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Country: United States Registration Date: Jul. 03, 2020

I've been into Beyblade Burst since late in 2016. It seemed weird when I saw my brother watching the show but then I started watching it. I saw my brother buying his first bey and remembered my fav character Rantaro Kiyama but could only remember his bey was orange. I saw 2 beys Xeno Xcaliber and Rising Ragnaruk. I recognized Rantaro's bey Ragnaruk but was tempted to get Xcaliber. I decided on Roktavor in the end though. I battled on floors for a while and had 8 beys for 2 yrs. I got lots of Beys on 2019 Christmas, battled more, joined the WBO in June 2020, started watching channels like Zankye, BBG. I realized I loved the game and anime. Beyblades are VERY advanced versions of spinning tops, a great bonding activity between family and friends, they have unique customizations and have many different battle stadiums. I love Beyblade Burst with everything I have and I always will! I am now going to most California tournaments so if there are any LA Bladers out there watchout and I’m looking forward to blading with you! I still have much to learn, but I’ll get stronger, and while I am I’ll have tons and tons of fun with beyblade! I intend to have a beytastic time here at the World Beyblade Organization. So come on! Lets let it rip!

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