10th Anniversary BeyLotto: Win Fabulous Beyblade Burst Prizes!

Will this be the first online prize I win? Let's find out!
I want cho z valtrykie

Please pick me
Unfortunately I hold no passport but hey why not!
I am in. This is going to be fun
Cho-z Valkyrie? Sure. I have no Cho-z beys but why not make Valkyrie the first XD. Also random question, I'm looking for good anime and I was wondering what anime your profile pic is from Mana. You don't have to answer this question. It's just random
Hard to believe I been on here for over 2 years. It would be cool to win a bit booster!
Wow, so cool to see all these older members posting here too. Enter me please!
cool . prizes
New to WBO but it’s a great resource
I'm looking forward to see what Beyblade as a franchise has in store for us for the 20th anniversary in 2019, it's exciting to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the WBO just a few months before!
Don't throw away your shot.
Congrats on 10 years, wish I'd got into it sooner.
Congrats WBO
Keep going for more than 50 yrs...

Count me in
Hii Count me in pls! Unravel RK here

*Happy 10th Anniversary*?
Hi I like tops.
nice pls join me too and some people host tournaments in TAMILNADU IN INDIA too!

nice pls join me too and some people host tournaments in TAMILNADU IN INDIA too!
I can't wait for this.
Good luck everyone
10th Anniversary already!!! Congrats the years are going by so fast!!! oh yeah and this is also my entry for the lotto
Good Luck to All! Congrats to who wins
Hey I don't care if I win or not (most likely not) and I don't care wich one I get but I love them all good luck every one
(Dec. 06, 2018  8:23 AM)Yami Wrote: Don't throw away your shot.