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Country: United States Registration Date: Jun. 21, 2020

Well, switching to an optimal Chassis should be implied when discussing viability. With that taken into account, I doubt that the attachments would make such a huge difference that they outperform top-tier Beys. Left-Spin Master and Bound Mode Tempest (both on Unite' or Keep') are two of our best defensive options at the moment, and both can still be knocked around by good Attack combos, so I highly doubt that the Infinite Shields would make Infinite outperform both of them by so much that Rage and Judgement don't make it budge. If anything, Infinite without an attachment should be regarded as a "Balance Type" and the attachments would make the Ring more aggressively inclined (Infinite Swords) or defensively inclined (Infinite Shields) rather than going from Balance to Attack or Defense completely.

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