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Country: India (भारत) Registration Date: Jul. 19, 2015 Birthday: Oct. 13, 2000 (23 years old)

Please subscribe my channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVZrGd8nL_XY0JXO8qxraJQ/videos?view_as=subscriber Hey, there! I'm FIREFIRE CPB (CPB = Chaitanya P. Breed) but I'm also known as THE CRACKBLADER. You can read my Blader's Story thread to know what's my story and how exactly I found this amazing fourm. But what here I'm going to tell is all my experince and story on WBO (you can call this WBOian Story). Without a further ado let's get right into it! July - October 2015 So this was time when I first time joinned this site thinking it's a offical WBBA site or something. I got a pm from Kai-V (which every new member that time used to get not sure about now) and first thing I seen was that BeyMap. I tried finding some blader around to play with and found Maximum Dranzer (lol) is nearest to my home so I thought to pm him. Not sure if I really ever sent him PM but it's not in my sent it lol. so after finding more on map I seen stores and THAN. Finally thing I seen was TOURNAMENT (frozan wolborg hosted by ashton pinto lol). I decided to go but wasn't able to make it. Next day I posted little bit (well that was also my first ever post that got deleted lol due to fighting with jinbee on a stupid combo in amaterios thread. then I finally made my introduction thread and there someone told me about india tournament thread and reading rules. I toughly read all rules to make sure it will be #anti-chaos. and posted. I think first reply was Maximum Dranzer or Ashton Pinto? Later after sometime I got to know about a event that time and talked to ashton pinto and decided to go but unfortunately I wasn't able to. November to December I finally was able to attend a event (after missing 2 events lol) but when I reached but no one was there + no signal on my phone. Fortunately I found Maximum Dranzer (who I thought is aaryanbitw lol) and waited for other participants to arive. we started with event but I didn't had proper launcher which I was gonna to buy from ashton. I seen a guy with a box he took out from bag which had a lable on it "ashton pinto" so I thought he would be him and I was right lol. after they started my battle. I thought I will win easily but later found out how tough competition was and lost. though 1 combo I lost from was Duo BD which made me find "which is best combo". Which started my crazy to know more about competitive combos. that time I thought to post in Build Me a Combo thread. Where I meet Cake. I also got to know attack can beat Duo BD lol. Now fast forward to March 2016 March-April 2016 Finally first ever burst event of India. I that time prepared more keeping in mind what combos can be used. Though I finally beat that Duo BD of Jksiddh but found that ashton is using even more powerful combo. Death BD145CS which I lost to but atleast got a good win rate. So how I thought to be a organizer? Well at same events I got lots of stuff and new stadiums from ashton pinto so thought to organize once I got used to this. But soon after I hosted a event and that time I finally became familer with all and became friend of all members later after few more events. I finally came 1st for first time and defeated my biggest rivals. so today. I have hosted around 8 events (each format is counted as 1 so I guess some 16-20 tournaments in total) and made almost 2 years here. To be honest, I was never thinking I will last so long on this site (esspecially by seeing my old post. I think I was kinda likely to ban beyhah) but now I'm still here. Well if you are from 2022 and reading this bio. I'm pretty sure you will find me atleast once when you looking at who's online and will find my post in latest post beyhaha thanks for spending good 6 mins to read my profile. I hope you have great time and great beyfuture p.s. will add goals later

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