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Country: United States Registration Date: Sep. 08, 2020

Hi, I am BladerColton but you can just call me Colton. I discovered beyblade almost 3 years ago from a friend when I had just turned 9. After that I introduced it to multiple of my classmates and beyblade became popular at school because of me ( by the way I don't get enough credit for it lol). When I got to 5th grade nobody at school liked beyblade anymore so I wanted to find a beyblade tournaments. I already knew about the WBO yet I had not been able to make it to any of the previous tournaments. When I started checking the WBO again, I found an upcoming tournament being hosted by FireKingArd. This is when the Florida beyblade community was smaller, so it wasn't a huge tournament. That is when I met so many new people. I then wanted to become a competitive blader because I almost made it to top 8 in that tournament. I have met so many people since then and I am glad I stuck with beyblade. (Fast forward to January). This is January when I had already become good friends with Cscramon/Caden, the best blader in Florida. He did a tournament for me closer to my home and I judged in it. That is when Conce7, the greatest organizer in Florida became an organizer. I started getting competitive after that tournament. I had gotten better and better in each Florida beyblade premier tournament. Though I still have not won or even gotten top 8 yet, I still have been close. My beyblade story will not end anytime soon. Some hobbies I have are watching anime, playing basketball, playing video games, and drawing. Thank you for learning all about me! Also I am ranked world wide #650

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