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Country: United States Registration Date: Mar. 29, 2018

My blading story? Hmmm... Well, basically, I was going to Walmart to buy a toy (I will always love toys) with my grandmother. I was looking around and found a Beyblade (Storm Spryzen S2 to be exact). I was like "Beyblades are still a thing?! Woah!" and I picked it up. I had no stadium to battle it in, so I launched it where ever. I picked up the Epic Rivals set in Salt Lake's old Toys R Us (Let it R.I.P) and started blading. I watched BBG when TT's God layers were around and was like, "what are these Beyblades?" and I started learning. I kept going from there and became the omnipotent blader you see before you with a lot of Hasbro beys, and like, the first 3 GT Beys.

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MagixG hasn't participated in any recent tournaments.