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Country: United States Registration Date: Jun. 23, 2021

Wassup, reader! I'm GenesisBlader, one of the many pogchamps on this epic website! However... *anime black shadow over eyes* ...coming here doesn't come without a price, eh? You lot come here without consequences... but I guess I could let you off the hook a few times... if you check out some of the best people on Earth! My friends are UnseenBurst, LegendJustice, Kiryu Kaz(a?)ma, Hollowmind8, (Blank), TheRogueBlader, LJ-Blader, Lucha Burst, and CelBeyBlade! I also recommend reading my fanfics, Beyblade Burst: Matrix and Beyblade Burst: Destiny!

Tournament History

GenesisBlader hasn't participated in any recent tournaments.