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Country: United States Registration Date: Aug. 18, 2018

An adolescent who has an unhealthy obsession with spinning tops. Feel free to check out my YouTube channel Flashh! to view some spicy content All my heccing fav burst combos: Storm Pegasus St Et Zwei Bahamut 8’ E Z’ Metsu Zwei Fafnir 10 E’ Ds’ Sen Ace Valkyrie 10 D V Zan Venom Dragon 00 T Mr’ Rock Joker 00 L At Ten Erase Longinus 8’ R Jl’ Zan Gen Weight Dread Bahamut 0 E Ds’ Slash Dragon St Ir Retsu Grand Ashura 5 G At Ten Judgment Valkyrie 2 D X’ Zan Judgment Ashura 1’ H Op (Attack) Retsu Judgment Joker O (Oval, not Zero) Z’ Zan Ace Dragon 0 F Ds’ Zan Grand Dragon 10 C Xt+ (Stamina) Sen Cosmo Dragon 10 Et Sen Rock Dragon 00 B Lp Ten Slash Valkyrie Bl Nt Retsu Wizard Bahamut 1’ H At Retsu Dread Longinus Rt Br Sen Cho Z Valkyrie Z Vl’ Cho Z Valkyrie St Rb Cho Z Valkyrie Bl Qc’ Cho Z Valkyrie 00 T Ch Cho Z Valkyrie 0 V Qs Cho Z Achilles St Ultimate Rb Cho Z Achilles Bl O Cho Z Achilles 00 C Xt+ (Stamina mode) Cho Z Achilles 00 D Qc’ Cho Z Spriggan Outer Zt’ Cho Z Spriggan St At Cho Z Spriggan 00 S Mr’ Cho Z Spriggan Vn/00 W Br Z Achilles 0 G Z Z Achilles 10 D Dm (middle attack mode) Z Achilles 8’ G U Bloody Longinus 8’ F X’ Bloody Longinus Hr Tr Dead Hades 00 D X’ Dead Hades Dr Ch Hell Salamander Rt Br (defense mode) Hell Salamander Outer A’ or Xt+ (Attack mode) (And Attack mode layer for either combo) Hell Salamander 10 E At (Defense mode) Hell Salamander 0 W H’ (Attack mode) Hell Salamander 00 R Sp’ (Attack mode) Hell Salamander 00 B Dm (Middle Attack mode) (Attack layer) LC Perfect Pheonix Bl Xt+ (stamina) LC Perfect Phoenix Outer Vl’ (Awakened) Perfect Pheonix 0 B Kp Perfect Phoenix 00 C At Perfect Phoenix Outer Bl Imperfect Pheonix 12 Op (Attack) Revive Phoenix 0 P F’ Revive Phoenix Bl Eternal Revive Pheonix Outer Mr’ LC Geist Fafnir 8’ S Et Geist Fafnir Rt At Emperor Forneus 0 P At Emperor Forneus 0 S Ds’ LC Emperor Forneus St R Cho-Z Eclipse Z Zt’ Vice Leopard 10 B Tw Vice Leopard 0 B Ch Archer Hercules Outer Xt+ (Stamina)/Z’ Archer Hercules Bl Y/R Crash Ragnaruk 10 E Ds’ Crash Ragnaruk 10 P B’ LC Crash Ragnaruk 11 C R Crash Ragnaruk 8’ G Zt’ Buster Xcalibur Bl Op Winning Valkyrie 1’ Wd Winning Valkyrie 0 V Yr Hazard Kerbeus 5 B O Air Knight 10 U Br Air Knight W Vl’ Orb Eigis 0 P Yr/Ds’ Orb Eigis 8’ R Q Orb Eigis 10 D Pw Orb Eigis 0 S Kp Shadow Amaterios 0 P Qs Shining Amaterios 13 V Qc’ Wonder Valtryek V4 7 V X/Ir Hazard Kerbeus K4 0 B N Revive Pheonix P4 10 C Z Emperor Forneus F4 0 G U Nightmare Luinor R Hn Spryzen Requiem Z Br Surge Xcalius 1’ Angle X Garuda G3 Outer Et-S (battle ring mode) Garuda G3 0 P Octa God Valkyrie St Pw Strike God Valkyrie Z Qc’ Killer Deathsyther 1’ H Q Maximum Garuda 10 C Y Tornado Wyvern Hr Dm (tallest attack mode) Arc Bahamut 0 W Br Screw Trident J Nt Screw Trident 8’ E Rs Twin Nemesis 0 F Hn’ (upper mode) MGC Twin Nemesis 7 G R (lower smash) Spriggan Requiem 0 B Tw Spriggan Requiem 0 S T Spriggan Requiem St At Spriggan Requiem 00 T Br Victory Valkyrie T U Victory Valkyrie H X’ Unlock Unicorn 1’ H X’ Kaiser Kerbeus G O Dark Deathsyther S Et Lost Longinus W Ds’ Inferno Ifrit Q A’ Inferno Ifrit T H Storm Spryzen G Z Acid Anubis S Xt+ (stamina mode) Holy Horusood Y R Silver X Jormunter J U Flame X Diomedes Bl An Poision X Hyrus Y At Unicorn Wing Unite Draciel Shield 0 W Vl’ Wolborg Outer Et Dragoon Phantom Polish Absorb Wow that’s a lot of combos...

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