10th Anniversary BeyLotto: Win Fabulous Beyblade Burst Prizes!

Good luck everyone
Blader beast is in

I'm blader beast
10 years. Great.
Can't express my happiness.

Happy 10th Anniversary WBO. Best Wishes.
This is a cool way of celebrating!! Count me in!!
Congrats on 10 years! Here's to another 10 years
10 years already, wow. Doesn't feel like its been that long since 08
Very cool. Excited to see what is next.
10 already? Gee it's been a while. Good to see it's very much alive still.
Hopefully I can win something Smile
Count me in! c:
Count me in!:) Happy 10th!!!!
New Lotto??? Amazing!
Really surprised to hear that WBO finally turns 10. I remember when I made an account here back in 2014 and had to abandon it cause' of school and stuff, but hey, here I am! Happy anniversary!  Grin
Count me in! Hope to win!
Who could resist a tenth anniversary BeyLotto? Not me! I’m in! Smile
Yes! A Special BeyLotto! I hope I could win though the 1st-3rd needs Blader Passport thing doesn't sound fair especially for a Lotto like this celebrating 10 years
I agree with MrBlade!!!
Happy 10th Anniversary!!!, I'm in it to win it! This will be fun!
Good luck to everyone!