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Country: Germany (Deutschland) Registration Date: Jul. 14, 2014 Birthday: Oct. 14, 1998 (23 years old)

Hi guys, I'm Matthes (Zera). I'm collecting and playing Beyblade since 2004 and so far I have a collection of over 600 Beys from all generations and I have already participated in 6 tournaments: - Beyblade Battle of Nations Qualification in Wallenhorst (1st place) - Beyblade Emsland Meisterschaft 2012 - Frieslands BeyRevival Tournament (1st place) - Beyblade Burst World Tour Qualification in Wallenhorst (as special guest) - Beyblade Burst Blackwater BeyRevival Tournament (1st place) - Official WBBA Beyblade Burst BeyTuber World Championship (1st place) ____________________________________________________________________________________ My favourite Beys from every system: 4-Layer System: 1. Draciel Metal Ball Defenser 2. Spark Knight 3. Pumpking 4. Bistool 5. Dranzer Auto Change Balancer Spin Gear System: 1. Griffolyon 2. Trygle 3. Driger S 4. Wolborg 2 5. Wyborg Magna Gear System: 1. Guardian Driger 2. Death Gargoyle 3. Driger V2 4. Dranzer V2 5. Burning Kerberous Engine Gear System: 1. Draciel G 2. Zeus 3. Dragoon GT 4. Poseidon 5. Wolborg 4 Heavy Metal System: 1. Death Gargoyle MS 2. Phantom Fox MS 3. Wolborg MS 4. Jiraya MS 5. Wyvern DJ MS PreHWS: 1. Sagittario 145S 2. Libra DF145BS 3. Pisces D125BS 4. Wolf D125B 5. Leone 145D Metal Fusion: 1. MF Flame Sagittario C145S 1. Flame Libra T125ES 2. Storm Pegasus 105RF 3. Storm Capricorn M145Q 4. Earth Eagle 145WD 5. Rock Leone 145WB Metal Masters: 1. Flame Byxis 230WD 2. Thermal Lacerta WA130HF 3. Gravity Perseus AD145WD 4. Rock Zurafa R145WB 5. Ray Gil 100RSF Metal Fury: 1. Flash Sagittario 230WD 2. Big Bang Pegasus F:D 3. Phantom Orion B:D 4. Blitz Unicorno 100RSF 5. Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF Shogun Steel: 1. Archer Gargole SA165WSF 2. Bandid Genbull F230TB 3. Archer Wyvang 145WB 5. Samurai Ifraid W145CF 5. Samurai Pegasis W105R²F Basic Layer System: 1. Spriggan Spread Fusion 2. Unicorn Ring Defense 3. Xcalibur Force Xtreme 4. Horusood Spread Edge 4. Trident Heavy Claw Dual Layer System: 1. Storm Spriggan Knuckle Unite 1. Unlock Unicorn Down Needle 3. Xeno Xcalibur Magnum Impact 4. Holy Horusood Upper Claw 5. Zillion Zeus Infinity Weight God Layer System: 1. Spriggan Requiem 0 Zeta 2. Drain Fafnir 8 Nothing 3. Sieg Xcalibur 1 Iron 4. Beat Kukulcan 7Under Hunter 5. Maximum Garuda 8Flow Flügel Cho-Z Layer System: 1. Cho-Z Spriggan 0Wall Zeta' 2. Dead Phoenix 10 Friction 3. Geist Fafnir 8'Proof Absorb 4. Hell Salamander 12 Operate 5. ChoZ Valkyrie Zenith Evolution GT Layer System: 1/2. Big Bang Genesis Hybrid 1/2. Flare Dragon Around Planet Sen 3. Heaven Pegasus 10Proof Low 4. Lord Spriggan 00Dagger Merge' 5. Imperial Dragon Ignition' My Top 5 favorite BSB characters: 1. Brooklyn Kingston Masefield 2. Yuriy Ivanov 3. Daichi Sumeragi 4. Kai Hiwatari 5. Oliver Boulanger My Top 5 favorite MFB characters: 1. Kenta Yumiya 2. Zeo Abyss 3. Masamune Kadoya 4. Tsubasa Otori 5. Gingka Hagane --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The teams I'm a part of (not WBO): Blackwater Guardians: Zera (Galahad/Genesis) BalkeshBlader (Beelzeb/Bahamut) StarStream (Atlas) XtraLeben (Niddhogg) SandEye (Pharao aka Sphinx) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The evolution of my partner combos: 4 Layer System: Kind Draciel (Ricteras) AR: Max Shield WD: Heavy BB: Grip Base Spin Gear System #1: Counter Griffon Super (Raverus) AR: Cross Griffon WD: 8 Heavy SG: Right Spin Gear BB: Metal Change Base Spin Gear System #2: Counter Guardian Fury (Kyllarion) AR: Gigantic Claw WD: 10 Wide SG: Right Spin Auto Change Version BB: Auto Change Base MagnaCore System #1: Craboom Vortex (Ricteras) AR: Scissors Arm WD: 10 Heavy SG: Neo Right Spin Gear (Metal Weight Version) BB: Volcano Change Base MagnaCore System #2: Rising Phoenix Vengeance (Raverus) AR: Cross Dranzer WD: Magne Weight Disk SG: Neo Right Spin Gear + North Magnacore SP: Upper Attack BB: Customize Clutch Base Engine Gear System #1: Draciel Gyro Turbo (Ricteras) AR: Shield Hammer SG: Gyro Engine Base (w/ Wolborg 2 Bearings) BB: Engine Stopper Base CEW: Metal Change Engine Gear System #2: Death Gargoyle Guardian Turbo (Kyllarion) AR: Genocide Circle WD: 10 Wide EG: Circle Survivor BB: Normal Base (Wolborg 4 Version) Engine Gear System #3: ZERA Ultimate (Z-Raia) AR: Holy Despell WD: Wide Defense EG: Right Engine Gear Reverse BB: Final Clutch Base (Draciel G Version) CEW: Metal Grip Heavy Metal System: Death Gargoyle Metal Savior (Ultimate Version) (Kyllarion) AR: Circle Upper WD: CWD Circle Attacker RC: Bunshin Core --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My main MFB Partner Combos aka. Team Libra Scale Club: The evolutions of the German Crowlgle: Raverus Thermal Libra T125SF -> MF Forbidden Eagle 230PD -> MF-H Basalt Byxis UW145RS -> Death Horuseus F230EWD -> Phantom Phoenix C145MB The evolutions of the french Garghoul: Kyllarion MF-H Fusion Fox F:D -> Archer Gargoyle SA165WSF -> Gargole Ifraid SA165GCF -> MSF Gargole Wyvang SA165CS -> MSF-H Phoenic Wyvang SA165GF The evolutions of the trilight alicorn: Khalahad Big Bang Unicorno BD145RDF The evolutions of the Italian Bull Emperor / The true Burning Emperor Iknitorus: Flame Bull 100F -> Flash Ionis CH120R2F The evolutions of the russian bear Yuriyjio from the sibirian wilderness: Poison Orso H145Q The evolutions of the austrian goat Jürgen: Ray Capricorn 145F -> Blitz Capricorn M145RF The evolutions of the dutch Pegasus Percy: Nightmare Pegasus 90D -> Wing Pegasis 85WD --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My favorite Burst combos: BBZ04: Ricteras BL: Draciel Shield Gravity Weight ZL: Orb Egis 8’Glaive Octa BBZ08: Iknitorus BL: Xcalibur Triple Loop DL: Xeno Xcalibur Oval Anchor GL: Sieg Xcalibur 1Hit Operate ZL: Buster Xcalibur 1'Dagger Sword BBZ10: Raverus BL: Horusood Boost Blow' DL: Holy Horusood Yell Claw GL: Beat Kukulcan 11Flow UltimateReboot ZL: Revive Phoenix 10Star Orbit BBZ14: Kyllarion ZL: ChoZ Spriggan 00Cross Yard BBZ16: Skaariel BL: Trident Quater Edge DL: Diomedes Blitz Needle GL: Screw Trident 13-Vortex Nothing BBZ18: Khalahad Basic Layer: Galahad Infinity UltimateEternal Dual Layer: Galactic Galahad Outer Mount God Layer: Nebula Galahad 6Turn UltimateUnite God Layer 2: Dark Nebula Galahad 12Reach UltimateAnchor ChoZ Layer: Quasar Galahad 3Estrella Tachyon ChoX Layer: Empyrean Galahad 00Circle UltimateTachyon Futai: Kerbeus Upper Operate Odin Oval Quake Fang Fenrir Upper Quake --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TL14's Top Tier List: MFB Limited: Attack: MF-H Gravity Perseus R145RF Defense: MF-H Bakushin Leone 85RB Stamina: MF-F Duo Cygnus B:D Balance: Gravity Perseus F230CF MFB Standard (4D): Attack: MF-H Flash Beelzeb GB145LRF Defense: MF-H Duo Aquario BD145RDF Stamina: Duo Cygnus SA165EWD Balance: MF-H Diablo Unicorno II BD145RF MFB Standard (Synchrome): Attack: MSF Wyvang Dragooon SA165R2F Defense: MSF-H Revizer Killerken BD145RDF Stamina: MSF-F Genbull Dragooon SA165EWD Balance: MSF-H Wyvang Wyvang BD145RSF --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Beyblade history: I started playing Beyblade in 2004 when my friend KorteKarlo introduced me to it. Together with our friend VenomWheeler we had a great time. My first Beyblade was Draciel Gravity. My mom bought it for me after I went to the doctor. I was 6 years old at the time. My friends and me didn't know much about Beyblade at the time so we played Beyblade in the yellow Hasbro Spin Blaster BeyStadium, on the back of it, on the floor, on the pavement, on brick walls, on ice in a wheelbarrow, in the bathtub, in the shower, in the sink, on the stairs and many more places. We often took our Blades to school and played on the cover of a broken trash container. We also launched them down into the playing area of our elementary school. It really was a lot of fun and luckly all of our Beys kinda survived exept for VenomWheelers Wyborg which got run over by a car. In 2006 after VenomWheeler moved away we were still playing Beyblade. After buying a 12,99€ Hopper MS with only 12,98€ KorteKarlo was unbeatable. Even my Dragoon MS couldn't beat him. But that soon changed when... In 2010 the Metal Fusion Beys arrived in Germany. At first I was a bit sceptical but I soon realized their immense potential. I eventually bought a Storm Pegasus but Dark Wolf, Rock Leone, Flame Bull and a Pegasus Thunder Whip BeyStadium soon followed. That's when I really started collecting. Very soon after the first episodes of Beyblade Metal Fusion aired on Nickelodeon a real hype appeared out of no where. Everyone started Beyblading and had fun and I was part of it. This made me so happy but this wasn't everything. Soon KorteKarlo and I founded a new BeyClub. 5522Luca, SpyronicBeat and Alextreme soon joined. We were the Hase-Bladers Again. In 2011 we were still Blading. That was the time when I started making Beyblade Videos on YouTube. My favourite YouTube Bladers at the time were TurboBlader, TurboShoot, DeathKurai and Beyblade DE. After we heared that there's going to be a Beyblade World Championship in 2012 and that the Qualification tournament will soon be held we all trained hard to become the number one. On May 28th 2011 the Beyblade Battle of Nations were held in the ToysRus in Wallenhorst as well as in 19 other ToysRus in Germany. In the end I was the one who won the most Battle Royals and I won the tournament but there was one problem. There were 19 other winners and the representant for Germany was chosen randomly among all of the 20 winners. In the end someone else won the raffle and flew to the world championship in Canada to represent Germany. Anyways, at the tournament I met a strong Blader who is known under the name ReijiPSerpent. We later became friends and became the BeyClub named the BeyRaiders together with Hannescolpio and Kaito13LP. We had a great time. Later that year I founded a Beyblade Team named the BeyFighters and it was our mission to beat all evil BeyBladers in our town. The main members were Kaito13LP, ChaosOrion29, NaniAries and me. Kaito13LP and me made two Real Life Beyblade Series for YouTube which are Beyblade 5D and Beyblade Screw Fight. In Beyblade 5D there were two main characters: The phantom Zeo (who later became Zera) and the young blader Kyota (who later became Kaito). Together they trained to become number one. In Beyblade Screw Fight we had Beys made out of screws and screwdrivers. It was... cringe. In the first week of January 2012 NaniAries and I started making a Real Life Beyblade Series called Beyblade Metal Heroes. The main point of the series was that we loosend the facebolts of every Beyblade to make them explode during battle kinda like in Burst nowadays. It was really fun but also very dangerous. In 2014 I moved to the north coast of Germany where I lived in an appartment for people with autism. I introduced many people to Beyblade (BeelzebBlader, ObsidianBlader, CatLP, NinjaGepard and many more). We played a lot of Beyblade in our free time and in school and BeelzebBlader and I made a ton of YouTube videos together which are still online. Together we held a Beyblade Tournament in 2015 which was called Friesland BeyRevival Tournament. In 2016 ObsidianBlader, CatLP and I moved to another appartment for people with autism also in Friesland where I met DraconicArt. We quickly became best friends and he grew to one of the best Bladers in the country. In summer of 2016 I moved again. This time to the east coast to a boarding school in Timmendorfer Strand. But because there were only mean people I soon moved again. In February of 2017 I moved to a boarding school near the border to the Neatherlands where I lived for two years. In Summer of 2018 I moved to a new house and I now have big plans for my YouTube channel as well as my future. I'm now trying to rebuild the German Blader Community and many people here are already interested in starting playing Beyblade and with the worldwide release of Beyblade Burst I'm sure Beyblade will let it rip once again. :) On November 2nd 2019 I won the official Beyblade Burst BeyTuber World Championship in Paris France. It was the best experience in my life and I've met so many awesome Bladers from across the world. Now I am more determined and passionate than ever before.

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