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Country: United States Registration Date: Dec. 01, 2018 Birthday: Jan. 13, 2000 (24 years old)

I have been a beyblader since the beginning of the G-Revolution arc of the original full plastic beyblades when I was 7. Throughout my elementary and into sixth grade I was known as the best of the best in my town. However, a mix of beyblade falling a bit out of popularity at the time with a little bit (a lot of bit) of peer pressure during Middle School and whoosh, I gave up my favorite hobby ever and sent my beyblades off to a GoodWill store; all to appease everyone but myself. I am 18 now and nearly finished with college (I started earlier than most) and have only but recently heard of the Burst Series of beyblade. I've immediately decided to return from my hiatus of one of the few hobbies have undying passion for. By Christmas, I will have a couple beyblades, a stadium, and enough confidence to return back to the hobby I love and rise up the ranks to claim the title of North American Champion. To the bladers that see this, never let anybody in this world halt your passions, not in beyblade, not in anything from your life. The second you do, those same individuals will have been out of it and all you'll have done is wasted time for someone else. Be proud to beyblade, may your ripcords stay strong and your beys steadfast. Let It Rip.

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