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Ah, so I feel the need for this, since Beyblade Random Thoughts is for the hobby, and Random Thoughts doesn't seem to be the right place. If you need to close this, by all do, i just thought this might be a good idea.

Anyways, I see the Spanish Forum has been removed.
I don't think this thread is necessary
There are a bunch of threads which can substitute for all the needs of a random thoughts thread.
I wonder how tough it will be for WBO's community to process the BeyPoints, given the fact that qualifiers will mean lots of battle and processing. A positive note will be lots of participants, but still it'll be tough for the Committee to work through with Processing, Faces and Credits distribution, etc. I wish the Committee doesn't have any problems with all this process, and that they don't overload themselves at all.
I hope this is the right place to post it.
Summer is coming, who can talk about overloading hah ? If there is an overload period, it is right now, especially near May.
How can I forget that The Committee, especially Kai-V, never, and I mean ever!!, get tired of Beyblade!
> Kai-V gulps down 10 bottles of Gatorade Energy Drink
> Takes care of BeyDays like a boss.
You guys are seriously hard working!
The WBO committee are just completely amazing for what they're doing for BEYBLADE REVOLUTION. They deserve props for everything they do for us.
They deserve props in general, haha.

The fact that BR is actually happening and that we have the money to do it is amazing. But mostly the fact that you can get paid travel expenses to Toronto along with a Pass.

I have no idea what we are going to do next after this, haha (so excited for HMS+Plastics Remembrance Day though).
I have no idea how they are paying for all of this, it's truly amazing! I plan to donate some money soon once I get a Paypal account so I could get the signed BB-10 Wink

And the fact that Beyblade Revolution is becoming more hyped is just great.

I can't be more pleased of this site!
I don't think anything here has a similar purpose to this actually. This could be a place to discuss out in the open the general state of the forum which you can't really do anywhere else. I wish more people would contribute to beywiki. I'm planning on doing more once my year at school ends. I'm also concerned with the plastics side which I think with flounder if th!nk doesn't come back. He pretty much holds at least half of it up.
Haha, I would like to contribute to Beywiki, but I don't know much about Plastics or HMS. And most of the articles for MFB have already been made. Unhappy
Oh by beywiki in general I meant everything. I beg to differ. We only have 87 MFB beyblade articles. And most of the ones for the newer beyblades are just stubs containing the bare minimum of info. Also for things that aren't there a lot of them will have drafts that were never completed. So even if you don't feel you can make a full article you can still help make drafts ready to be put up. Never underestimate your ability to help.
I'm getting a bit off-topic here, but is there a specific list of any Beys that do not have a Beywiki page yet? I could make a draft for a lot of them.

I'd love to help out in any way I can. Smile
You can just look at the Product list for MFB but for Plastics and HMS there is a thread that says what is missing.
We got alot of guests lurking around.
(Apr. 26, 2013  4:50 AM)alucardZ Wrote: [ -> ]We got alot of guests lurking around.

It is always like that. No matter at which moment of the day, there will be a few times more guests than there are logged in Members ...
Haha, just saying it was kind of interesting seeing 15 users browsing the Beyblade General Discussion sub forum, and when I went there, it was me and some other guy, and 13 guests xD.
Haha, there's a user on here called "no" and he hasn't posted once, but he has 39 referrals. Imagine all those confused people saying "no" accidentally when they were registering.
I wonder if it's possible to hide yourself from being online.
6 days ago, I saw 2 members, 9 guests.
members online
So I was wondering where the second member was.
Also, I wonder how much donation the WBO would need to keep up this site after 6-7 years, and what most of the moderators will be doing by then(I'm not trying to say Mods spend their life on Beyblade, but I will be interested to see if they'll be interested in the hobby.)
Umm, I'm pretty sure that when you're registering, you have an option of being hidden from the online section.

I wonder who gave the biggest donation in WBO history, hmm...
I've been wondering a lot about the time before this site, but there isn't much more than a backstory posted anywhere...

Also, I wish more of the original (say first 1,000) members were still around on the site and hadn't given up.
(May. 13, 2013  12:44 AM)Time Wrote: [ -> ]I've been wondering a lot about the time before this site, but there isn't much more than a backstory posted anywhere...

Also, I wish more of the original (say first 1,000) members were still around on the site and hadn't given up.

First of all yes, there is backstory written in the first Brad Day announcement topic.

Secondly, it is completely wrong to say that those Members have "given up" on Beyblade. Most of those Members are adults, like me, and their life unfortunately does not allow them to spend much time here anymore or to keep up with Beyblade, but in no way do they think that Beyblade is not worth following and should be "given up" on.
I guess given up was a poor choice of words, I meant on longer active on the forum.
Would anyone think it would be interesting (don't pounce on me for saying this, I'd do it for the fun of it, not competition wise) if the WBO had an XTS tournament?
Eh, I personally don't enjoy xts at all. Maybe it could be an extra after an actual tournament if people were interested.
jumper pegasus is the best

haha, not sure about it.