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Country: United States Registration Date: Aug. 18, 2018

An adolescent who has an unhealthy obsession with spinning tops. I’m a 13 year old loser. Nice to meet you my guy. Feel free to check out my YouTube channel Flashh! to view some spicy battles, unboxings, cbt’s, and memes? All my heccing fav burst combos, prepare for your eyes to bleed: Imperial Odin 00 E Sp’ Imperial Achilles St Kp’ Imperial Odin Valkyrie St Vl’ Big Bang Apocalypse Gn Prime Apocalypse 00 D Dm’ (Tall Attack) Prime Apocalypse Bl X’ Prime Apocalypse Ar Xt+ (Attack) Regalia Gegeneis Outer At Perfect Regalia Genenis 00 P Octa Regalia Genesis Cn (Balanced) Ch Storm Pegasus St Et Storm Pegasus 0 P A’ Lightning L-Drago Dr Jl’ Lighting L-Drago Z At Zwei Bahamut 8’ E Z’ Sou Zwei Bahamut Bl Om Retsu Zwei Diabolos 00 B Ch Zwei Diabolos Ar Ds’ Zwei Diabolos Dr V’ (awakened) / Hn’ Lord Spriggan 00 S Zt’ Lord Spriggan Vn Br Lord Spriggan St Mr’ Lord Diabolos2 Bl Xt+ Lord Longinus 00 R Qc’ Lord Valkyrie St Dm’ Lord Pegasus 10 C Xt+ Lord Fafnir Rt Br Lord Bahamut 00 P Om Knockout Diabolos Gn Knockout Odin Bl Sw Retsu Knock Out Pegasus 00 S U’ So Knock Out Valkyrie Z Assault’ Goku Knockout Diabolos 00 B Qc’ Knock Out Ashura 7 U Kp’ Metsu Flare Spriggan St Dm’ (High Balance Mode) Zan Flare Valkyrie Rt U’ Sen Zwei Fafnir 10 W H’ Zan Tact Fafnir Rt At Sen Tact Longinus Ar X’ Goku Cosmo Pegasus Ar Br Sen Cosmo DRagon Outer Et Ten Ace Valkyrie 00 D B’ Sen Ace Ashura Vn Ul’ Ten Ace Diabolos 11 T Br Grand Valkyrie 0 P V’ (Awakened) Sen Poison Dragon 10 C Ds’ Ten Poison Joker J Yr Retsu Bushin Valkyrie 10 R J’ Sou Venom Dragon 00 T Mr’ Black Zan Rock Joker 00 L Om Ten Erase Diabolos 8’ R Jl’ Erase Fafnir 00 R Ab Gen Erase Bahamut Bl X’ Retsu Dread Bahamut 0 E Ds’ Gen Slash DRagon Z Ir Retsu Slash Achilles 7 Angle Hn’ Goku Slash Hydra 10 V Ds’ Sen Union Valkyrie Bl Qc’ Retsu Union Odin St Ev (Awakened) Gold Zan Union Spriggan Cn (Unbalanced) H’ Retsu Venom Spriggan 00 R Dm’ Metsu Heaven Ashura Hr Rs Sen Heaven Achilles 0 C Z Sen Heaven Spriggan 8’ E U’ Gen Heaven Valkyrie 00 P B’ Ten Heaven Hydra 10 S R Sen Venom Hydra Vn Rs Ten Venom Valkyrie Dr At Metsu Grand Ashura 5 G At Ten Judgment Diabolos 0 E Ul’ Judgment Diabolos Bl Mr’ Judgment Spriggan Ig’ Goku Judgment Dragon Dr Ev Metsu Judgment Valkyrie 00 D X’ Zan Judgment Valkyrie Bl V’ (Awakened) Retsu Judgment Ashura 1’ H Op (Attack) Go Judgment Hydra 0 U Z’ Metsu Ace Dragon 10 G Ds’ Zan Grand Diabolos 00 C Xt+ (Stamina) Sen Cosmo Spriggan 0 P Y Zan Rock Ashura 00 B Lp Ten Wizard Bahamut 0 P At Gen Wizard Fafnir 1’ P Xt+ Retsu Wizard Diabolos Ar Xt+ Dread Longinus 00 L Br Sen Cho Z Valkyrie St Rb’ Cho Z Valkyrie Bl Qc’ Cho Z Valkyrie Vn Vl’ Cho Z Valkyrie 00 Angle Ch Cho Z Valkyrie 1’ V Qs Cho Z Valkyrie Z Bite Cho Z Achilles St UI’ Cho Z Achilles Bl Ds’ Cho Z Achilles 00 C Xt+ (Stamina mode) Cho Z Achilles 00 D Qc’ Cho Z Spriggan Outer Zt’ Royal King Spriggan Hy Cho Z Spriggan Vn Octa Cho Z Spriggan Ar Om Cho Z Spriggan 00 S Mr’ Cho Z Spriggan 00 W Br Z Achilles 0 G Z’ Z Achilles 10 D Dm’ Z Achilles 8’ G U Bloody Longinus 8’ F X’ Bloody Longinus Hr Tr Dead Pheonix 12 F Sp’ Dead Hades 00 D X’ Dead Hades Dr Ch Dead Hades 00 T Br Dead Hades St Z’ Hell Salamander Rt Br (defense mode) Hell Salamander Outer A’ or Xt+ (Attack mode) (And Attack mode layer for either combo) Hell Salamander 10 E At (Defense mode) Hell Salamander 0 W H’ (Attack mode) Hell Salamander 00 T Sp’ (Layer mode depends on mode of the turn frame, vise versa) Hell Salamander 00 B Dm’ LC Perfect Pheonix Bl Xt+ (stamina) LC Perfect Phoenix 0 C Vl’ (Awakened) Perfect Pheonix 0 B Kp’ Perfect Phoenix Ar At Perfect Phoenix 10 W Bl Imperfect Pheonix 12 Op (Attack) Revive Phoenix 0 P F’ Revive Pheonix Bl C Geist Fafnir Rt At/H’ Emperor Forneus 5 G At Emperor Forneus 0 G Ds’ LC Emperor Forneus Outer Lw Cho-Z Eclipse Z Zt’ Vice Leopard 10 B Tw Vice Leopard 0 B Ch Archer Hercules Outer Xt+ (Stamina)/Et/Z’For tornado stall) Archer Hercules St Y Archer Hercules Ar U’ Crash Ragnaruk 8’ E Ds’ Crash Ragnaruk 10 E Rs Crash Ragnaruk 10 P B’ LC Crash Ragnaruk 11 C R Crash Ragnaruk 4 C A’ Buster Xcalibur Bl Op (Attack)/ Qc’ Winning Valkyrie 1’ H Wd/Lp Winning Valkyrie Z Jl’ Winning Valkyrie 0 V Yr Winning Valkyrie 00 B Octa Hazard Kerbeus 5 B Om Air Knight 00 U Br Air Knight 10 R U’ Air Knight 10 E H’ Air Knight 0 P Bl Air Knight W Vl’ Orb Eigis 0 P Yr/Ds’ Orb Eigis St At Orb Eigis 8’ R Q’ Orb Eigis 10 D Pw Orb Eigis 0 C Kp’ Orb Eigis Ar Lw Shadow Amaterios 0 P Qs Shadow Amaterios Hr At Shadow Amaterios 0 F Et Shining Amaterios 13 V Qc’ Shining Amaterios Bl Rb’ Shining Amaterios 4 S R Wonder Valtryek V4 7 V Ir Hazard Kerbeus K4 0 B N Revive Pheonix P4 8’ C Z Air Knight K4 Hr C Emperor Forneus F4 0 G U Nightmare Luinor R Hn Spryzen Requiem Z Br Surge Xcalius 1’ H X Surge Xcalius 1’ F Wd-S Garuda G3 Outer Et-S (battle ring mode) Garuda G3 0 P Octa God Valkyrie St Pw Strike God Valkyrie Z Qc’ Killer Deathsyther 1’ H Q’ Maximum Garuda 10 C Y Drain Fafnir P H’ Drain Fafnir Z Sp’ Alter Chronos Cn T’ Tornado Wyvern Hr Tw Arc Bahamut Ar Br Guardian Kerbeus S Lw Screw Trident J Nt Screw Trident Outer Dm’ Screw Trident 8’ Angle Rs Siege Xcalibur Bl Ch Twin Nemesis 0 U Hn’ (upper mode) Metal God Chip Twin Nemesis 7 G R (lower smash mode) Twin Nemesis 5 F Assault’ Shadow Orichalcum Ar At Amaterios A3 Outer Br Spriggan Requiem 0 B Tw Spriggan Requiem 0 S T Spriggan Requiem St At Spriggan Requiem 00 T Br Victory Valkyrie T U Victory Valkyrie H X’ Unlock Unicorn 1’ H X’ Kaiser Kerbeus G Om Kaiser Kerbeus P D Dark Deathsyther S Et Lost Longinus W Ds’ Inferno Ifrit Q A’ Inferno Ifrit T H’ Zillion Zues S F’ Storm Spryzen G Z Nova Neptune K R Acid Anubis S Xt+ (stamina mode) Holy Horusood Y R Jail Jormunter G U Diomedes D2 1’ Anchor Hyrus H2 Y At Unicorn Wing Unite Draciel Shield 0 W Vl’ Draciel Sheild 4 C R Wolborg 5 F Et Dragoon Phantom P Ab Driger Slash 13 R Hn’ Gaia Dragoon 00 T Qc’ (Attack mode) Gaia Dragoon 12 R F’ Wow that’s a lot of combos...

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