Beywiki Relaunches as the World Beyblade Organization

Well, it was significantly delayed, but here it is. I hope it was worth the wait for you all. Here is the official press release:

Since October of 2007, Beywiki has been uniting Beybladers all over the world. Founded by Bey Brad as an answer to the lack of concrete support in the Beyblade community, Beyblade quickly rocketed away from its humble origins to attain its status as the most popular Beyblade website in the world.

If one thing has been learned from the Beywiki project, it is that Beyblade has proven to be remarkably resolute all over the world. In many parts of the world where Beyblade has not been sold in many years, there are still many Bladers yearning for battle.

With Metal Fight Beyblade having launched in Japan, Beyblade has been given a second chance. However, Takara-Tomy has no plans to begin development abroad until 2010. While the WBBA -- the World Beyblade Association -- sanctions Beyblade play in Japan, there is no truly international governing body for Beyblade competition.

That is why, effective immediately, Beywiki is being relaunched as the World Beyblade Organization (WBO). The goal of the WBO is simple -- to be a sanctioning body for Beyblade, and an organization dedicated to the promotion of Beyblade, all over the world.

The WBO functions on the Elo ranking system, employed by Chess, Go, and many competitive games and hobbies all over the world. When Bladers battle in real life, the results are reported by the loser on the WBO website. The rankings are then adjusted accordingly. The goal is to provide a comprehensive ranking system for Beyblade. By winning many battles, Bladers will climb to the top and earn the title of the best Blader in the world.

The Beywiki project is not being abandoned. The Beywiki will continue as a side-project of the WBO. However, the focus of the website has shifted from the Beywiki itself to the community that has been formed.

The WBO is reaching out to Bladers in every part of the world, Bladers who speak every language. We have begun employing translators to reach out to Bladers who cannot speak English, so you can look forward to more international content as the WBO grows.

So, head to and register today, and begin climbing the ranks of the WBO!

For anyone that can speak other languages, I would appreciate if you could translate this release into whatever language you speak (Turkish and Japanese are top priorities for me right now). Thank you!

As time goes on, you will see more and more information becoming available about all of this.

Well ... comment away.
Congratulations and best of luck to WBO. Smile
I'm glad to see the project has finally been released. Everything my end is nearlly sorted.
woow! this is so kool,congratulations everyone
I'm the first person from the UK to register on the MAP, WOOT WOOT!!
and am the first saudi blader and the last,lol
Great job Beybrad ^^.
I like the new stuff to.
Woah, this is a pretty big change lol! First impressions are good, but I'm also thinking that the community will grow way fast, so does that mean all the members that joined when it was still beywiki or have been around since OtC times will get lost in the sea of new members?

This being said, this gives me a solid reason to get a ton of MFB for christmas. =D
Love the new look site Wink

But I'd say we will see a spurt of members once the Anime starts up, for the meantime the Site is full of the long-term fans from the old era, but I cant really see the a flood of new members coming in for a while now to be honest.
Woah awesome! It took me a while to log in as I thought we had to re-register. It appears im the first (and only) FL blader ;_;
That Driger F your on about is the Hyper Force version no? I have the Master Dranzer verion.
Lee Knight : don't put this kind of post.

I like a lot the new design, and I wish good luck and long life to WBO.

P.S : Premier inscrit en France :p
Are there any VA bladers? I looked on the map and couldnt find it XD . But yea, ill be over there for a day or two soon.
Whoa, damn! New site looks sweet! Can't wait for this new organization!
Any official organization could not possibly rival this ...
This is a new Beyblade Era, Beyblade has been reborn on this day. We will forever promote the WBO and Beyblade. Hail WBO...the new Beyblade HUB for Beybladers all over the world.
Awesome and I fkn love the new layout! Nice job Brad!
I come back a few hours later and its DOPE

This just shows how big blading is, i cant wait to see the map afta every1 places their mark on it Grin
(Dec. 04, 2008  3:32 PM)Lee Knight Wrote: This just shows how big blading is, i cant wait to see the map afta every1 places their mark on it Grin

Pretty sure BeyUK had/have one that most people put their pins on to. Thinking about it, once the anime is released and the board floods with people then that map will be way too crowded lol
nd wat was wrong with my rply?!!!!! Unhappy
nd yeh, that will be gr8 once it hits aus again too, this site will go off the chains Grin
We don't have a map on BeyUK. Not sure why, it just never appealed to me.
hey how do we get our names on the world rankings list?
(Dec. 04, 2008  3:39 PM)BeyUK-Espio Wrote: We don't have a map on BeyUK. Not sure why, it just never appealed to me.

Maybe it was a different site. I definitely saw one linked here on beywiki at one point.