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Full Version: [Los Angles, California] Team Team
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Team Team is a pretty rad team. Technically a Team based in LA 
although none of the team members actually live anywhere near
LA. TEAM TEAM functions as a common name for all the team 
members of TEAM TEAM to join together as a team to win every 
team event and to SPIN TOPS(as a team)!!
[Image: 1770d2a66987f6dec93c4d55c5991c88.png]

King Loofa       » Team Team Captain
AZNPro            » Team Team Blader
KnightinGale   » Team Team Blader
KitanoYuuki     » Team Team Honorary Blader
ZYeYO              » Team Team Honorary Blader   
HDMI2               » Team Team official media producer
(Mage                » Team Team Pending Blader)    

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[Image: aeb857dc9913a91c796b75ce6720a84f.png]
Gotta ask LAW and spin tops good.
[Image: d250eebc918419eb1336ec99a67e8cf4.png]
Win every team tournament in LA.
[Image: 67326b116ef7ffbf6fa1daf8f1678ad3.png]
Yooo, I'm down for this team
This sound like a awesome team! Can I join?
Can I join I live in San diego
I'm in. SoCal, Yucaipa(Inland Empire, near San Bernardino).

...I can join, right?
i’m in south pasadena (not too far from LA) but this team seems sick can i join