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Country: United States Registration Date: May. 05, 2018 Birthday: September 16

Hey there! My name is BuilderROB and I am an ex- organizer who hosted tournaments in North Carolina (I will be reapplying when I am able to do so). I am also the leader of the Lightning Red Longinuses. I first got into beyblade around late 2017 when I got my first beyblade: Valtryek V2. Eventually I started buying TT beys and took a break from beyblades for ten months starting in December of 2018. Now I have been back into it and l try to participate in most NC tournaments. Friends (On the WBO): MrBlade, #Fafnir. I mean in terms of true friends these are my best bois. “If you don’t take risks, you can’t create a future.” -Monkey D. Luffy

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