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Country: United States Registration Date: Oct. 26, 2018 Age: (16 years old) May. 02, 2003

Heya. Call me Atlas. (No, I will not reveal my real name over the Internet.) I'm a guy who's been blading for a while now. I'd say about 10 years. And let me say that the series has changed, and definitely for the better. I just do it for my own enjoyment, really. Of course, I also love competitions and tournaments. All in all, I just want to have fun with Beyblade, and get the best experience out of it. Here are some things about my use of Beyblades: Favorite System: Burst System Favorite Sub-System: God Layer Ststem Favorite Bey: gV.6V.Rb Favorite Bey Type: Attack Favorite Combo: nL.B.Ir Primary Brand Used: Hasbro First Bey Ever Acquired: Storm Aquario 100HF/S

Tournament History

Atlas Requiem hasn't participated in any recent tournaments.