikemi - [HF] Howl Acker WM130SS
beystorm37 - Pyramid Seker SF140WRB
iceman12 - Crystal Woman Bird TB?559?
fogot - Chaos Apep WF135RCB/PC
FlameDragon25 - Jupiter Nekhbet 90XF
RockAries13 - Sand Pyramid C145PT
Headenbr3 - Bound Maahes RCD145RPD
Oh sweet! I'm so on this.
It'd be nice to win, but I'm just gonna do for fun!
Darned Vulcan Horuseus makes it hard to be original!
Good thing I made a custom MFB thread for this! Smile
This will certainly give me something productive to do at school.

This...is...EPIC! I am so entering this! if i win, i will get a beyblade that will never be availible in usa! WOOHOO!!!
Does it have to be HMS or Pre-HMS?
(Sep. 14, 2010  4:17 AM)Fayt Wrote: This...is...EPIC! I am so entering this! if i win, i will get a beyblade that will never be availible in usa! WOOHOO!!!

Well, Mercury Anubis could be released eventually, but not for a while, if at all.

edit: Jerf, I assume you mean "HWS" or "Pre-HWS"? Definitely not HMS, haha. And I suppose we didn't specify, so either is fine!
Finally got my idea in mind. When I'm done drawing it, I will edit this post with my entry.
How will it get sent to the winner?
Does anyone know the name of the Egyptian snakes? like these http://i48.tinypic.com/2je4sna.jpg? Or does thi belong in the random thoughts thread
(Sep. 14, 2010  5:03 AM)Fogot Wrote: Does anyone know the name of the Egyptian snakes?

Asps, I think.
(Sep. 14, 2010  4:53 AM)ShadowPegasis Wrote: How will it get sent to the winner?

BLADER DJ will materialize above you with an orchestra of trumpets and light strings playing in the background, he will hold out a golden box wrapped in velvet with a platinum clasp and say: "YOU WIN BIG CONTEST, HERE IS PRIZE! ONLY BY POWER OF BLADER SPIRIT CAN BOX OPEN." You will take the box and everything is gone. You wake up in your bed, feeling slightly down, yet lighthearted. As you get out of bed, you notice you are holding a golden box, a velvet cloth draped across the floor, and a shiny platinum clasp no longer closed.

[EDIT] Blader DJ's caps lock is broken. I had forgotten.
mfb version of desert sphyinxer hah shouldnt be to hard
Im Soo sikked i have already started my research
Now I have something to do at school Smile
Besides work...
So excited!
Hm, 17 days left, huh? I'm on it. I'm hoping for that Mercury Anubis.
Good luck beating Ra and Osiris Smug
Haha, seriously though, can't wait to see the entries we get for this one.
Especially since this is based more on concept and aesthetics, so hopefully we won't get too many gimmicky beys.
really looking 4ward 2 this i will actually sit down and do this comp
is Mercury Anubis a MFB?
(Sep. 14, 2010  9:36 AM)Storm Aquario99 Wrote: is Mercury Anubis a MFB?

It's a MFB that has been released...
My design
Undead Osiris S145FD

A drawing of Osiris' face and hat...

Metal Wheel: Undead
Colour: Gold
4 triangular protrusions, allowing upper, smash or force smash depending on it's height and opponent's height.
Based on the flail Osiris holds in his left hand.

Clear Wheel: Osiris
Colour: Green
Based on the crook Osiris holds in his right hand.

Track: S145
Colour: White
Slim 145
Osiris is a mummified, slim and tall Pharaoh... Should explain itself.
Fat bit at the top is where it connects to the wheels
Slim all the way down

Bottom: FD
Colour: White
A free spinning D tip, conveying the undead theme. I guess...
The god of the underworld can't die!!!!