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Country: Germany (Deutschland) Registration Date: Jul. 14, 2014 Birthday: Oct. 14, 1998 (25 years old)

Hi, I'm Zera. I'm a 24yo and from Germany. I'm a blader since 2004 and so far I have a collection of over 1200 Beys from all generations. You can follow here: YouTube: @Zera TikTok: @TurboZera Instagram: @TurboZeraOfficial Twitter: @BakuZera I have already participated in 6 tournaments: - Beyblade Battle of Nations Qualification in Wallenhorst in 2011 (2nd place) - Emsland Beyblade Metal Masters Tournament in 2012 (2nd place) - Friesland BeyRevival Tournament in 2015 (1st place) - Beyblade Burst World Tour Qualification in Wallenhorst in 2018 (as special guest) - Beyblade Burst Blackwater BeyRevival Tournament in 2018 (1st place) - Official WBBA Beyblade Burst BeyTuber World Championship in 2018 (1st place)

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