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Country: United States Registration Date: Aug. 18, 2018

LET IT RIP! ^_^ My best burst combos: aH 0 B Et (sometimes on Y for more defense or Xt+ in stamina for huge LAD boost) Spriggan requiem/cho z spriggan Z Destroy' Cho z Valkyrie 1' H Vl' Hell salamander 10 Xt + (usually in attack Xt+ and attack mode for the layer) Victory Valkyrie T Lp (this combo bounces like crazy!!! It can jump 2 feet high!) Arc Bahamut 0 W Br Geist Fafnir 0 P At I first started blading during MFB (more specifically metal masters) as a little kid. I took a break at the beginning of beyblade burst. I couldn't accept that MFB had ended since I loved it so much as a kid and hated the new burst system. I finally got back into blading during beyblade burst God, gave it a try, and have never stopped blading. Beyblade is so much more than "boring spinning tops", and is a super strategic and exciting game! I'll be coming to tournaments soon, and if you see me there, get ready to lose...😂

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