10th Anniversary BeyLotto: Win Fabulous Beyblade Burst Prizes!

A WBO event isn't without a BeyLotto after all! To celebrate our 10th anniversary be sure to enter the BeyLotto for your chance to win a number of awesome prizes including Cho-Z Valkyrie and Cho-Z Achilles!

BeyLotto Rules
  • This BeyLotto is open to all WBO members.
  • You are automatically entered by posting once in this thread (multiple posts will not add multiple entries).
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Prizes are limited to Blader Passport Holders.
  • The entry period will end on February 4th, 2019 at 11:59PM EST.

Earn Extra Entries

10 lucky winners will earn themselves some fabulous physical prizes!

10th – 6th: one Random Booster Vol. 13 booster

[Image: Beyblade-Burst-Cho-Z-Valkyrie-Z-Ev.png]

5th – 4th: B-127 Starter Cho-Z Valkyrie.Z.Ev

[Image: Beyblade-Burst-Cho-Z-Achilles-OO-Dimension-B-129.png]

3rd: B-129 Starter Cho-Z Achilles.00.Dm

[Image: Beyblade-Burst-Driger-S-Darkness-Version.png] [Image: Beyblade-Burst-Cho-Z-Achilles-OO-Dimension-B-129.png]

2nd: B-129 Starter Cho-Z Achilles.00.Dm + B-00 Darkness Driger S Burst Ver

[Image: Beyblade-Burst-Cho-Z-Customize-Set-Sprig...ginius.png] [Image: Beyblade-Burst-Zillion-Zeus-M-V-Gold-God-Bey.png]

1st: B-128 Beyblade Cho-Z Customise Set + B-00 Zillion Zeus.M.V "Gold Ver." COROCORO Comic Limited

20 other lucky entrants will also win one of the Bit Boosters below!

Bit Boosters
All 30 of our winners will also receive their choice of the following huge list of Bit Boosters:
And finally, all winners, tournament participants, and social media contributors during the BeyLotto period will receive the commemorative Anniversary Bit 2018!

[Image: Anniversary-Bit-2018.png]

Good luck, everyone!
Love these prizes! Count me in Smile
Can’t wait for 2019?
Who doesn’t love lotto!
With me Coming back to California soon, I should hopefully be more active here. Good luck everyone!
The BeyLotto is always amazing!
10 years...
Can't believe the WBO has been going for a whole decade!
Let's continue strong and make the following years even better than the last!
Happy 10 years or friendly rivalries and awesome battles, everyone!
10 yrs is a amazing!!! Congratulations Wbo!!!
Good luck everyone!
Amazing how long the WBO has been alive. This place helped me kindle my spirit and it was amazing being on here. Happy 10th anniversary to the Bladers all over. Also, I'm not missing a chance to enter a Beyblade giveaway. Good luck to those entering.
Yay. I love the lotto. Thankyou WBO
Well I feel like bey battling people but I WISH I was in this bey tourtement

I can't go my mom won't let me leave
Omg!!! Winning the Beylotto is winning the lotto! Most awesome Beys ever!!! Fingers crossed
Sweet I’ll join, also happy Anniversary guys, I’m happy I was able to join you on this journey
Hmmm this will be interesting
10 years really didn't feel that long yay to the Beylotto
Err, happy anniversary I guess? I just got here a few months ago it wasn’t that long till I noticed.

Tell you what, no. If my parents find out I randomly got a beyblade for no reason at all and it isn’t from my country, they would freak out.
I request you to cancel my entry please. I don’t want to get in trouble by my parents.