[Los Angles, California] Team Team

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Team Team is a pretty rad team. Technically a Team based in LA 
although none of the team members actually live anywhere near
LA. TEAM TEAM functions as a common name for all the team 
members of TEAM TEAM to join together as a team to win every 
team event and to SPIN TOPS(as a team)!!
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King Loofa       » Team Team Captain
AZNPro            » Team Team Blader
KnightinGale   » Team Team Blader
KitanoYuuki     » Team Team Honorary Blader
ZYeYO              » Team Team Honorary Blader   
HDMI2               » Team Team official media producer
(Mage                » Team Team Pending Blader)    

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Gotta ask LAW and spin tops good.
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Win every team tournament in LA.
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Yooo, I'm down for this team
This sound like a awesome team! Can I join?
I'm in. SoCal, Yucaipa(Inland Empire, near San Bernardino).

...I can join, right?
i’m in south pasadena (not too far from LA) but this team seems sick can i join