WBO X: Let the 10th Anniversary Begin!

Hey there World Bladers!

Once again, we've reached the end of another massive year for Beyblade!

Takara-Tomy launched their Cho-Z Layer System, complete with metal elements, and have now begun their invincible Cho-Z Awakening System! Hasbro launched their Slingshock System, adopting a metalless approach to Cho-Z Layers for faster paced battles!

Across the WBO, activity and discussion is at a high, and we've also hosted a whopping 91 WBO sanctioned events across the world this year!

And, after another action-packed year of Beyblade; today, the World Beyblade Organization finally reaches it's 10th Anniversary! We've come a long way since our original press release posted on December 4th, 2008.

And to celebrate this milestone, we've prepared a number of festivities and announcements!

10th Anniversary Celebrations Overview
  • New Year, New Look: Major Theme Updates for WBO X!
  • 10th Anniversary BeyLotto: Win Fabulous Beyblade Burst Prizes!
  • The History of the WBO: 10th Anniversary Interview Series
  • Design Archives of the World Beyblade Organization: 2008 – 2011 (Part 1 of 4)
  • #WBOMemories Contest: Share your Favourite WBO Memories!
  • WBO X Championship 2019: Coming Soon!
  • Beyblade Remembrance 2018 BeyLotto & #BeybladeGenerations Contest Results
  • Entry Fees Waived for WBO Tournaments: January 1st, 2019 - February 3rd, 2019!

New Year, New Look: Major Theme Updates for WBO X!
First, as you may have noticed upon visiting the site, we launched our long-overdue theme rewrite today! As we mentioned back in our 9th Anniversary and BeyDays 2018, this long overdue reintroduces a plethora of features lost in the transition between our Legacy and Responsive themes in 2016, and also introduces some brand-new features as well:

  • Battle Histories on user profiles now allow you to rep your fantastic battle results
  • Tournament Match Listings are now visible on each individual processed event page
  • Tournament Invitations enable Organizers to directly invite Bladers in their community to their events without having to tag them
  • The final version of Organizer Processing, which has enabled Organizers to speed up our ranking processing by submitting their results!
  • And much more!
Click the button below to check out our overview of these changes in more detail.

[Image: beylotto.png]

10th Anniversary BeyLotto: Win Fabulous Beyblade Burst Prizes!
Our BeyLotto returns once again! Enter for a chance to win some of the most recent Cho-Z Awakening releases like Cho-Z Valkyrie and Cho-Z Achilles!

[Image: WBO-X-Anniversary-Interviews-Logo.png]

The History of the WBO: 10th Anniversary Interview Series
We've also reached out to some of our longstanding and veteran community staff members interviews on their involvement with Beyblade! If you've ever wanted to know how some of us got into Beyblade, look no further!

[Image: WBO-Design-Archives-Logo-Part-1-2008-2011.png]

Design Archives of the World Beyblade Organization
Over the last 10 years, the WBO has undergone a number of huge design changes, and we're revealing everything in our WBO Archives segment! If you've ever wondered what the WBO could have become with a different design, be sure to check it out!

[Image: Favourite-WBO-Memory-Instagram-Contest-G...m-2018.gif]

#WBOMemories Contest
It's been ten years, so we're certain many of you must have some fond memories of your time with the WBO! We want to hear about them. Answer some questions to earn one entry, or submit a photo and description on Instagram to earn three entries into the draw for a Cho-Z Valkyrie!

[Image: WBO-X-Championship-Logo.png]

WBO X Championship 2019: Coming Soon!
With 2018-2019 being the WBO's 10th anniversary, we feel that ultimately the best way to celebrate this milestone is to do what we do best: host an awesome Beyblade tournament. Maybe our biggest and best yet.

[Image: Beyblade-Remembrance-2018-BeyLotto-Beybl...esults.png]

Beyblade Remembrance 2018 BeyLotto & #BeybladeGenerations Contest Results
We're also finally announcing the results for our Remembrance 2018 contests! Sorry for the wait!

Entry Fees Waived for WBO Tournaments: January 1st, 2019 - February 3rd, 2019
As usual, let's not forget that we're waiving the fees for all WBO tournaments between January 1st, 2019 and February 3rd, 2019! Make the most of this time to host a few tournaments and bring new Bladers to each of our communities!

Thank you to all World Bladers for your love, dedication and commitment for Beyblade this year! Let's make the 10th Anniversary and the year following it the best yet!
10 years. 10 years of battles, ten years of combos, ten years of blading. Amazing to see how far the beyblade community as a whole has come.
It's been 10 years already,its been since this website was made and the community grew so much
I really hope I win CHO-Z Achilles or CHO-Z Valkyrie
Congratulations! 10 years have been against WBO. 10 years have accumulated bladers all over the world. Battles have taken place for 10 years. I hope that there will be a 20th anniversary.

I will start tomorrow Beyblade Burst Shadow Episode 1 on WBO's 10th anniversary. I'm only making the first episode.
I love the 10th anniversary of WBO
Ten years. I've been into beyblade for almost that long but I wan't on here then. But I'm glad that you guys made this website. I live in Tennessee so bladers here a pretty rare, tournaments are extremely rarer then that. But I got to meet other bladers online so thanks!
Hopefully, this doesn't sound too cheesy or personal, but here goes:
I've only been in this community for about 1 and a half years. Throughout this time, I've communicated with many different people around the globe, all of these people being people I've never met before in my life. I already feel so in place in this community; I have felt this way for quite a while. I settled in quickly thanks to the help of other members, who were all very friendly. I don't feel uncomfortable posting in threads because I know that people won't criticize my statements or make fun of them. I've talked to people of all age ranges, but it doesn't matter to me- we all share a common hobby that is often laughed upon as "childish."

My beyblade career started when I was only 5 years old. By 2nd grade, I was starting to get out of my beyblade phase, but it would return from time to time, about 1 to 2 times per year, and during those periods I would blade almost every day. Just like LEGOs, beyblade has become something that will stick to me, possibly forever. Around 4th grade, I lost interest in it for a while.
In 5th grade, I went to Korea to visit my relatives. My parents mentioned something about beyblades, but I didn't really care about them since they weren't cross-compatible with MFBs. I never knew how much fun Burst could be. My brother purchased a Victory Valkyrie, which we couldn't assemble for some reason, and we assumed that it was defected. We didn't really care though.
I think about 6-12 months later, we were watching Disney XD when the Beyblade Burst anime popped up. We were surprised, because we totally forgot that beyblade existed and that we had a burst bey. We really got into the anime, and about a month later went to Target to get some more Burst (and we figured out how to put the Valkyrie together). At Target, we got a Roktavor R2 and Kerbeus K2 2-pack, which was selling for $10 for some reason. While my brother just wanted to get the beys that looked "cool," I actually wanted a competitively viable one. I ended up getting Lost Longinus.
I came across this website while searching for some top-tier combos for Burst. In MFB, I was a pretty good judge of whether or not something was good- I have Diablo Nemesis and Phantom Orion (I think they're good but banned?). For Burst, I couldn't really tell.
When I first joined this website, I was sort of afraid because I thought I was one of the youngest people in the community. I came to realize that age doesn't really matter- it's our ardent passion for beyblade that does (I just realized I'm not capitalizing Beyblade but I don't want to go back and capitalize all of them). I decided to make myself comfortable and find out more things about the website, which I succeeded in doing.
I started looking for tournaments, and when EpicTurtwig decided to become an organizer and host tournaments in Fremont, I was overjoyed. However, it was held on Sundays, and I had conflicting schedules with church. This meant I couldn't go.
Right now, I want to participate in tournaments. I know I'm probably not going to make it to first, but I do have some pretty decent Beys (rP, aH). Hopefully, I can become an organizer sometime in the near future so that San Jose people, including me, could participate in tournaments more frequently.
It's hard to believe that I've only been in on a tenth of what's been going on in this community, but I feel so much at home.  I really want to say congratulations for @[Bey Brad], and the rest of Committee, for making it this far. Without you guys, I couldn't have joined such a wonderful community and gained so much insight on Beyblades. Hopefully, I can stay to see another 10 years go by and see then how much it has changed from now.
And that ends my short and fun long and tedious talk.
Again thank you so much and congratulations on WBO's 10th Anniversary!
Happy 10th anniversary! The past couple years I've spent browsing and posting here have been lots of fun, so here's hoping it runs for another 10 years and beyond!
Hi everyone

I want to join a tournament please pick me up at [address removed]
Hi everyone. I am very exited although there a few bladers here in missouri i bet i could get some friends and family to come. Plus other people would come, It should be hosted in Kansas City if there is one though
The second part of our WBO Design Archives series is now posted! Check it out: https://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Design-...art-2-of-4
Third part of our WBO Design Archives series is up! Enjoy. https://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Design-...art-3-of-4

The final, fourth part is coming December 30th. Smile
Happy 10th Anniversary! Looking to get back into the scene eventually, but I wanted to pop up to check out how the site's looking. Good luck with everything and here's to another 10 years!
Happy 10th Anniversary Grin Good luck with everything and hopes for another 10 years!
Its been a while since Ive posted on this site, Ive gone through a lot of changes in my life and now Im going to school for graphic design and have a job. This site has been with me all through it, as has Beyblade, so Id just like to say thanks to all of those whove made this place what it is. Ill always come back to visit and Im definitely not done with Beyblading!
The fourth–and final–part of our WBO Design Archives series is now up! It's filled with never before seen design concepts from various projects over the years. Check it out: https://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Design-...art-4-of-4
Happy 10th anniversary to WBO I am so happy to see that WBO had completed 10 year
It is really a good news
While I just joined this organization recently, it puts a smile on my face to know that it has been going strong for so long. And I definitely hope the WBO continues for a long time. Happy 10th Anniversary!
Beywiki has sure come a long way. Congrats guys! Awesome to see WBO is still going strong over 10 years after I joined!
Happy 10th aniversary! For the tournament part, i feel really bad since i live in Vietnam, where most Takara Tomy beys come from, there is only the World Championship organise there, and it isnt avalible in my city. So i really hope there will be a tournament in my city.
Anyone who's read this thread will be familiar with everything, but wanted to mention here that @[originalzankye] just posted a summary video for some of our WBO X Anniversary announcements. Thanks, Zankye!

Will the event be in The UK? Like in London or something.