[Guide]  Hey Parents! Answers to your WBO Tournament questions!

Hi everyone! Lots of parents have the same questions about WBO tournaments, that they keep asking tournament organizers directly. I decided to make a nice post that is easy to find that will answer all your common questions! I can add to it as necessary.

My child is very young! Are they too young to be in the tournament?
There are no age groups in WBO! Participants as young as 4 have made it to the top 8 finals on several occasions. If they can launch a Beyblade, they're not too young to participate. But you might want to make sure they pay attention to the tournament announcements!

Are there age groups in the WBO tournaments? Do younger bladers play only against younger bladers, and older bladers against older bladers?
There are no age groups in WBO! Everyone can play against everyone. This does not give the older bladers an inherent advantage, since 4 year olds can defeat 35 year olds. Beyblade is a game of competitive spinning tops, and age does not grant an innate advantage. If we added age groups, we would have trouble finding organizers for the younger blader sections, because the judges and organizers would not be permitted to play in those, so many would only host tournaments for older bladers.
Us older folks do not win all the time, younger bladers win tournaments a lot!

Do judges and organizers usually participate in their own tournament?
They generally do! We like Beyblade as much as everyone else, and we want to play too. We're experienced, but we can be defeated. WBO is a volunteer organization, no one is paying us to run tournaments. Actually it can cost a lot of money for us to run tournaments! But we do it because we like Beyblade. And if we couldn't participate, some of us probably wouldn't help run tournaments, so you just kind of need to accept that.

You can't lie to me, I know Hasbro and the Illuminati are paying you big bucks to run these tournaments, so you have to do what I say!
We're not being paid. No one's paying us. We do this because we like Beyblade. And because no one's paying us, we're just going to do what the WBO Rulebook says.

How much do tournaments cost to participate in?
That varies based on the location and the circumstances! At the top of each tournament thread, there will be information about just how much they cost. Sometimes there is no fee, sometimes there are WBO fees, and other times there are venue fees. Please check the individual tournament thread to determine how much it will cost.
As of 2020-01-23, the WBO's PayPal is still non-functional, so tournaments currently do not cost anything as far as WBO fees! There might be venue fees, depending on if the organizer had to spend a lot of money to rent the venue.

To participate in a tournament, do we just show up, or do we have to register for the tournament ahead of time?
All bladers participating in a tournament need to have a WBO account (free to make) and should register for a tournament ahead of time. That is the only way to guarantee they will have a spot in the tournament! Just make an account, keep your eyes on the Tournament Listings (check it once a week and you won't miss out), and register for local tournaments when/if they appear!

My child wants to go to a tournament, but it says "Participant Cap Reached". What does this mean? Can my child participate?
If the participant cap is reached, your child is not guaranteed participation. The only way they will be able to join the tournament is to show up at the tournament event early, get added to the waitlist, and hope that enough people who registered for the tournament don't show up so that the people on the waitlist can be added. Some WBO tournaments need to have participant caps because there is limited time or limited space at certain tournament venues. Each participant tends to bring on average about one or two people with them, sometimes more, so even if a venue can house 75 people, that really means it can only realistically support space for 25 or so participants.

My child wants to go to a tournament, but it says "Participant Cap Reached". You should raise the cap just for my child. My wonderful, most important, child.
Some tournaments have limited time and limited space. When a tournament goes from 32 bladers to 33 bladers, it goes from a 5 round Swiss tournament to a 6 round Swiss tournament. That takes a lot more time. Also, the venue simply might not have enough space! So, I'm sorry, but no, we're not going to raise the participant cap. Your child is indeed the most wonderful and important, and that's why from now on you're going to check the Tournament Listings once a week, to make sure that they can register before the tournament caps! Most tournaments take way longer than a week to hit the participant cap once the announcement thread is posted publicly.

When is the next tournament going to be held?
Please be patient! Sometimes we are uncertain when the next tournament will be scheduled. And sometimes we need to take breaks. This can get expensive, you know. But if you check the Tournament Listings once a week, you probably won't miss any tournaments.

What is the address for a specific tournament?
All of the pertinent details such as date and time and fees and rules are present in the tournament announcement post! Additional details may be available in that tournament thread. You should read it! All of it.

I arrived very late to a tournament, and the tournament has begun without us, and my child still wants to participate in the tournament. Can they?
I'm sorry. No. We have several dozen people at these events, and often limited time. We cannot wait for the very late, we had to start without you. Your child should hang out and enjoy free-play against other bladers.

Do I need to have a separate account for every child participating that I bring to a tournament?
Yes you do! Each participant needs a separate account. WBO Accounts are free, go make one for each participant. Each account will need a separate email address associated with it, but you can withhold the password from your child if you would rather they not be able to post.

Both I and my child forgot the account name we registered for the tournament using. Can we still participate?
Gosh. Well, dig through your email, go to the site, and figure out what that account name is! Or you won't be able to participate in the tournament!

Can I change my child's account name?
Account names cannot be changed. If your child has participated in a WBO tournament and that tournament has been processed, and your child given a WBO Burst or Metal ranking, they will be unable to participate in tournaments under any other name. If your child has NOT participated in a processed WBO tournament yet, just make a new account name and register and participate in tournaments using that name going forward, and not the old account.

Can my child just show up to a tournament and spectate and not participate?
You sure can! And feel free to engage in free-play matches outside the main tournament match area with other bladers. Have fun!

How long does a WBO tournament take?
It depends on the size of the tournament. A 5 round Swiss tournament will take about 4 or more hours Once It Starts. So if you get there an hour, hour and a half before it starts, expect to be there 4 hours. If the first stage (Swiss) finishes and your child is not announced to be in the Top 8, THEN you can leave if you want.
If you can't commit to staying all those hours, you should not register for the tournament.

I cannot drive my child to the tournament today, someone is sick or something has happened. What should I do?
Just post in the tournament thread that you can't make it, or send a message to the organizer to let them know which blader isn't going to show up! Sorry to hear you're having difficulty! But make sure you leave a note, because it's actually against the rules to take a tournament slot and then not attend! Don't worry, if you have a good reason, we'll understand.

My child has to leave the tournament early. He still has matches, he wasn't eliminated, but we're just going. Bye!
Make sure you tell the tournament organizer they're leaving! Just let them know you're leaving! If you don't, it leads to a lot of wasted time and confusion as they try and find your child for their next match. And there are penalties associated with these sorts of disappearances. Just tell the organizer, they'll understand. But seriously, tell the organizer. Tell them, please.

What format do WBO tournaments run in?
It varies! Ask the tournament organizer for your specific tournament!
Sometimes it's Swiss, where each blader has 5-6 matches, win or lose, and no one gets eliminated, and the top 8 participants go to a special finals single elimination bracket.
If there are fewer participants, it will be Round Robin or Group Round Robin, where everyone battles everyone else (in their group, if it's two Group Round Robin). So that can be from 7-10 matches, and no one gets eliminated, and the top 4 participants go to a special finals single elimination bracket.
If there are many participants, it might be Double Elimination, where everyone gets to battle until they lose two matches, or until they're in the final top 8 and go to a special finals single elimination bracket.
So, ask your organizer. Unless they specifically tell you that your child has been eliminated from a Double Elimination bracket, please don't leave the tournament! Wait for announcements!

Can every Beyblade be used at every tournament?
Great question, and the answer is no! Each tournament has a different format! At Burst tournaments you can only use Beyblade Burst parts and accessories. At Metal Fight and Zero-G tournaments you can only use Metal Fight Beyblade parts and accessories, those were in stores around 2008-2012! And HMS and Plastic format tournaments only let you use the parts from the original Beyblade releases way in the early 2000s!
There are also more restrictive formats! Check carefully what format a tournament is using! A Burst Classic format tournament only allows you to use certain tips, disks, and layers! Read the rules for that format! A Metal Fight Limited tournament bans certain Metal Wheels, a few spin drives, and a few tips. Zero-G tournaments ban very few parts, but you should check those rules.

I bought my child Beyblades on Amazon/eBay/Home Depot, but one of the judges say the part is fake and my child can't use it! Why?
Fake beyblade parts are banned! These off-brand copies of Beyblade parts might be cheap, but they have uneven and untested performance, they're poorly made, may break easily and cause injuries, and in some cases contain lead. You don't want your kids to play with lead, lead is poisonous! Please consult the Thread for learning how to spot fake beyblades and make very sure you don't buy any!

How can I easily spot fakes?
Phillips head screws on the tips or layers are a dead giveaway, real Beyblades use tri-wing screws. Also the boxes won't say Hasbro or Sonokong or Takara Tomy. Also, chalky discs (they're probably lead, throw that away please).

This is my child's first tournament. What Beys should I buy them so they stand a real chance of winning?
That answer varies and evolves over time. However, there is a thread for that, and it's here, it's called the Purchase Consultation Thread. Just go to the last page and see what everyone recommends as being the top tier parts, or a good starting set.

My child was in a tournament, but his Beyrank hasn't changed. Why is that?
Processing tournaments is a major endeavor! It takes dedicated and trusted volunteers a long time to fill out the spreadsheets of results and ensure accuracy. And it takes other dedicated and trusted committee members a long time to verify those results. So tournaments are actually very slow to process, sometimes months. Please be patient! One day those results will show up.

My child wants to be the first match in the tournament, and also wants to play their friend in the tournament.
That's not how a Swiss tournament works. The participants are seeded based on prior tournament performance, and then based on performance within the current tournament. If the fates will it, they will battle their friend in the tournament. There is nothing stopping them from playing against their friend in the free-play area at the tournament.

Your child will be called to their matches when we are good and ready to judge their matches! There's a lot going on here, and we're trying to get things rolling, one match at a time!

I don't understand how the Top 8 determination logic works.
You're in good company! Our top 8 determination logic is a nightmare. Here's a link to the Organizer's Guide which has our tiebreak rules. Just scroll all the way down to "Tied Records" and then welcome to my special heck. But I'll try to summarize it:

We have 8 spots available for the finals. Usually the top 5-6 will be fairly crystal clear, and then we'll have a 7 way tie for the last two spots. If it's a two way tie, it's easier to figure out. But in the case of more than that, we go by a thing called Buchholz. That's the number of wins every opponent a blader faced, except for the highest and lowest record. So in a 5 round Swiss tournament, you add together the wins of the 3 middlest bladers you faced! And then whoever has the highest Buchholz will go to the finals. Unless a player with the same record and lower buchholz played and beat someone with higher buchholz, then that player advances over the higher guy.
If there's still a tie between people for those spots, THEN we do tiebreaker matches between them.
It sounds like heck to figure out, right? IT IS!
These rules may be subject to change in the future, but this is how they are as of 2020-01-23.
As of 02/02/2020, the tiebreak rules have changed; they are much simpler. Bladers are sorted by Win record, and then Buchholz, and then we tiebreak from that for the top 8 as necessary.

I live in a region that currently doesn't have WBO tournaments! Are WBO tournaments going to be held in my region anytime soon?
The answer is probably not! WBO is entirely volunteer run. No one's paying us to do these, so organizers tend to run events close to where they live. Meaning if there's no organizers in your region, there's no events in your region! The only way to have WBO tournaments is to get someone to become a WBO organizer. This is kind of a long process, involving community engagement (you need at least 50 posts), knowledge of WBO rules (means reading most of the rulebooks), having the right equipment (usually B-09 Burst Beystadiums), and having a public park or venue available to hold the event. There's a lot of difficulty in becoming an organizer! Many younger bladers don't have the potential to do it. Many parents aren't involved enough to become one. If you really want events though, you need to find someone to be an organizer!

Have more WBO tournament questions? Ask more questions below, and I will add their answers!
the "You can't lie to me, I know Hasbro and the Illuminati are paying you big bucks to run these tournaments, so you have to do what I say" thing literally reminded me of r/entitledparents lol

but to ask a question: are Tournaments coming to places like Alabama, Georgia etc, soon?
(Feb. 14, 2020  9:11 PM)DeltaZakuro Wrote: the  "You can't lie to me, I know Hasbro and the Illuminati are paying you big bucks to run these tournaments, so you have to do what I say" thing literally reminded me of r/entitledparents lol

but to ask a question: are Tournaments coming to places like Alabama, Georgia etc, soon?

I answered your question above, and the answer is "probably not!"

If there's no organizers in your area, and you aren't willing to become one, well!