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Country: United States Registration Date: Jun. 23, 2021

Hello all you pogchamps, I'm GenesisBlader! However, you lot... "I'd point to you, the reader", if I catch you lot on my profile again... I'll have no choice but to send my trap card, Shaggy 100%, upon ye! The only way that you lot could make up for profile picture fraud... is by checking out these Ultimate Pogchamps: UnseenBurst, LegendJustice, Kiryu Kazuma, Hollowmind8, Lucha Burst, Demon Belial, LJ-Blader, SpeedySuomi, (Blank), and BeySkozo Raky ! "That's a lot of pogchamps", you would say. Well, they are simply the best pogchamps, and I would like for you to check 'em out, thanks very much. Now, that's it for my introduction, but if I catch you lot on here again... it won't be so promising, got it? Now, run along, and stay safe out there! "Chaos, Chaos, CHAOS!" - Jevil, 2020.

Tournament History

GenesisBlader hasn't participated in any recent tournaments.