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Country: United States Registration Date: Aug. 18, 2018

An adolescent who has an unhealthy obsession with spinning tops. I’m a 13 year old loser. Nice to meet you my guy. Feel free to check out my YouTube channel Flashh! to view some spicy battles, unboxings, cbt’s, and memes👺 All my heccing fav burst combos, prepare for your eyes to bleed: Imperial Valkyrie Dr Rb’ Imperial Odin Bl Ev (Awakened) Prime Apocalypse 00 D Dm’ (Tall Attack) Prime Apocalypse Bl X Prime Apocalypse Ar Xt+ (Attack) Regalia Gegeneis Outer At Regalia Genenis 00 P Octa Regalia Genesis Cn (Balanced) Ch Storm Pegasus St Et Storm Pegasus 0 P A’ Lightning L-Drago Dr Jl’ Lighting L-Drago Z At Zwei Bahamut 8’ E Z’ Sou Zwei Bahamut Bl Om Black Retsu Zwei Diaboros 00 B Ch Zwei Diabolos Ar Ds’ Zwei Diabolos Dr V’ (awakened) / Hn’ Lord Spriggan 00 S Zt’ Lord Spriggan Vn Br Lord Spriggan St Mr’ Lord Achilles Bl Xt+ Lord Longinus 00 R Qc’ Lord Valkyrie St Dm’ Lord Pegasus 10 C Xt+ Lord Fafnir Rt Br Lord Bahamut 00 P Om Knockout Odin Bl Sw Retsu Knock Out Pegasus 00 S U’ So Knock Out Valkyrie Z Assault’ Goku Knockout Diabolos 00 B Qc’ Knock Out Ashura 7 U Kp’ Metsu Flare Spriggan St Dm’ (High Balance Mode) Sen Flare Valkyrie Rt U’ Zan Zwei Fafnir 10 W H’ Gold Zan Tact Fafnir Rt At Sen Tact Longinus Ar X’ Goku Cosmo Pegasus Ar Br Ten Cosmo DRagon Outer Et Ace Valkyrie 00 D B’ Sen Ace Ashura Vn Ul’ Ten Ace Diabolos 11 T Br Grand Valkyrie 0 P V’ (Awakened) Sen Poison Dragon 10 C Ds’ Ten Poison Joker J Yr Retsu Bushin Valkyrie 10 R J Sou Venom Dragon 00 T Mr’ Black Zan Rock Joker 00 L Om Ten Erase Diabolos 8’ R Jl’ Erase Fafnir 00 R Ab Gen Erase Bahamut Bl X’ Black Retsu Dread Bahamut 0 E Ds’ Gen Slash DRagon Z Ir Retsu Slash Achilles 7 Angle Hn’ Goku Slash Hydra 10 V Ds’ Sen Union Valkyrie Bl Qc’ Retsu Union Odin St Ev (Awakened) Gold Zan Union Spriggan Cn (Unbalanced) H’ Gold Retsu Venom Spriggan 00 R Dm’ Metsu Heaven Ashura Hr Rs Sen Heaven Achilles 0 C Z Sen Heaven Spriggan 8’ E U’ Gen Heaven Valkyrie 00 P B’ Ten Heaven Hydra 10 S R Sen Venom Hydra Vn Rs Ten Venom Valkyrie Dr At Metsu Grand Ashura 5 G At Ten Judgment Diabolos 0 E Ul’ Judgment Diabolos Bl Mr’ Judgment Spriggan Ig’ Goku Judgment Dragon Dr Ev Metsu Judgment Valkyrie 00 D X’ Zan Judgment Valkyrie Bl V’ (Awakened) Retsu Judgment Ashura 1’ H Op (Attack) Go Judgment Hydra 0 U Z’ Metsu Ace Dragon 10 G Ds’ Zan Grand Diabolos 00 C Xt+ (Stamina) Sen Cosmo Spriggan 0 P Y Gold Zan Rock Ashura 00 B Lp Ten Wizard Bahamut 0 P At Gen Wizard Fafnir 1’ P Xt+ Retsu Wizard Diabolos Ar Xt+ Dread Longinus 00 L Br Sen Cho Z Valkyrie St Rb’ Cho Z Valkyrie Bl Qc’ Cho Z Valkyrie Vn Vl’ Cho Z Valkyrie 00 Angle Ch Cho Z Valkyrie 1’ V Qs Cho Z Valkyrie Z Bite Cho Z Achilles St UI’ Cho Z Achilles Bl Ds’ Cho Z Achilles 00 C Xt+ (Stamina mode) Cho Z Achilles 00 D Qc’ Cho Z Spriggan Outer Zt’ Royal King Spriggan Hy Cho Z Spriggan Vn Octa Cho Z Spriggan Ar Om Cho Z Spriggan 00 S Mr’ Cho Z Spriggan 00 W Br Z Achilles 0 G Z’ Z Achilles 10 D Dm’ Z Achilles 8’ G U Bloody Longinus 8’ F X’ Bloody Longinus Hr Tr Dead Pheonix 12 F Sp’ Dead Hades 00 D X’ Dead Hades Dr Ch Dead Hades 00 T Br Dead Hades St Z’ Hell Salamander Rt Br (defense mode) Hell Salamander Outer A’ or Xt+ (Attack mode) (And Attack mode layer for either combo) Hell Salamander 10 E At (Defense mode) Hell Salamander 0 W H’ (Attack mode) Hell Salamander 00 T Sp’ (Layer mode depends on mode of the turn frame, vise versa) Hell Salamander 00 B Dm’ LC Perfect Pheonix Bl Xt+ (stamina) LC Perfect Phoenix 0 C Vl’ (Awakened) Perfect Pheonix 0 B Kp’ Perfect Phoenix Ar At Perfect Phoenix 10 W Bl Imperfect Pheonix 12 Op (Attack) Revive Phoenix 0 P F’ Revive Pheonix Bl C Geist Fafnir Rt At/H’ Emperor Forneus 5 G At Emperor Forneus 0 G Ds’ LC Emperor Forneus Outer Lw Cho-Z Eclipse Z Zt’ Vice Leopard 10 B Tw Vice Leopard 0 B Ch Archer Hercules Outer Xt+ (Stamina)/Et/Z’For tornado stall) Archer Hercules St Y Archer Hercules Ar U’ Crash Ragnaruk 8’ E Ds’ Crash Ragnaruk 10 E Rs Crash Ragnaruk 10 P B’ LC Crash Ragnaruk 11 C R Crash Ragnaruk 4 C A’ Buster Xcalibur Bl Op (Attack)/ Qc’ Winning Valkyrie 1’ H Wd/Lp Winning Valkyrie Z Jl’ Winning Valkyrie 0 V Yr Winning Valkyrie 00 B Octa Hazard Kerbeus 5 B Om Air Knight 00 U Br Air Knight 10 R U’ Air Knight 10 E H’ Air Knight 0 P Bl Air Knight W Vl’ Orb Eigis 0 P Yr/Ds’ Orb Eigis St At Orb Eigis 8’ R Q’ Orb Eigis 10 D Pw Orb Eigis 0 C Kp’ Orb Eigis Ar Lw Shadow Amaterios 0 P Qs Shadow Amaterios Hr At Shadow Amaterios 0 F Et Shining Amaterios 13 V Qc’ Shining Amaterios Bl Rb’ Shining Amaterios 4 S R Wonder Valtryek V4 7 V Ir Hazard Kerbeus K4 0 B N Revive Pheonix P4 8’ C Z Air Knight K4 Hr C Emperor Forneus F4 0 G U Nightmare Luinor R Hn Spryzen Requiem Z Br Surge Xcalius 1’ H X Surge Xcalius 1’ F Wd-S Garuda G3 Outer Et-S (battle ring mode) Garuda G3 0 P Octa God Valkyrie St Pw Strike God Valkyrie Z Qc’ Killer Deathsyther 1’ H Q’ Maximum Garuda 10 C Y Drain Fafnir P H’ Drain Fafnir Z Sp’ Alter Chronos Cn T’ Tornado Wyvern Hr Tw Arc Bahamut Ar Br Guardian Kerbeus S Lw Screw Trident J Nt Screw Trident Outer Dm’ Screw Trident 8’ Angle Rs Siege Xcalibur Bl Ch Twin Nemesis 0 U Hn’ (upper mode) Metal God Chip Twin Nemesis 7 G R (lower smash mode) Twin Nemesis 5 F Assault’ Shadow Orichalcum Ar At Amaterios A3 Outer Br Spriggan Requiem 0 B Tw Spriggan Requiem 0 S T Spriggan Requiem St At Spriggan Requiem 00 T Br Victory Valkyrie T U Victory Valkyrie H X’ Unlock Unicorn 1’ H X’ Kaiser Kerbeus G Om Kaiser Kerbeus P D Dark Deathsyther S Et Lost Longinus W Ds’ Inferno Ifrit Q A’ Inferno Ifrit T H’ Zillion Zues S F’ Storm Spryzen G Z Nova Neptune K R Acid Anubis S Xt+ (stamina mode) Holy Horusood Y R Jail Jormunter G U Diomedes D2 1’ Anchor Hyrus H2 Y At Unicorn Wing Unite Draciel Shield 0 W Vl’ Draciel Sheild 4 C R Wolborg 5 F Et Dragoon Phantom P Ab Driger Slash 13 R Hn’ Gaia Dragoon 00 T Qc’ (Attack mode) Gaia Dragoon 12 R F’ Wow that’s a lot of combos...

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