Achi-baba's Bits (View Profile)

Accel Bit
Obtained from a Bit Booster.
Serpent Bit
Obtained from a Bit Booster.
Anniversary Bit 2016 Taka Ver.
Thanks for celebrating our eighth anniversary with us!
Bit of Days VIII
For attending a BEYDAYS 2017 event! Thanks!
Silver Bit
Second Place at Test Your Metal. Congratulations!
Bit of Days IX
For attending a BeyDays 2018 event. Thank you!
Bronze Bit
Third Place at Battle of the Beytubers (BST). Congratulations!
Anniversary Bit 2018
Thanks for celebrating our tenth anniversary with us!
Bronze Bit
Third Place at We're Blading Off Again!. Congratulations!
Antique Bit
Goal reached!
Cancer Bit
Obtained from a Face Booster. (Traded)
Emerald Bit
For reaching 15 victories in official WBO competitions.
Amber Bit
Goal reached!
Bit of Revolution
For participating in the BEYBLADE REVOLUTION Qualifier Series. Thank you!
Kerbecs Bit
For winning 1st place in the Beyblade Around the World Photography Contest. Congratulations!
Bit of Days VII
For attending a BeyDays 2016 event. Thank you!
DJ Bit
Thank you for hosting California Calamity.