FACE CONTEST: Design a Metal Fight Beyblade ... again!

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uhhh blackblade i did not use clorscheme its because my paper was old!it was been for two years!
Everybody, stop SPAMming.

Discussion on Mercury Anubis belongs in the Mercury Anubis topic, and if you want to make another Beyblade not related to this contest, then obviously do not post here.
this is my entry speeding cheetah its amaturely drawn
[Image: Scan3.jpg]
Your facaebolt looks like Kyuubi in a way. Excluding the 9 tails part.
Heres my entry sorry about picture quality but i hope you enjoy it
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Not on theme...
Cool entries, but I fail to see how they relate to the Egyptian theme...
(Sep. 20, 2010  2:52 AM)LewLew Wrote: COSMIC APOPHIS TS125RF

This is my design for the competition. Before I go into the actual design, I'll brief you guys on why I chose this theme bey.

Apophis was an Egyptian mythological creature, told by people as the Serpent Of Chaos. Over the past few years, there has been an asteroid, which NASA has named "Apophis", spotted with it's gravitational directing heading for earth. Going back to the Egyptian creature, the serpent of Apophis was known as the serpent of chaos, therefore the asteroid was named after chaos.

Now on with the blade. It is called Cosmic Apophis due to it's chaotic design.
The description in the image below is incorrect, as it was uploading to photobucket, I re-read the mini article on Apophis on wikipedia and got the wrong bit of info. The face is the same colour but includes a hieroglyphic serpent on the bolt, indicating Apophis itself.

Energy Ring:
A lot like the Aries energy ring, the edges are rugged. The colour of the ring is white, indicating positive power behind Apophis. There are more edges around the ring than the Aries energy ring, giving the power of an attack type.

Fusion Wheel:
The fusion wheel follows the same shape of the Energy Ring (see above) but more blunt. The shape following gives more of an aero-dynamic touch to the blade. As well as being able to attack at high speed, the thickness and weight behind the wheel will allow the blade to defend itself in a final stand.

Spin track:
Now this one was a tricky one... I took the T125 spin track (also shown in the picture, as I couldn't make the right shapes) and gave it an option to change the wings upside down, to change between endurance or attack. Although the changes are very slight, it gives the perfect balance to the blades powers.

Performance Tip:
You may be wandering; "WHY THE HELL IS AN RF TIP ON THIS THING?!". Remember "Grip Attacker" from the first gen of beyblades? I want the traction speed of that for heavy hits. This brings down endurance highly, BUT the attack aspect of this is crazy. Almost like a tank of a sort.

In my opinion, I have been able to create a balance type beyblade, which hits hard and fast, as well as a defence type which can last final stand hits. Every blade has a weakness. For some, it might be the RF tip. For others it might be the Energy Ring. The blade in it's entirety follows Apophis's choas.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my concept for this bey. Here is the picture. I guarantee the text above is more accurate than the picture but enjoy my bitmap blade parts Smile

[Image: beybladeentry.jpg]

Umm, doesn't the clear wheel look like Aries's
Heres photos of what i got my inspiration/ideas of what to do from

[Image: great-pyramid-sphinx-cc-phool-4XC.jpg]
[Image: ?action=view&current=71440xcitefun-great...giza-9.jpg]

My beyblade is called Great Sphynx G(Giza)120 DPF (Double paw Flat)

[Image: DSCF0589.jpg]
This is the face, the sphynx has a scar for its one of its eyes which represents the destruction of part of the spyhnx face.Also on the top of the face there is 2 pyrimids there which is like the photo i posted above of what my ideas came from of how the sphynx is positioned in the middle of 2 pyrimids.

[Image: DSCF0598.jpg]
This is the clear wheel, it is made to look like the front paws of the sphynx with some eygpiton designs on it to make it alittle more flashy/colourful xD

[Image: DSCF0593.jpg]
The metal wheel "great". The metal wheel is designed to give smash attack through the points of the 2 pyrimids which again represnt the sphynx being possitioned in the middle of 2 pyrimids.Also some more eygpition sysmbols in there to make it more flashy/colourful.

[Image: Track.jpg]
Track G(Giza)120, agian the theme here is the pyrimids in which the shpynx sits in the middle off, theyre designed to give some smash attack agaisnt low destablizers.

[Image: Bottom.jpg]
bottom DPF (double paw flat) the bottom represents the back paws of the sphynx, they are a flat bottom and give a strong attack pattern because of there shape and how wide it is.

So to conclude i tried to make subtle design aspects much like with pre HWS beyblades like leones paws,pegasus's hoofs,sag's bow ect, And give this beyblade a design that will make you think of the great sphynx of giza through subtle reffrances to it.

I hope you guys like it Joyful_2

also im sorry about my lack of drawing shapes skills/lopsidedness of wheel and clear wheel.

Edit: just fixed link for picture of track hope i dont get disqulifed Pinching_eyes
(Sep. 20, 2010  4:30 AM)BladerZX Wrote:
(Sep. 20, 2010  2:52 AM)LewLew Wrote:

Umm, doesn't the clear wheel look like Aries's

We are already past this...
(Sep. 20, 2010  4:23 AM)Vamspapi Wrote: Not on theme...

A lynx is part of Egyptian culture. Mafdet was the first Egyptian feline deity, sometimes depicted as a lynx.
Dirge, I love the designs. Especially the clear wheel.
mchlbant Retired
(Sep. 20, 2010  4:35 AM)Dirge Wrote: ...
Can't see the track. But awesome bottom
(Sep. 20, 2010  4:37 AM)Fogot Wrote: Dirge, I love the designs. Especially the clear wheel.

thanks Joyful_2 ive been working on it for awhile finaly finnished today hah
this i my disin i need to do it with a pincil it will look much better
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Since you posted it already, it coutns as your entry.
this is my beyblade design:
Egypt Python FS1454RS
a black face with a yellow snake and a 'p' that stands for Python
Energy Ring:python
a red and orange circle with 4 yellow points
Metal WheelEeegypt
a yellow triangle with blue triangles between each point
Track: FS145 (fangs spring 145 )
a 145 track with 2 points that look like snake fangs. If you twist it to the left a spring pops out to let the beyblade bounce
Tip: RS (Rubber Sharp)
a sharp tip made of rubber

Will post drawing soon Eee
We have an RS already, just letting you know.
Oh........... did not see that comingPinching_eyes.............sorry 2 whoever created RS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Giraton Retired
here is my design finally, it is called Dark Ra or Dark Star (you guys choose).

story: believed to have the spirit or power of Ra's dark side. it is supposed to be the most powerful beyblade but over the years it lost most of its power. it now contains the same power as normal beyblades. it has a strange rivalry with L-drago beyblades.

advantages: it's shape has lot's of irregular points for attacking and its track and bottom also raises it's attack. the point also increases stamina and speed as it is a triangular shape point that decreases drag.

disadvantages: due to it's wheel's irregular shape, it has very low defense and stamina. the point and height of the track don't help either as it becomes unbalanced easily.

face description: shows a black star and and simple B-R or B-S.

metal wheel description: has many lines to look like a star.

clear wheel description: the smallest and most simple of all clear wheels, it is just a circle and pyramid spikes.

track description: medium sized and and weight, it has a clear blade to try and stop low attackers.

bottom description: a triangle tip reduces drag but increases height.
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@stormleone3006 - Care to explain your diagram to the audience? ie: Face: Explanation, CW: Explanation, etc. I believe that's required.
Giraton Retired
did you read the part above the picture? that's where i put the descriptions.
(Sep. 20, 2010  8:37 AM)pikabattler Wrote: did you read the part above the picture? that's where i put the descriptions.
He was obviously not talking to you.

'darkleone145WB Wrote:Oh........... did not see that coming.............sorry 2 whoever created RS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blaze Wheeler
Here it is:

Ba - Pheon SB125 CJB
[Image: bapheonsb125cjb.th.png]

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