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Hey World Bladers!

We figured it’s been way too long since our last “Monthly” Passport Holder Giveaway, and that now is as good a time as any to bring them back with the release of B-59 Zillion Zeus I.W. on the horizon! If you're a Passport Holder, please post once in this thread to be entered in the September 2016 giveaway for a chance to win this really cool Beyblade!

Bladers who post in this thread and do not possess a Blader Passport will have their posts immediately deleted.

To make things even better, we will also throw in one Face Booster for the winner!
This contest will run for seven days until September 18th, 11:59:59PM EST. Any Passport Holders who post after that date/time will not be entered. The winners will be announced shortly after the date has passed and will have their prize shipped to them free of charge!

Good luck everyone!
It seems like unfortunately the USA will have to wait a while longer before being able to take part in the hype. Only Canada will have Beyblade Burst products by Hasbro sold in stores until January 2017, starting this September. As for Europe and Latin America, the release is planned for later in 2017.

Here's the quote from the press release, which contains complete details on Hasbro's Beyblade Burst rollout:

Quote:The BEYBLADE BURST line will be available in Canada at Toys“R”Us in September, followed by additional retailers in Canada later in 2016. The BEYBLADE BURST line will hit shelves in the U.S. in January 2017 with Europe, Latin America and certain other markets to follow in 2017.

Here is also finally the trailer for the Beyblade Burst products:


As you might have seen, we also have the first preview of the television show for Beyblade Burst in English dub:

It'll start being broadcast this Saturday, September 10th, at 3:00 PM EST on Teletoon in Canada. There's no word yet on which channel will broadcast Beyblade Burst in the United States of America and when.
WBO members @[1234beyblade] and @[Kei] got their hands on the new Hasbro Beyblade Burst releases as well, and we have some really strange and unfortunate news: Hasbro's Beyblade Burst releases seem to have no teeth at all, but are instead solid parts sloped at an incline. Each Layer has a unique slope to offer different burst-resistance.

[Image: hasbro_s2_slopes4.jpg]
(Image source: Nocto)

The instruction guide also includes a note that "bursting is rare", and our preliminary tests indicate the same. There's no indication that this design bursts more often than the Japanese designs.

[Image: 5YyfPAc.jpg]

We can also now confirm that there is no cross-compatibility between Hasbro and Takara-Tomy parts with the exception of Disks. Hasbro Energy Layers work with Hasbro Performance Tips, and Takara-Tomy Layers work with Takara-Tomy Drivers.

However, Japanese launchers will work.
Earlier in the week it was confirmed that Canadian cartoon network Teletoon would start airing Beyblade Burst on September 10th, so it's only appropriate that the Hasbro release of Beyblade Burst has been spotted there first.

These are the first photos of Hasbro's Beyblade Burst releases available anywhere. Beyblade Burst has been spotted on shelves in Toronto, Ontario. These photos were provided to us by @[pyrus10000].

[Image: N5NeJCC.jpg]
[Image: sCpot46.jpg]
[Image: q3yvgwX.jpg]
[Image: w89DCVv.jpg]
[Image: 1Iq6ll2.jpg]
[Image: urVkcIR.jpg]
[Image: 2LASev2.jpg]
[Image: zeNiswa.jpg]
[Image: mQMFfXw.jpg]

Earlier, Instagram user p3t3rparkour (spotted by @[Hato]) posted the first images we'd seen of Hasbro's Burst releases:

[Image: 1NXYuJ2.png]

[Image: RtUhGqv.png]

We also see the original Valkyrie (now Valtryek) Layer on the back of the box:

[Image: g9OqZIF.jpg]

These images confirm that Hasbro will be releasing the earlier "Basic Bey" models including Valkyrie, which is notorious for its fragile teeth that wear down after just a few battles, causing it to burst more easily. What remains to be seen is if Hasbro has addressed this issue. However, these haven't been spotted in stores yet.

In one final bit of disappointing news (although the stadium will likely prove to be a disappointment later on), Hasbro has made the bizarre decision to change the names of the parts from names like "Boost" to "D01" which literally just means "Disk 1".

[Image: xvR6Y36.jpg]

The "Variable" Driver (now Performance Tip) is now TA06. Despite the D01 Disk having a B on it and the TA06 Disk having a V on it. We had seen these part names in the mobile game already, but it's disappointing to see them in the real product line.

Overall, Hasbro seems to be diverging from Takara-Tomy's original concept and branding more than ever. What remains to be seen is how the products themselves hold up.
We’ve been anticipating Hasbro's release of Beyblade Burst ever since it was announced at New York Toy Fair in February, and today we got the first glimpse of its release … in the form of a mistakenly-released iOS app.

If you haven't already been reading posts around the site, we've recently learnt about some pretty interesting updates:

Details on Hasbro's version of the Beyblade Burst App!

[Image: IMG_1527.jpg]

While similar in someways to Takara Tomy's own Beyblade Burst app, it is also very different in most.

Unlike Takara Tomy's app that simply adds basic functionality and code-scanning on top of the website, Hasbro's app introduces a battling component — which obviously gives off a similar vibe to BeybladeBattles.com — as well as Stats, a virtual Store, Battle History and Beyblade Levels.

[Image: image.png]

View for more images:

By selecting one of your four Beyblades, tap the crossed swords. You are given the options of Training, Multiplayer and playing in a Tournament style (which both aren't released to the public just yet).

[Image: image.png]

When the Training option is tapped, you are given the choices of facing either a Custom Opponent, a Random Opponent or a Recent Opponent (which will lead you to a page with previous customization you've played).

[Image: bbbbii.png]

The rules to win are pretty easy to learn. First to three points: Burst Finishes are worth 2 points and Survivor Finishes (outspinning the opposing Beyblade) 1 point.

[Image: bbbb22.png]

To adjust your Launcher, slide it across the screen to your liking. While the feature is there, however, it really isn't entirely useful or necessary to win a BeyBattle. To launch, fill the meter below by tapping the needle when it enters the ''hot zone''. This will give you the edge in stamina as well as a spin bonus.

[Image: image.png]

View for more images:

There are also other ways to get the upperhand in battle. These include Energy Orbs and Avatar Attacks.

[Image: ejdi.png]

Name Changes!

With the new Beyblade Burst app came with it a ton of name changes!

Valkyrie is renamed Valtryek.
Spriggan is renamed Spryzen.
Kerbeus remains unchanged.
Ragnaruk is renamed Roktavor.
Deathscyther is renamed Doomscizor.
Horusood remains unchanged.
Odin is renamed Odax.
Neptune is renamed Nepstrius.
Unicorn is renamed Unicrest.
Wyvern is renamed Wyvron.

Victory Valkyrie is renamed Valtryek V2.
Storm Spriggan is renamed Spryzen S2.
Kaiser Kerbeus is renamed Kerbeus K2.
Rising Ragnaruk is renamed Roktavor R2.

Layers are renamed Energy Layers.
Discs are renamed Forge Discs.
Drivers are is renamed Performance Tips.

Survive = TS01
Revolve = TS05
Press = TD04
Massive = TD02
Fusion = TB01
Edge = TS03
Defense = TD01
Blow = TA03
Accel = TA01
Zephyr = TB02
Variable = TA06
Unite = TB03

(S, D, A and B presumably stand for Stamina, Defense, Attack and Balance.)

Central = D08
Boost = D01
Armed = D10
Wing = D05
Spread = D06
Ring = D09
Oval = D13
Limited = D04
Knuckle = D02
Heavy = D07
Gravity = D03

All of these pieces are available in game.

While some of the names pretty interesting, we haven't really seen any amazing reactions to them. Most of these will be definite changes for those who had adjusted to the original names. Doomscizor was without a doubt the craziest to most!

That's it for now, Bladers! What do you think of all these new — yet overwhelming — changes? Hopefully we'll be seeing some physical ones at stores in the near future!

[Image: WBO-Project-Social-Media.jpg]

Hey World Bladers!

As many of you already know, the WBO runs several social media platforms: a Facebook, Twitter, and an Instagram!

Submit Tournament Photos & Short Vertical Video Clips

In order to better represent our massive worldwide community and demonstrate how much fun our events are to people who may not have joined us yet, we want you to help us represent the World Beyblade Organization and show the world what Beyblade is like where you live!

We're putting out an open call to all Bladers: please take and share photos and videos from your official WBO sanctioned events with us! Here's some examples of the type of content we are looking for:

Content Types:
  • Group Photos of Tournament Participants - Example
  • Top 3 Photo of Tournament Winners - Example
  • Photo of Two Players Launching Beyblades - Example
  • Close-up Photo of Beyblade Case or Deck - Example
  • Photo of Tournament Area/Venue - Example
  • Vertical 15 Second Clips (battles, walking around the tournament in progress, etc) for Instagram Stories - Example
  • 3 Image Collages Using Instagram's Layout App (Group/Top 3 Photo on top, two players launching in the bottom left, close up of Beyblades in the bottom right) - Example
  • The WBO values quality over quantity
  • Photos should be clear/sharp
  • Videos should be stable
  • Your different pieces of content should not be excessively repetitive. Try your best to make your photos as creative as possible. You can also alternate between photo locations to make sure your submitted content never becomes repetitive!
  • Most WBO social media contributors use smartphones for tournament coverage, so it's likely that you and your community already have the necessary tools in your hands.
How to Submit:
  • All submissions should be sent to Hato via WBO private message.
  • Include a link to the high resolution photos or videos uploaded to a service like Google Drive.

Submit Edited Tournament Videos

As always, submitting edited tournament videos for Beyblade Channel is welcome, and, yes, doing so will also grant you a Bit Booster of your choice! For a prime example of what videos should look like, here's our latest, edited footage video for Kei vs. The World: The Wakanda Trials in Los Angeles:

Submit Photos or Video, Earn a Bit Booster!

If you decide to help us out, you'll be rewarded with a Bit Booster! Bit Boosters contain one from a random assortment of badges to be displayed on your profile. Bits are a fun collectible activity that everyone in the WBO can participate in. You can see a list of all Bits currently available here through Bit Boosters, contributing to the community, placing in tournaments and so forth.

To receive your choice of Bit Booster, you must:

A) Submit two or more pieces of approved photo or vertical video clip content across two separate tournaments.


B) Submit one fully-edited and approved Beyblade Channel tournament video.

Once you have completed one of these requirements, please send a private message with your choice to Hato.


Not only will you be helping our community expand, but you'll also be bolstering your Bit Booster collection! ;)

To ensure that every tournament participant is comfortable, however, please confirm that they're OK with their image being uploaded to social media. Soliciting permission is always necessary.

So get your cameras out and start capturing some quality content!

Hey World Bladers! We're back with another recap of all the awesome news from CoroCoro magazine in Japan this month.

Details on Dragoon, Dranzer, Draciel, and Driger in Beyblade Burst

[Image: YEmQ7Ti.jpg]

This month we received our first confirmation on how exactly the Beyblade Burst S-series remakes will be released! For readers who aren't familiar with what makes this such a big deal: the S-series from the first generation of plastic Beyblades are some of the most iconic releases in Beyblade history, and their designs are getting faithful recreations in the current Beyblade Burst system, roughly fifteen years later.

[Image: ap8vKh6.jpg]

Here's what we know about each release:

Driger S.H.F (Heavy Fusion)

Driger S.H.F will be included as one of eight possible Beyblades you can receive from B-61 Random Booster Vol. 4, which will be released in the second half of October.

While many Bladers were hoping it would come with an update of the metal change tip-design, none of the S-series remakes include new Disks or Drivers. Metal change was a design last seen on Death Gargoyle MS from the Heavy Metal System, which, like Fusion, switches between a fast-moving attack-mode and a stationary stamina-mode depending on the angle of the tip on the stadium. However, it both traditionally moves faster and has higher stamina than Fusion and it's Metal Fusion equivalent, FS.

[Image: latest?cb=20120921192216]

A well-used Driger S with Metal Change Base.

100 gold Driger S.H.F will also be distributed as part of a lottery in CoroCoro Aniki:

[Image: NHkTxKH.jpg]

Draciel S.C.P (Central Press)

Draciel S.C.P will be available as one of eight possible Beyblades you can receive from B-67 Random Booster Vol. 5, which will be released in December.

Dranzer S.S.T (Spread Trans)

Dranzer S.S.T will be exclusively sold at stores that host official Beyblade tournaments (WBBA) in Japan, for ¥972. Trans is a currently unreleased Driver, but it will be released before Dranzer S.S.T drops — more on this later in the article.

[Image: ozLjt14.jpg]

Dragoon .W.X (Wing Xtreme)

This will be available as a mail-order exclusive item in the December issue (release on November 15th) of CoroCoro Aniki in Japan. However, since this is being advertised as an exclusive recolor, it's likely Dragoon .W.X will get another release, though we don't yet know in what form.

Unlock Unicorn .D.P releases on August 6

[Image: oA0koz5.jpg]

A Defense-type that supposedly uses its large horn to knock back opposing Beyblades, Unlock Unicorn .D.N (Down Needle) will be released as a booster on August 6.

[Image: B_56.png]
Official Photo

Triple Booster Set releases on August 6 with Nova Neptune .V.T

[Image: B_57.png]
Official Photo

In addition to Victory Valkyrie U.Q. (Upper Quake) and Chaos O.G. (Oval Gyro), the Triple Booster set will contain the (almost) all-new Nova Neptune .V.T (Vertical Trans).

[Image: iGP0mEr.jpg]
On the right: Xcalibur .S.T (Spread Trans), along with a diagram on how Trans works. Below, a breakdown of Nova Neptune .V.T.

Trans can switch between a flat and sharp tip by rotating the tabs on its base.

This month's CoroCoro also contained a bunch of suggested combinations, most of which are probably not very good. But if you'd like to see them, along with the rest of this month's CoroCoro scans, you can check them out here.

Big thanks to @[Kai-V] for providing the scans!
Hey, World Bladers!

We've got some great announcements for you now, so sit back and enjoy!

HMS & Plastics Remembrance Day is especially relevant this month, so let's all celebrate this July 23rd & 24th!!

It's not fantasy, this is for real: Bakuten Shoot Beyblade, the first generation of Beyblades released back in 1999, is making a (small) comeback!

Just to summarise, this month we can expect:
  • New Bakuten Shoot Beyblade manga chapter getting released in a side CoroCoro magazine, drawn by the original author Aoki Takao and featuring the four original main characters Takao (Tyson), Kai, Max and Rei (Ray).

  • This manga chapter will be scanlated by a team of your fellow WBO Members and posted ASAP after publication!

  • A gold Driger S Burst Ver. will be given away in a limited lottery in that CoroCoro issue.

  • A Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 1 Legendary Beyblade book will be released on July 15th 2016 in Japan.

  • Around fall, Dranzer S, Draciel S and Driger S are confirmed to be reproduced as Burst Beyblades.

But the excitement doesn't stop there, oh no! We're only getting started!!

Tournaments of the HMS or Plastic format!

No celebration would be complete without our members and their communities across the globe coming together to play Beyblade and pay homage the series that started it all. What's more, all participants of an HMS & Plastics Remembrance Day tournament will receive 1 extra Credit just for the occasion! That means you can get two Credits just for entering the tournament, which gets you at least one Face Booster or more in the Blader Rewards campaign!

Here's the current lineup of communities participating in HMS & Plastics Remembrance Day:

– July 23rd –

[Image: ca.png] - Plastic Tactic II at Parc Lafontaine in Montréal, QC

[Image: ca.png] - PLASTIC'S NOT DEAD! 3 at High Park in Toronto, ON

– July 24th –

[Image: us.png] - July Jormungand at Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Silver Spring, MD

[Image: in.png] - CRACK!! The Revivl of the Bit-Beasts at Sanjay Ghandi National Park in Mumbai, India

More events will be added as they are confirmed, so send us those proposals!

If any more incentive was needed, a BeyLotto ought to suffice!

This time around, all 10 winners picked will receive their choice of the Plastic-themed Face Boosters we rarely get to see! That means that you've got even more chances of obtaining one, on top of those you can get for participating in an HMS-format or Plastic-format tournament all year long!

As usual, the top prizes are reserved for Passport Holders as thanks for their continued support!

And for the top two spots...

Grand Prize:
$40 Toku Taku Toys Coupon

towards the purchase of any Plastics or HMS items!

2nd Prize:
$25 Toku Taku Toys Coupon

towards the purchase of any Plastics or HMS items!

Many thanks to OkinawamTS! You can check out the items for sale in his store here:

[Image: TokuTakuToys-Bey.gif]

Face Contest: Design a Plastic or HMS Beyblade in Burst!

With the classic main S-Series Beyblades getting re-designs for Burst, we're challenging you to step into Takara-Tomy's design team's shoes once again! This time, to reimagine and redesign old school Beyblades as members of the Burst System!

The winners will get their choice of:

That's right, winners. The top three entries will each receive a Face Booster!

But wait, what's this? Just in, the top winner will also be getting...

The S-Series Beyblade Burst of their choice!

[Image: BakutenIntoBeybladeBurst_DranzerDracielDrigerS.png]


Considering Takara-Tomy is already remaking the S-Series, we ask that you steer clear of redesigning those Blades and focus your attention to the rest of the incredibly diverse Bakuten Shoot Beyblade and HMS lines. You have until July 31st 2016, at 11:59:59 PM EST to submit your entry!

To read all the details on this Face Contest, make sure to check out the following topic:

HMS Face Boosters!

Plastics and regular Face Boosters still not enough for you? Well, you can get HMS Face Boosters for contributing to the WBO in a very special way: by donating $10!

When you make a donation of at least $10, you can choose between Face Booster BLACK II, WHITE, or WHITE II! Donations can be made via Paypal online, or directly at tournaments simply by giving an extra amount to the host, who will then transfer the total amount to us.

Face Booster WHITE [Image: FaceBoosterIconWhitev2.png] . Face Booster BLACK II [Image: faceboosterblackii.png] . Face Booster WHITE II [Image: FaceBoosterIconWhiteII.png]

New Avatars!

Where would the WBO be without its ever elongating list of avatars to choose from in its Default Gallery? In line with tradition, HMS & Plastics Remembrance Day brings with it a slurry of nostalgia blended with the present — like this year's new additions to the avatar gallery!

Plastics & HMS on Social Media too!

Lastly, keep an eye on the WBO's social media pages over the next few weeks for plenty of Plastics & HMS related content!

And be sure to share your favorite memories of the first generation of Beyblade with the hashtag:


Do that and tag us @worldbeyblade to get 1 extra entry in the BeyLotto! We're really curious to see what you're going to post, so if you do the sharing, we'll do the caring!

Happy HMS & Plastics Remembrance Day!!

~ WBO Staff

Hasbro's Beyblade Burst app to launch this August!

In case you missed it, Hasbro's splash page for their Beyblade Burst app is up, on which it says "Coming August 2016!" Does this mean Burst is just around the bend? Check out Kai-V's post in the Hasbro Beyblade Burst topic for more:
Hey World Bladers!

We've got a few small announcements piling up, so we'll begin with the much awaited BeyLotto and #BeySelfie winners, and then you'll see a couple of Organized Play-related news. They're mostly things that we already discussed or mentioned in the past, but we are officializing them properly.

We had some amazing entries this year, it was awesome seeing all the different styles but, most of all, the pride you guys had in taking a Beyblade-related photograph with yourself in it!

Many thanks for participating! We so wish that the winner could have been determined by us for their creativity, but it's all down to luck, so let's see who won this magnificent Xcalibur Force Xtreme Gold Ver. ...

[Image: XcaliburForceXtreme_Goldcle.png]


It's you, @[Wizard]!!

[Image: YG8MA3B.jpg]

You can claim your prize by sending Bey Brad a private message!

Nice job on those quetz-reinforced glasses!

But wait: there were so many incredible entries that we can't leave at that! Here are a few honorable mentions:

Amazing job, you guys! Even if you used a program to add effects, you made the effort of cosplaying and making your picture litterally come to life. To reward you for taking this challenge a step further, we'd like you to give you a Face Booster of your choice, out of those listed right below! Simply post your selection right in this thread!

[Image: beylotto.png]

This year's BeyDays BeyLotto had a total of 116 unique entrants! And there were 9 tournaments in 8 different regions. This is huge! Thank you all for participating so much! Right now, who would even believe that Beyblade is inactive worldwide?

To top it all off, we have some great prizes to give you, so let's get the ball rolling!

It all starts with a giveaway of Face Boosters:

The winners who get their choice out of all the Face Boosters above are...

Alex Mercer
@[Rayx Nikhil]
Team Meteor

Congratulations to all of you!

But wait, there are thirty winners in there, so that's the total! Who out of those were luckier than others and will receive a physical prize?! Let's see...

The Members who won the Beyblade Burst Starter or Booster they want are...

Team Meteor
Takara Master
Dominick X.

Nice! And we've already got people from different areas! Congrats to you guys!

Now, for the winner of the full Random Layer Collections Vol. 1 & 2 + a WBO T-Shirt, it's no other than...



Bravo! We bet you never expected a few tournaments and a one-month-old account to make you win so much, right?

And for the Amaterios Aero Assault Black Ver. + a WBO T-Shirt, the winner is...



Congratulations on the win, maybe luck's got you on its side thanks to your multiple analyses!

[Image: anythingyouwant.png]

Finally, the very grand prize of ANYTHING YOU WANT + a WBO T-Shirt is awarded to...



Wow, you litterally couldn't have asked for more! What are you going to choose? Congrats!

All winners of a physical prize should send a PM to Kei with your full name, shipping address, and phone number. Everyone mentioned here should also post their Face Booster selection in this thread, and we'll get to distributing them as soon as possible once a few of them have accumulated!

Congratulations to all the winners, once again!

BeyDays was a blast thanks to all of you. What did you all like about this year's BeyDays? What would you change?

Over the past eight years, many hundreds of tournaments have been hosted, and without much trouble at that. Since we are all just fans dedicating an insane amount of time to this hobby, of course we accomodate and make modifications along the way to make things better for the community overall.

With the bright future of Beyblade Burst's globalization right on the horizon in mind, we wish to formally announce some rules that have been implicit so far, and also introduce a change that will probably please quite a few Bladers!

Blader Passport price decrease for Indian Members

Remember how we announced a few months ago that the Blader Passport would now cost $15 US?

In retrospective, we've decided to take into consideration that some countries' economies were too low and that this increase of value was actually detrimental and tournaments were less likely to take place there due to the new price.

We have therefore decided to modulate the cost of the Blader Passport for our longterm Indian community: for you guys, it'll be only $10 US, effective immediately!

We hope that you guys continue to show your Beyblade Spirit in tournaments for many years to come still!

If there are ever areas with a similar economical situation, we will of course consider giving them the same priviledge.

Multiple Tournaments Per Day

There are some occurences we have tolerated in the past without complaining too much, but as we keep growing, we have to step in when we're expected to make things fair for everyone globally. Unfortunately, sometimes that translates in some moderating moves like the following.

A maximum of two events can be held per day. Only special occasions or instances where something will definitely stop a region from holding more events in the subsequent months will justify organising more tournaments in one day. This is essentially a sister rule to the 8-Credit limit per weekend anyway, which some ran into when playing in more than two tournaments per weekend already!

Entry fees for side events cannot be collected at WBO sanctioned tournaments. While we appreciate the efforts of organizers who want to do something special, because we cannot oversee these events nor ensure that attendees understand they are completely separate from the WBO, we have to ask that organizers refrain from hosting side-events that charge fees separate from the usual WBO tournament fees. We encourage organizers who want to do something extra at their events to work with us.

Official Prize Reimbursement Guideline

While we've always been applying reimbursement for prizes equally or proportionally to all regions and instances, it's something we never actually wrote down and announced, so here you go!
  • 8-12 players: $20
  • 13-17 players: $30
  • 18-24 players: $40
  • 25-30 Players: $60
  • 31-40 Players: $70
  • 41+ Players: $80
  • Exceptions are made for major events (e.g. conventions). Reimbursement amounts are per day, not per tournament.

Small variations may be allowed, and of course a lesser amount can be asked as reimbursement, but you should expect this sort of ranges globally. It also helps if you collect more single entry fees and, in other words, attract new Bladers to your tournaments!

That's it for now, but stay tuned for a lot more news coming up soon!

Dranzer Spiral, Driger Slash and Draciel Shield are now confirmed to be released as Burst Beyblades by Takara-Tomy, in late 2016!

  • October 2016 - Driger S.H.F (Heavy Fusion) will be one of the eight Beyblades that you can get in the Random Booster Vol. 4, for 972 yen.

  • November 2016 - Dranzer S.S.T (Spread Trans) will be available as an exclusive wbba. store item in Japan, for the cost of 972 yen.

  • November 2016 - Dragoon S.W.X (Wing Xtreme) - A CoroCoro Aniki Exclusive Recolour Ver. will be offered as a mail order item in the 11/15 CoroCoro Aniki issue meant for an older audience than the regular CoroCoro magazine.

  • December 2016 - Draciel S.C.P (Central Press) will be included in the Random Booster Vol. 5, for 972 yen.

It is unknown so far how the regular Dragoon S.W.X will be released.

All remade Layers have slightly modified designs, as can be seen by this picture showing the old, Plastic model on the right and the new Burst remodel on the left:

[Image: CnUIOY9VIAAXp35.jpg]

TAKARA-TOMY has been extremely aware of the recent resurgence of activity from Bakuten Shoot Beyblade fans, from videos uploaded to YouTube to an increase in the number of tweets and online messages posted about that first generation of Beyblade. This is also why they made the conscious decision to open tournaments for all ages in Japan since the beginning of Beyblade Burst!

A golden logo has been created by TAKARA-TOMY to commemorate the re-releases; it reads "15th Beyblade Animation":

On July 2nd 2016, TAKARA-TOMY also opened a call for 100 people ages 16 and above to participate in a promotional video related to Beyblade Burst, most likely concerning this throwback to legendary Beyblades whose audience has now aged above the target audience for Beyblade Burst.

There’s been a ton of breaking Beyblade Burst news over the past few days, and now that we got our hands on this month’s CoroCoro — the monthly Japanese magazine that features Beyblade in it every month — so we thought it’d be helpful post a summary of everything. Warning: big images ahead, as these are full-sized magazine scans.

[Image: 425Hynl.jpg]

Here’s what we’re going to go over:
  • Xeno Xcalibur .M.I starter with Sword Launcher
  • Random Layer Collection Vol. 3
  • New Rare Bey Get Battle Prize, βaldur
  • Obelisk Odin .T.X booster
  • Beyblade Burst Driger S (!)

[Image: jGgR0LO.jpg]

We got our first detailed look at Xeno Xcalibur .M.I (Magnum Impact). Priced at ¥1,500, it’s slightly more expensive than the average Beyblade Burst starter set. Which makes sense, considering there’s nothing average about what’s inside:

[center][Image: 000320.png][/center]

As was previously known, Xeno Xcalibur is the first Layer to have a three-layer construction. A large golden sword, a clear red middle piece, and an icy-blue base that features several aggressive-looking spikes projecting outwards.

[Image: 000321.png]

[*]A new disk, Magnum, which is the first Disk to also feature an attached plastic layer. It’s impossible to guess how it will perform, but it seems clear that the idea is that the Disk can be used as a method of attack as well as the Layer.

[Image: 000322.png]

[*]Finally, the new Impact Driver features a Y-shaped rubber tip dissected by plastic. The image in CoroCoro depicts an unusual movement pattern, but of course, it’s impossible to draw any conclusions about its real-world performance before we get our hands on it.

[Image: B_48.png]

We also finally have some more information on the mysterious Sword Launcher and Sword Winder that come with Xeno Xcalibur. It appears to be similar in design to the winder-based Light Launcher, with a built in grip that the winder passes through. Evidently, rotating the Sword Winder will allow you to switch between “Power Mode” and “Control Mode.” We don’t currently know how each of these modes will function.

Xeno Xcalibur .M.I will be released early at the World Hobby Fair, with a general release on July 2nd.

[Image: OtX1U5s.png]

Also coming in early July is Random Layer Booster 3, featuring the prize Layer Jeir Jormungand, a green Evileye, red Yggdrasil, yellow Victory Valkyrie, and white Kaiser Kerberus. These are obtained in ¥400 vending machines in Japan, but some retailers do sell complete sets.

Arriving as a prize for the digital Rare Bey Get Battle is a new Dual Layer Beyblade, βaldur .β.β (Baldur written with the beta-symbol, as Amaterios was stylized with the alpha symbol as αmaterios αero αssault). Not much is known about it at this time, but we do have photos of all three of its parts available:

It will be available as the Rare Bey Get Battle prize on June 25th.

[Image: eWhxiXN.jpg]

This month’s release is Obelisk Odin .T.X. which releases on June 18th. Since Obelisk Odin was the prize of Random Layer Collection Vol. 2, it’s not a new part — nor is Xtreme, which debuted with Xcalibur Force Xtreme last December. The only new part is Triple, a round disk with three projections.

[Image: ObeliskOdin_TripleDisk.png]

However, this is the cheapest way to get Xtreme, a top-tier part that wears down over time. It’s also the cheapest Burst booster ever, being sold at a special promotional price of just ¥550 (compared to the regular price of ¥900).

[Image: R8HMdiR.jpg]

Finally, we come to what’s perhaps the most shocking news of the month. We’ve known for a while that a new chapter of the original Bakuten Shoot Beyblade manga — featuring old characters like Takao (Tyson) and Rei — but it was revealed this month that there will also be 100 Driger S Burst Beyblades produced, advertised with a darkened photo of what is unmistakably the original Driger S design remade as a Burst Beyblade.

Unfortunately, only 100 of these gold Driger S Burst Beyblades will be produced and given away as lottery prizes. It’s unknown whether it will ever be made more widely available. But we can all hope.

You can see all of our July 2016 CoroCoro scans here. Some stuff pictured not mentioned above:
  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze Victory Valkyrie .B.V that will be used as G1 tournament prizes
  • A spinning-center BeyStadium that will be used as the final stadium at World Hobby Fair 2016 G1 event
  • A black Xcalibur Layer that will be included with the August issue of CoroCoro
  • A new book, Beyblade Burst Victory Start Guide
  • A guide on how Variable's condition changes its movement speed

    Big thanks to @[Kai-V] for the scans.

Rise and shine World Bladers, it's that time of the year!

We got you doing a double-take already, right? That's correct, we're starting off with a surprise right off the bat: this year, BeyDays officially extends and spans over two weekends! Since we know that life doesn't allow everyone to be able to participate either on May 28th or 29th for various reasons (not to mention that our Anime North events monopolize the greatest Bladers and hosts in the North America East Coast each year), you will now have a second official weekend to be able to take part in this celebration of Beyblade and our Beyblading spirit!

To be fair with every region, each area can only organize BeyDays tournaments during one of the two weekends. Actually, nobody's stopping you from hosting events on all weekends, but for what follows just below, any exceeding tournaments won't be considered as being part of BeyDays festivities, unfortunately!

Without further ado, here is the plethora of events currently confirmed to take place around the world for BeyDays!

– May 28th –

[Image: ca.png] - Beyblade North 2016 (Burst) at Anime North in Toronto, ON

[Image: us.png] - Termibeytor 2: Judgement BeyDays at Darrell Shell Park in Roanoke, VA

– May 29th –

[Image: ca.png] - Beyblade North 2016 (HMS) at Anime North in Toronto, ON

[Image: ca.png] - Regional Limited Championship at Parc Lafontaine in Montréal, QC

[Image: in.png] - The Beyday FIRESTORM at Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai, India

– June 4th –

[Image: gb.png] - Beyblade Prime 2016 at Regent's Park in London, UK

[Image: us.png] - Bursting into the City at Hecksher Playground in New York, NY

[Image: us.png] - Before the Burst: LA GOES METAL at Grand Park in Los Angeles, CA

– June 5th –

[Image: us.png] - Maryland BeyDay 2016: Triple Format Threat at Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Silver Spring, MD

Participants of any WBO tournament that takes place during BeyDays will receive the Face of Days VII!

Check out if you live close to a tournament and post in the event topic to confirm your presence! Don't skip this opportunity, BeyDays tournaments are always the most memorable!

Don't see your region up there? It's not too late! Gather at least 7 local Bladers including yourself and submit an Event Proposal! Here are a few things that could help you...

Waived Credit Limit

As usual, all BeyDays events are exempt from the limit of Credits of 8 per weekend. That way, there's no limit to your dedication to Beyblade!

On top of that...

Waived Entry Fee for Emerging Areas

Any region that has been unable to host a tournament in the last 6 months will see the entry fee waived for its Bladers on this occasion!

Instagram Campaign: BeySelfie

To further commemorate the start of the official WBO Instagram account, we're inviting you to join a fun campaign: BeySelfie!

From now until June 6, post a selfie of yourself up on Instagram with something Beyblade-related to show your passion for the game. It could be one Beyblade, it could be you laying down in your sea of Beyblades, etc.

Be imaginative and wild, and one selfie will be picked randomly at the end of the campaign! Therefore, here are the few rules to follow to be eligible:
  • Keep the photograph appropriate for all ages
  • Incorporate something clearly Beyblade-related in your selfie
  • Only one entry per person
  • You must be following the official worldbeyblade Instagram account
  • Make sure to accompany your selfie with the following hashtags:

    #BeySelfie #WorldBeyblade

  • It's not required to enter, but you can also tag us in your post worldbeyblade!

The winner will receive...

A brand new Xcalibur Force Xtreme Gold Ver.!!

[Image: XcaliburForceXtreme_Goldcle.png]

Good luck to all Bladers in advance!

BeyLotto — Win Huge Prizes!

Yet again we're closing off BeyDays with a grand BeyLotto!

[Image: beylotto.png]

All participants in a BeyDays tournaments are automatically going to be entered in this crazy giveaway. Therefore, the more events you participate in, the more chances you have at winning a prize!

On top of that, a participation in the aformentioned BeySelfie Campaign will grant you one entry in the BeyLotto as well! No matter where you are, you can have a shot at the prizes!

As usual, Passport Holders are given the priority for the top prize, as thanks for their continued support!

All 30 picked winners will receive their choice of the following huge list of Face Boosters:

And for the physical prizes...

Grand Prize:

[Image: anythingyouwant.png]

2nd Prize:
Amaterios Aero Assault Black Ver. + WBO T-Shirt

[Image: IbEoM4N.png]

3rd Prize:
Random Layer Booster Vol. 1 & 2 + WBO T-Shirt

[Image: yWaZatS.png]

4th – 10th: Any Beyblade Burst Booster Starter or Booster

For the stupendous ~ANYTHING YOU WANT~, all we ask you is the usual: be reasonable in your choices (under $50 USD), explore the web to make sure it's actually obtainable, and please give us a list of three items you would like to get the most.

Submit tournament footage, gain extra BeyLotto entries!

On top of that, this year once again, if you film scenes at the BeyDays tournament you attend and put the footage together for the BeyChannel, you'll get an extra entry in the BeyLotto! Show us what your community's like and how intense the battles were!

If you have footage please follow the guidelines outlined here and send it to Kei. If you do not have enough footage to put together for a 2-4 minute video as is described in that thread, send the raw footage to Kei through a file sharing website instead.

So, what are your thoughts on BeyDays, and what are your thoughts on Beyblade? The past year has shaped a very bright future for our community and we certainly couldn't do much at all without you, so this is celebration of your Beyblade activity as well! Thank you!

The end of May hasn't come yet, but Happy BeyDays in advance from the whole WBO Committee!
Hey World Bladers!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve begun ranking tournaments for Beyblade Burst! As you all know, we started running ranked Beyblade Burst tournaments last year, but as of yet have not actually processed those rankings and put them live on the site. (Also, we ran into a show-stopping bug recently that delayed the launch of this even longer. Oops.)

That means that we have a huge backlog of tournaments to work through, but rest assured we’re going to get through all of them. For those of you who’ve battled in Burst tournaments already, please look forward to seeing your rank soon — I know I am, as well. Smile

Going to the Rankings section of the site will now default to Burst Rankings, but of course there is still an option to view rankings for Metal Fight Beyblade, and we’ll continue to host and process tournaments hosted in MFB formats.

With the introduction of Burst rankings, we’re taking an important — and frankly, overdue! — step into the future of the WBO. But it’s not the only step we're taking.

[Image: CjjORn0.jpg]

Some of you might have noticed that we’ve started using Instagram (follow us at instagram.com/worldbeyblade!). Additionally, we’re making more efforts to be active on Facebook and Twitter, and expand to other social networks where we can reach new Bladers!

To spearhead that effort, we’re happy to welcome @[cadney] to the WBO Committee. She’s a relatively new Blader, but her passion for the game and the community we’ve built here, along with her years of both personal and professional experience in community management, social media, and communications make her the perfect fit for the role.

But cadney isn’t the only Blader we’re adding to the Committee; prolific tournament host and general all-around-awesome member @[Angry Face] is also joining us! His role is a bit less clearly defined, but considering his experience with graphic design and the competitive Beyblade scene, we’re sure to find plenty for him to do Smile

Please join me in welcoming our two newest Committee members, and look forward to their contributions!
[Image: WBO_Zero_G_Beyblade_F230_CF_F230_GCF.jpg]

Finally, after almost a year in effect, the F230CF/GCF Trial Ban in the Zero-G Format has come to an end. But, what's the final verdict? Are we waving goodbye to the troublesome duo or are we giving them a probably not-so-warm welcome back?

If you played in any of the 10 events throughout the Trial Ban, you probably noticed how much fun the events were; no Blader ran the risk of being caught in F230CF/GCF's trap! While yes, they are indeed beatable, they are still — to this day — one of the most versatile setups to enter the game. With opinions from both the WBO staff and from you, the Blader community, we've come to the conclusion of keeping the F230CF and F230GCF duo banned! They will continue to be considered illegal in Zero-G Format Tournament play.

The decision may be final, but we're still super curious to hear your thoughts! If you have feedback on the ban, please post it here:

F230CF & F230GCF Trial Ban in Zero-G Format Discussion
Hey World Bladers!

To commemorate the upcoming release of a new Beyblade Burst system, Dual Layers, in April 2016, we thought it'd be fun to ask you to imagine one of the first four Beyblades before pictures of it actually get revealed! We did this for Bandid Genbull in 2012, remember?

Since we've already seen what Victory Valkyrie B.V. will look like, we challenge you to imagine what Storm Spriggan's design will be!

And you know what? The winner will obtain a free Storm Spriggan once it's released, woo! Of course, this wouldn't be a Face Contest if you couldn't win a Face Booster too!

You can find out more details about this Face Contest here:

The deadline is March 4th 2016.

Good luck!
[Image: 4dxt0.jpg]

The official English logo for Beyblade Burst has been revealed in the United States Patent and Trademark Office database, registered to d-rights — the official license manager of Beyblade.

To see this registered now suggests that plans for the series' international release are well underway. Unfortunately, we still don't know when that release will be. While various publications (particularly surrounding the live action movie announcement) pegged it at 2017, there doesn't seem to be a strong source for this.

A 2017 release would be comparable to the delay between Takara-Tomy's launch of Metal Fight Beyblade and Hasbro's release of Beyblade: Metal Fusion, but that can't necessarily be used to predict the future.

And while it's easy to assume so, we still don't have confirmation that Hasbro will actually be the company to pick up the distribution rights. Still, one thing's for certain: someday, somehow, Beyblade Burst will be hitting stores worldwide.
Hey World Bladers,

Today we're releasing our first rulebook for Beyblade Burst. It's available here and will be used for all Beyblade Burst events hosted by the WBO starting immediately.

What’s New

We’ve put in a lot of work towards streamlining these rules and making them easier to understand for Bladers of any skill level, in addition to helping tournaments go more smoothly. The biggest change made is the switch to mandatory double-blind selection; during the Beyblade selection phase of the match, both Bladers are to select their Beyblades in secret. The complicated stalling clause rule is no more.

Another meaningful addition is the Tournament Code of Conduct, which outlines what’s expected of Bladers participating in a WBO event. One of the reasons previous rulebooks were so big is that they were constantly being updated to react to ways that Bladers were attempting to exploit the rules. By simplifying them and clearly stating that attempts at circumventing them won’t be accepted, we’re trusting Bladers and judges to use their best judgement.

Other than that, the expectations are pretty basic: be nice, help new players, and keep the tournament running smoothly. Not very different from what you were already doing anyway, right?

One thing I would stress is that booing or taunting other Bladers isn’t OK, even if it’s meant as a joke. There’s no way to know if the other person is actually hurt by it and just trying to laugh it off, and it makes us look pretty bad to new Bladers and outsiders.

As with all rules in the WBO rulebooks, breaking them could lead to a suspension or ban from both the WBO website and tournaments — something we hate to do, but will do as necessary. So play fair and be good to your fellow Bladers!

Odin Layer Banned from WBO Tournaments

Since this is our first Burst rulebook release, it seemed fitting to take the opportunity to announce that we’ve decided to ban the Odin Layer from WBO tournaments. You can read the full discussion thread if you’re curious how we came to this decision, but I think the blurb in the rulebook sums it up nicely:

Quote:The Layer Odin is currently banned from use in World Beyblade Organization events due to its extremely high rate of victory compared to all other Layers in the game, when used in certain combinations. Due to its lack of reliable counters, the game became unhealthily centered around it.

This ban will be reviewed as new products are released.

We’re sincerely thankful for all of the feedback we received from the Blader community, which was invaluable in helping us reach this conclusion. There are definitely some who won’t be happy about this, but to be clear: none of us are happy to ban parts from formats that don’t normally restrict parts usage, so we’re hoping to bring Odin back into play as soon as a new release can bring balance to the game, or if some previously-undiscovered strategy comes to light.

You can continue to discuss the ban in the original thread.

Going Forward

You might’ve noticed that the new rules are on Google Docs. We’ll be using Google Docs for future documentation releases since it’s easy to update, distribute, and access from any device.

Rule changes that have been made for the Burst format don’t apply to other formats, but we may update those rulebooks in the future to be more in-line with this one.

And that’s it! Again, if you have thoughts on the new rules, feel free to post them in this thread.

Japanese forum now open!

  • Kei
  • Jan. 24, 2016  4:35 AM
Japanese forum now open!
Today we have an exciting announcement to make: the opening of the Japanese Forum!

As Beyblade’s birthplace, Japan has always held a massive importance. Yet, though so many of us import Beyblades from Japan and eagerly await news from Japan about new releases whenever a new series is active, the Japanese Beyblade community has always remained far removed from everything that we are trying to accomplish here on the WBO.

With the advent and prevalence of things like Youtube and Twitter since the original series launched so many years ago, we’ve gained the ability to come a little bit closer. But nevertheless, we’ve still remained separated. This is something that didn’t seem right given that we are, after all, called the World Beyblade Organization.

Recently, WBO member OkinawamTS informed us that he would be attending the World Hobby Fair Winter 2016 in Japan and would be happy to promote the WBO while wearing our t-shirts and handing out brand new, Japanese WBO Promo Cards. Because we didn’t want any Japanese people who visit the site to not have anywhere to go, we decided now is as good a time as ever to finally open a Japanese WBO Forum!

And thanks to ClaraM, who graciously agreed to translate some essential text for us, the forum is now ready! She will also be acting as the moderator for the forum. Thank you so much for your help!

Of course, the forum is for Japanese-speakers only, but please feel free to take a look at it here.

WBO x WARIBEY Tournament in Tokyo - April 3, 2016
Finally … not only would we like to encourage the growth of a Japanese community here on the forums, we’d also like to promote what arguably makes the WBO so special: our tournaments. And we’ve got one for you! Partnering with famous Japanese Beyblading team WARIBEY, we will be hosting a WBO x WARIBEY tournament on Sunday, April 3rd in Tokyo, Japan. Please stay tuned for more details in the official thread!

#ベイブレードバースト #ベイブレード #WBO #WARIBEY #わりべい

[Image: twitteric.png] @worldbeyblade [Image: facebookic.png] WorldBeybladeOrganization

Scavenger Hunt 2015 - Results!

  • Kai-V
  • Jan. 10, 2016  5:29 PM
After much suspense and speculation, it's time to reveal the results of the Scavenger Hunt!!

First of all, the whole team would like to thank you for participating so actively. You guys clearly had a passion and it was so pleasant to see you all hard at work!


We'll start by giving the answers for the questions. The success rate for this year's bunch was quite high, so good job to all, some almost free points!
  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: List all the Committee Members, retired and active, as well as the date on which they were added to the staff team Admittedly, this question should have been worth more, but the trick was really to look at list of of Members who had received the Face of Soul and just look back a few days prior to when they had gotten it to find the date of their introduction to the Committee. Alternatively, just look at the first post of some of our announcement topics. After that, there were just around five exceptions you had to work more for, but it was totally doable. Here's what should be the complete list:

    Bey Brad - Dec 4th 2008, Aug 14th 2015
    Kai-V - April 27th 2009
    Kei - Dec 4th 2008
    Synesthesia - Dec 4th 2008
    G - Dec 4th 2008
    Blader DJ - Dec 4th 2008
    Khel - March 30th 2009
    Guardian Odin - March 30th 2009
    theflightyellz - May 5th 2010
    Rocky - June 2nd 2009
    Hiro Ayami - August 30th 2009
    Yugi Jyudai - August 30th 2009, December 5th 2009
    Serotonin - Dec 17th 2009
    Arupaeo - December 5th 2011
    Hazel - December 5th 2011
    LMAO - August 27th 2015
    Naijalak - June 26th 2014
    Uwik - January 27th 2013
    The Boss - June 4th 2015
    Blitz - June 20th 2011
    ZenX - Jan 09 2009
    Aqua - Dec 17th 2009
    Daegor42 - Jan 8th 2011

    Also remember that the Committee was technically only introduced when Beywiki got turned into the World Beyblade Organization, even though some of the above Members have been part of the staff since almost the beginning of Beywiki.

  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: "Who once vandalized Beywiki's content?" Blader:Kenny

  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: "Where does our use of 'carp' as a word filter come from?" Blader:Kenny's FIGHTING ANIMALS topic. It started with "Ginta said carp", but I am not certain it should be linked to hah.

  • Find the fact on Beywiki!: "What are all the languages covered by Beywiki's database?" For this, we accepted two sets of answers : either just Beywiki's four languages (English, French, Turkish and Italian), since the question did say "Beywiki's database", or Beyblade Wiki's full list of languages, but English and Turkish needed to be added to the long list since technically Beywiki has already merged with Beyblade Wiki even if the articles have not all been moved yet : English, Deutsch, Español, Русский, Polski, Français, Italiano, Português, Chamoru, Ελληνικά, עברית, Bahasa Indonesia, 日本語, Nederlands, ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬, Português do Brasil, Tiếng Việt, 中文.

  • Find the fact on Beywiki: Name four Beyblades that only have up to 100 units released. There were many good answers, but the most common were : Legend Beyblade Set, Gryph Dragooon SA165WSF, Valkyrie Wing Accel Black Knight Ver., etc. Wyvern DJ Gold Ver. apparently had 400 copies, so it couldn't be accepted!

  • Find the fact on Beywiki: "What months and years did each of the three Beyblade generations' toyline AND anime begin?" This is the full list :
    Bakuten Shoot Beyblade toyline : July 1999, anime : January 2001
    Metal Fight Beyblade toyline : August 2008, anime : April 2009
    Beyblade Burst toyline : July 2015, anime : April 2016

  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: Name one account that was deleted from the World Beyblade Organization. This question was kindly donated by Hato, who also humbly decided to remove himself from the contest to avoid any conflict of interest! The best answer was DormantSpirit, which we discussed more than once even years after the act, but there was also Flaming Tiger. Essentially, deleted accounts have posts with black usernames.

  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: "what was the quest for?" Also donated by Hato! The answer was Quetz, from "The Quest for Quetz", our first Blader Rewards campaign!

  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: "What was the name of the Beyblade series that could have been released after Beyblade G Revolution?" Another donation from Hato! It was "Beyblade Insect".

  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: Name two other alternative links for the World Beyblade Organization. We had a few that we are actually going to get rid off, but some of them are : worldbeyblade.net, worldbeyblade.com, beywiki.com, beyblademetalfury.com, etc.

Hopefully you're not biting the interior of your cheeks too much after seeing how simple some of these questions were, but it's all for fun anyway!

Prizes and... Winners!

Before moving on to the real meat of this post, here's a remainder of all the Face Boosters you can get in exchange for the points you earned, not to mention the Anniversary Face 2015 that you will automatically receive if you succeeded in reaching at least three points! [Image: anniversaryface2015.png] Leave us some more time to distribute them though, that busy life!

No matter whether you already won a prize and a Face Booster VIVID with it or if you didn't reach the top 10, as long as you've got the points, you can ask for the following Face Boosters:

Face Booster VIVID [Image: faceboostervivid.png] for 8 points:

For 6 points each.
The fresh-off-the-stove Face Booster DRIVER for 6 Points!

And these, 5 points each:

Let's start off with the runner-ups, who participated in the contest but sometimes just fell short of making it in the top to get physical prizes:

ZachBob : 14
Raiyanblader : 13
MissingNo. : 13
Aaryanbitw : 12
RagerBlade : 11
Manicben : 11
@[Harrydestructor] : 10
UGottaCetus : 9
pyrus10000 : 8
Myth : 7
Stars : 7

[]Jonahblader13 : 6[/s]
Tri : 6
Thunder Dome : 6
Morkad : 4
Dr. Shrek : 4
Critanium : 4
Fhfhfhfhfhfh : 4
Mister389 : 4
KM4ADB : 4
Rupesh : 4
Shannon_gorai : 4
Yashpinto : 4
Shawn_dranzer : 4
Astle-d : 4
Loyvain : 4
Leeboy_gorai : 4
Robin_17 : 4
Valerai : 4
TheSupremeOne : 4
Zoroaste : 4
Lani : 4
ThermalG : 4
BAWB18 : 4
Suntailhawk : 4
U wot m8 : 4
Yenruo : 4
Geetster99 : 4
OnTheDL : 4
Tech : 4
Blackboard : 4
Beylord-01 : 4
Beymaster15963 : 4
Greninja Master : 4
RazSharpie : 4
Stars Dad : 4
TheRealLibra : 4
top beyblader10 : 4
Dark_Mousy : 4
DefStamina88 : 4
Regina.Marie : 4
Titan Tite : 4
EthanQ42 : 4
Flame~Capricorn : 3
UltimateOrion : 3
Festive Cake : 3
Leone 19 : 3
Absolute : 2
U wot m8 : 2
Zeo kurogane : 2
StormJupiter : 2
coopatruth : 2
Wizard : 1
Adnan4 : 1
Callum cooper : 0

Great job you guys! As you'll see, some of you were super close, so this is heart-wrenching, but you're still eligible to Face Boosters, so may all the BeyLuck be with you for you to get the Faces you want the most!

Now, as for the physical prizes, we do have a surprise! Thanks to generous donations, we were able to add three extra prizes! Thank Cannon for a Burst Launcher Grip and BeyLauncher and Hato for a Beyblade Legends Twisted Tempo! These guys make all the difference!

And the winners are...

  • 13th Place: Beyblade Burst Launcher Grip

With fourteen points... Maximum Dranzer!

  • 12th Place: Beyblade Burst BeyLauncher

With fourteen points... @[JesseObre]!

  • 10th-11th Places: 3D-printed Plastic Attack Rings by Naijalak + Face Booster VIVID

With fourteen points as well... Get Rekt!

And with fifteen points... @[Neo]!

  • 9th Place: Hasbro Beyblade Legends Twisted Tempo 145WD

With seventeen points... vikrambeyblade!

  • 8th Place: B-30 Starter Spriggan Spread Fusion + Face Booster VIVID

At seventeen points... xVaretyr!

  • 7th Place: B-29 Starter Valkyrie Wing Accel + Face Booster VIVID

With a total of twenty-four points... Wombat!

  • 6th Place: B-18 Booster Odin Central Blow + Face Booster VIVID

With twenty-seven points... Angry Face!

  • 5th Place: WBO T-Shirt (color of your choice) + Face Booster VIVID

With thirty-six points... ashton pinto!

  • 3rd-4th Place: B-23 Starter Xcalibur Force Xtreme + Face Booster VIVID

Coincidentally with forty-two points each... Time and DRAGON KING EX!

  • 1st-2nd Places: B-21 OR B-22 Beyblade Custom Set + Face Booster VIVID

With a grand total of forty-three and forty-nine points respectively... the big winners are *Ginga* and 1234beyblade!!!

Awesome job to all of you, you really deserve it!

To claim a prize, send a private message to Kei.

If you want to exchange your points for Face Boosters, post your choices in this thread and we'll roll out all of those Faces in waves, as soon as possible.

Please give everyone a big round of applause, this has been a crazy month, but hopefully everyone finds it worthwhile!

Stay tuned for more big announcements for the community later on!
[Image: Bg5NjW6.jpg]

WBO t-shirts are finally available! People have been asking for these for a while now, but we wanted to make sure that when we finally did it, we did it right. And here's the details:
  • the brand-new WBO logo printed via direct-to-garment technology
  • comes in men's, women's, and youth sizes
  • in three awesome colours: white, black, and dark gray
  • printed on 100% ringspun cotton, Alternative Apparel t-shirts (Gildan for youth sizes)

These aren't lame giveaway-quality t-shirts. These are the real deal. I feel good about wearing mine. Smile

Each shirt costs $25 USD. All proceeds from these sales go straight back into the World Beyblade Organization, and we use that money to keep the site up, give away awesome prizes through Blader Rewards, host special contests like the Scavenger Hunt, and build new features for the site.

As thanks for your support, you'll receive the Shirt Face for your first purchase!

[Image: shirtface.png]

A big thank you to anyone who decides to pick one of these up. Feel free to post your feedback and your coolest Blader style in this thread. Smile

Happy anniversary, World Bladers!

Thanks for being here, on the 7th anniversary of the World Beyblade Organization. Whether you just joined the site today or you’ve been here the whole seven years we’ve been around, we’re really grateful that you’re a part of the community. We’ve got a few really cool things to talk about, but let’s start with the one thing you’ve probably already noticed:

[Image: cJJiyYw.jpg]

Designed by former Committee member theflightyellz and refined by Kei, the brand new WBO logo replaces the original one designed by myself seven years ago. This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while, and this seemed like the perfect time to do it – not only is it our anniversary, but it sets the stage for all of the other projects we’re working on for 2016 and beyond … like a real site redesign. Smile

Having a new logo also enables us to do something we’ve wanted to do for a long time …

[Image: Bg5NjW6.jpg]

Many of you have been asking us to make WBO t-shirts available to everyone for a long time, and now we have! And these are seriously nice shirts: we’re using 100% ringspun cotton tees from Alternative Apparel and printing on them using direct-to-garment technology.

I wanted to be proud of whatever shirt we finally produced for everybody. And I'm very happy to say these deliver.

WBO t-shirts are available in both men’s and women’s sizes and come in white, black, and dark gray for $25 USD each. You’ll also receive the T-Shirt Face with your first purchase!

[Image: shirtface.png]
HD remake coming 2016.

As always, all proceeds from these sales will go towards funding WBO activities – and with all of the huge stuff we’re working on, your support is greatly appreciated.

(Event organizers: If you're interested in doing a group order on behalf of your community, you can save a ton on shipping by ordering everyone's at once. Let me know if you need help!)

face booster αlpha disappears January 1st

[Image: nmGIuW5.png]

Speaking of support: don’t forget that our limited time donation present, face booster αlpha, is availably only until January 1st, 2016! Don’t miss your chance to get these awesome Faces commemorating the release of Beyblade Burst, and help us build the future of the Beyblade community in the process.

WBO Beylogger inserts

[Image: gJmYwl1.jpg]

T-shirts aren’t the only way to show off your Blader style: Angry Face has designed a special series of BeyLogger inserts to commemorate our new logo! Just print the PDF, cut them out, and insert them into your BeyLogger.

Scavenger Hunt 2015

The long-awaited Scavenger Hunt is back, with new quests that will test your dedication to Beyblade!

For those of you who have never participated, the Scavenger Hunt will task you with performing various tasks in the Beyblade community, like hosting or competing in tournaments, making videos and posts about Beyblade, answering trivia questions, or even just sharing the love of Beyblade with your friends.

In the spirit of looking towards the future, this year’s Scavenger Hunt prizes include some currently-unreleased Beyblade Burst items, like Xcalibur Force Xtreme!

Scavenger Hunt participants will get the first shot at the latest Faces contained within Face Booster DRIVER!

And of course, for 3 scavenger points, the Anniversary Face 2015 will be yours!

Learn more and get started in the dedicated Scavenger Hunt thread.

Free entry from December 12th to December 20th!

To help as many regions as possible come out to play even in winter, we're giving you a freebie: the entry fee will be waived from December 12th to December 20th!

You can still purchase a Blader Passport for upcoming events, but really, just have fun and get together!

Awakening Amaterios Prize Campaign

[Image: hSC9Tqh.gif]

Awaken the legendary Beyblade Amaterios Aero Assault – and claim it as your own!

Prove your strength as a Blader by winning the most consecutive battles in a WBO Burst-format tournament to win an exclusive Face, the Shard of Amaterios. Collect 3 Shards of Amaterios to summon the legendary Beyblade straight to your doorstep.

The Awakening Amaterios campaign is valid for all WBO Burst-format tournaments starting January 1, 2016. We’ll reveal the Shard of Amaterios around that time. Awakening Amaterios tournaments are limited to 1 per month per region, and there are multiple Amaterios available to win.

A big thank you to Hato for generously donating one of his Amaterios to us, and helping us get this campaign started. Smile

Blader Rewards: Wave 5

Amaterios isn’t the only Burst Beyblade making its way into the WBO prize roster: various Beyblade Burst items are now available under the Blader Rewards program! Unlike previous updates, we won’t be resetting Credits this time, so if you’ve been saving up for a while, now would be a good time to go shopping. Wink

Find out more about Awakening Amaterios and the new Blader Rewards in the dedicated thread.

November Passport Holder Giveaway Winner

And the winner of Stars' B-17 Odin Central Blow is...


~Thunder~! Congrats! Claim your prize by contacting Kai-V and we will make sure you receive it as soon as possible.

And thanks again to Stars for the generous donation!

The Future

As we enter the eighth year of the World Beyblade Organization’s existence, the future looks somehow more promising than ever. Certainly, the fact that there is finally another active Beyblade series helps, as does the promise of its nearly-inevitable international release.

But what’s most encouraging is the immense strength of this community after seven years of ups-and-downs. We’re in a better position than we’ve ever been to do some amazing things, so be sure to stick around. Wink
There's no breaking traditions: the Scavenger Hunt 2015 is on!

To those who are new to the concept, all you need to do is to achieve one of the goals or find one of the answers in the list below to gain points. Those points rank you up against other Members, and the top scorers will win physical prizes. But no worries: almost everyone ends up with Face Boosters as well!

Once you think you've found a correct answer or if you've done one of the achievements, simply send a private message to Kai-V with the proof of it. To start off, while we gauge how busy this year's Scavenger Hunt will keep us, we will not straight away let you know if the answer to a question is good. Therefore, be sure to take your time and research your answer to verify that it's correct before sending it, but you can't share answers with others!

A scoreboard will be posted at least once midway into the Scavenger Hunt period, to let you know if you need to work more to get higher. You have until January 4th 2016 11:59:59 PM EST to send your proofs of your achievements and your answers. That means that anything sent afterwards, even if it was technically achieved before January 4th, will unfortunately not count.

Without further ado, here's what you can get out of this Scavenger Hunt!


Here are all the prizes you can win if you reach the top of the scoreboard!

  • 1st-2nd Places: B-21 OR B-22 Beyblade Custom Set + Face Booster VIVID

  • 3rd-4th Place: B-23 Starter Xcalibur Force Xtreme + Face Booster VIVID

  • 5th Place: WBO T-Shirt (color of your choice) + Face Booster VIVID

  • 6th Place: B-18 Booster Odin Central Blow + Face Booster VIVID

  • 7th Place: B-29 Starter Valkyrie Wing Accel + Face Booster VIVID

  • 8th Place: B-30 Starter Spriggan Spread Fusion + Face Booster VIVID

  • 9th-10th Places: 3D-printed Plastic Attack Rings by Naijalak + Face Booster VIVID

Actually, who knows what Santa Claus has up its sleeves; maybe some other prizes are stuck in there! Stay tuned!

As you can see, the exclusive Face Booster VIVID [Image: faceboostervivid.png] is back on this special occasion, and you can get one if you can gather at least 8 points in this Scavenger Hunt!

Additionally, once you've gathered 3 points at least, you will automatically receive the marvelous Anniversary Face 2015!! [Image: anniversaryface2015.png]

Even if you can't reach the top 10, don't worry, you can also exchange your points for Face Boosters! Here's what's needed:

These Face Boosters will cost 6 points each.
The brand new Face Booster DRIVER will also be available for 6 Credits!

And these, 5 points each:
And even those who reach the top 10 and win physical prizes can exchange their points for Face Boosters!

Goals & Questions

As mentioned, this is the mix of achievements and questions you can answer to gain points:
  • Host or participate in at least one approved tournament (4 Points)
  • Get four (new) of your referrals to Like the official WBO Facebook Page (2 Points)
  • Earn four (new) valid referrals and have them sign up on the BeyMap where they live (3 Points)
  • Get a photograph of at least four people playing Beyblade, with a big sign saying "Happy Anniversary WBO! " (3 Points)
  • Write a sensible draft for a part not already published on Beywiki (3 Points)
  • Write an article for Beywiki about one of the World Beyblade Organization's tournaments, recounting the number of participants that attended it, who won, what format was used, etc. Of course, priority for certain events should be given to its participants, if any are still active. There are over 500 tournaments in our history though, more than enough to choose from! (2 Points)
  • Share a Beywiki article (requires proof such as a screenshot) (1 Point)
  • Share a BeyChannel video (requires proof such as screenshot) (1 Point)
  • Receive an additional, new Face (2 Points)
  • Be the first to find the "____ Face" hidden around the site each week (2 Points)
  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: List all the Committee Members, retired and active, as well as the date on which they were added to the staff team (2 Points)
  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: "Who once vandalized Beywiki's content?" (1 Point)
  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: "Where does our use of 'carp' as a word filter come from?" (1 Point)
  • Find the fact on Beywiki!: "What are all the languages covered by Beywiki's database?" (1 Point)
  • Take an artistic photograph of a Beyblade and share it on social media with a link to the World Beyblade Organization. (2 Points)
  • Upload a video to Youtube discussing what you like the most about the World Beyblade Organization. If you've already done that previously, upload a video about where you imagine the World Beyblade Organization in a few years, knowing our history. (2 Points)
  • Upload a video of you trying to explain Beyblade customization to a kid younger than 5 years old. (2 Points) If you can and if you're game, add a segment right after where you try to do the same thing but to an adult. (2 Points)
  • Upload a video to Youtube showing your experience at an Official WBO Organized Play Event and post it on the WBO and share it on social media (requires proof such as a screenshot, minimum length: 2 minutes). (3 Points)
  • Upload a video to Youtube showcasing a complete BeyBattle from an Official WBO Organized Play Event with commentary from you/players regarding the match-up/outcome on the video or in the post. Post it on the WBO and share it on social media (requires proof such as a screenshot). (3 Points)
  • Upload a video showing your Beyblade workout (joke or not)! (2 points)
  • Upload an album of photos from a Official WBO Organized Play Event and post them on the WBO in the appropriate tournament thread. Example. (1 Point)
  • Post a tournament report in the appropriate event thread or in the WBO Organized Play Random Thoughts topic. (2 Points)
  • Submit a BeyChannel-ready tournament video to the WBO. Details on how to do so can be found here (Limit: one video per tournament. If you collaborate with another member in editing/shooting footage, we can potentially split the points and award two to each member). (4 Points)
  • Contribute to the Beywiki Project of the Moment: Back to the roots or any of the previous Projects of the Moment! Contributions must be substantial, such as photographs of at least five boxes for the Project of the Moment: Photograph all these boxes and put them away for good! (2 Points)
  • Find the fact on Beywiki: Name four Beyblades that only have up to 100 units released. (2 points)
  • Find the fact on Beywiki: "What months and years did each of the three Beyblade generations' toyline AND anime begin?" (3 points)
  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: Name one account that was deleted from the World Beyblade Organization. (1 point)
  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: "what was the quest for?" (1 point)
  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: "What was the name of the Beyblade series that could have been released after Beyblade G Revolution?" (1 point)
  • Find the fact on worldbeyblade.org: Name two other alternative links for the World Beyblade Organization. (1 point)

Like for the prizes, we'll try to add more challenges and questions along the way. It'll be super easy to get more points, you'll see!

We'll hide the first Face shortly, be on the lookout for updates in this thread!

The rules are set, the prizes are at the end of the road; now it's up to you guys! May the best Blader Spirit win! Good luck to all of you!

Blader Rewards 5th Wave

  • Kai-V
  • Dec. 04, 2015  10:13 PM
On time for the WBO Anniversary 2015, we're presenting the 5th wave of Blader Rewards, as well as a new campaign!

These Blader Reward prizes can be obtained by accumulating Credits. Everytime you play in one of the World Beyblade Organization's approved tournaments, you get Credits based on how well you performed and if you placed. You get them as follows:

For getting the 1st place in a tournament: +3
For getting the 2nd place in a tournament: +2
For getting the 3rd place in a tournament: +1
For winning the majority of your matches: +1
Organising a tournament: +1
Participating in a tournament: +1

However, if the event is small and has only seven participants, the Credits that you can gain are reduced:

For getting the 1st place in a tournament: +2
Organising a tournament: +1
Participating in a tournament: +1

Credits are added manually by staff members whenever the tournament you participated in gets processed, so just hang tight if you don't see them in your profile yet!

And these are all the Blader Rewards, but we might add a few later on!

Legend Beyblade Set + Prize Hunter Face - 130 Credits (1 in stock)
Spriggan Spread Fusion Black Ver. + Prize Hunter Face - 90 Credits (1 in stock)
Lightning L. Drago 100HF Kyokuryuu Ver. (Coro Coro Limited Edition) + Prize Hunter Face - 90 Credits (2 in stock)
BBG-24 Ultimate Synchrom DX Set (Attack & Balance) - 65 Credits
BBG-25 Ultimate Synchrom DX Set (Defense & Stamina) - 65 Credits
B-18 VS Battle Set - 62 Credits

BB-96 Beyblade Super Deck Set - 57 Credits (1 in stock)
B-08 Start Dash Set - 55 Credits
B-09 Beystadium Standard Type - 50 Credits
Jiraiya MS - 48 Credits
Dark Knight Dragooon LW160BSF Limited Golden Dragon Model - 45 Credits
Aero Knight MS - 40 Credits
Beyblade Rev Up Launcher - 40 Credits
Beyblade Burst DX Starter of your choice - 38 Credits
Advance Striker MS - 38 Credits
B-48 Starter Xeno Xcalibur Magnum Impact - 34 Credits
Advance Averazer MS - 34 Credits
Trident Heavy Claw - 34 Credits
Beylauncher LR (Grey) - 33 Credits
Ray Unicorno D125CS Aurora Ver. - 33 Credits
Beyblade Burst Starter of your choice (w/BeyLauncher, ex: Wyvern Armed Massive, Xcalibur Force Xtreme, etc.) - 32 Credits
Beyblade Burst Starter of your choice (w/Light Launcher, ex: Ragnaruk Heavy Survive, Deathscyther Oval Accel, Yggdrasil Ring Gyro, etc.) - 29 Credits
VariAres D:D Mars Red Ver. - 27 Credits
Seaborg (used) - 25 Credits
B-49 Random Booster Vol. 3 Yaeger Yggdrasil .G.Y - 22 Credits
Mercury Anubis 85XF Brave Ver. - 22 Credits (2 in stock)
Bakushin Susanow 90WF Eclipse Ver. - 20 Credits
BB-118 Phantom Orion B:D - 20 Credits
Beyblade Burst Booster of your choice (ex: Valkyrie Spread Survive, Odin Central Blow, etc.) - 19 Credits
B-16 Beylauncher RED - 15 Credits
BBG-15 Metal Stone Faces - 12 Credits
Big Bang Pegasis Parts Set - 12 Credits
Gachapon Random Layer - 8 Credits

Bit Booster GENERATIONS I – 7 Credits
Bit Booster GARNET – 5 Credits
Bit Booster AZURITE – 5 Credits
Bit Booster VIVID – 5 Credits
Stone Bit Booster AMETHYST - 4 Credits
Stone Bit Booster SAPPHIRE - 4 Credits
Stone Bit Booster EMERALD - 4 Credits
Stone Bit Booster RUBY - 4 Credits
Stone Bit Booster ONYX - 4 Credits
Bit Booster JET - 4 Credits
Bit Booster PEARL - 4 Credits
Bit Booster CRIMSON - 3 Credits
Bit Booster AZURE - 3 Credits
Bit Booster AMBER - 3 Credits
Bit Booster VIOLET - 3 Credits
Bit Booster JADE - 3 Credits
Bit Booster DIAMOND - 2 Credits

Once you have reached the number of Credits that make you eligible for the prize you are aiming for, simply send one of the Committee Members a private message with your full name, address, and phone number as soon as possible to reserve your Blader Reward. We will ship it to you shortly after that. You really have to wait until your Credits are added in your profile though, you can't calculate based on upcoming, unprocessed tournament results!

And remember: for the 5th wave of Blader Rewards, there's no issue of resetting Credits, so go all out and good luck to everyone on this crazy race!

Yo World Bladers,

The Odin Layer has become a staple in the current Burst metagame, and it just so happens that your fellow community member Stars generously donated a B-17 Booster Odin Central Blow just for you guys! If you're a Passport Holder, please post once in this thread to be entered in the November 2015 giveaway for a chance to win this really cool Beyblade!

Bladers who post in this thread and do not possess a Blader Passport will have their posts immediately deleted.

To make things even better, we will also throw in one Face Booster for the winner!
This contest will run for seven days until November 23rd, 11:59:59PM EST. Any Passport Holders who post after that date/time will not be entered. The winners will be announced shortly after the date has passed and will have their prize shipped to them free of charge!

Good luck everyone!

Beywiki merges with Beyblade Wiki!

  • Kai-V
  • Oct. 03, 2015  8:00 PM
We at the WBO are proud to announce the next step in our mission of spreading awareness of Beyblade and giving Bladers the information they need to reach their maximum potential: Beyblade Wiki is now the official wiki platform of the WBO, and we will be merging all Beywiki articles and assets into it.

Why are we doing this?

We believe it’s a great move for us as an organization, and will prove enormously beneficial to the Beyblade community at large. Beyblade Wiki’s increased reach will ensure that the amazing research conducted here at the WBO will reach a much larger community of Bladers.

And with our host migration having left our own Beywiki in a pretty poor state, there’s never been a better time to move on to greener pastures.

This isn’t just the perfect time for us, either; Beyblade Wiki has been recently undergoing major positive changes at the hands of ~Mana~, who was thrilled at the opportunity to work together on creating the best Beyblade encyclopedia possible. None of this would be happening without his generosity and co-operation, so please show him your full appreciation!

Join the Wiki Team

From simple fixes to all-new pages, we have an unsurprisingly long list of work to do — but we’re optimistic we can get it done in record time, thanks to some updating editing procedures and more flexible approval processes.

But we’re still going to need a ton of help, so we’re building a dedicated Wiki Team to help us not only move our existing content to Beyblade Wiki, but also regularly write, review, and approve article drafts before they go live.

Help us build the best Beyblade encyclopedia we can. Send me a private message if you’re interested in joining the Wiki Team!

What's changing
  • In case it wasn't clear, it's really Beywiki merging into the Beyblade Wiki, so it'll be hosted entirely over at Wikia.

  • Anybody can write and publish articles, as per Wikia's values. This means that it is no longer strictly necessary to post drafts in the Beyblade Wiki forum before publishing them to the Wiki.

    However, frequent contributors are still expected to discuss their findings in that forum before publishing their articles. Additionally, as we will be aggressively editing and moderating edits for new releases and popular articles, you might end up wasting a ton of time if you try to do it alone.

  • Articles that are still being heavily researched by the community — like upcoming or new releases — will come with a note saying that all findings are provisional.

  • Once an article on the Wiki feels what we reach is a "complete" state, we will lock it to prevent abuse. We will unlock articles if new information comes to light.

While this list focuses on hobby-related articles, we’ll still be developing the anime and manga-related sections of Beyblade Wiki, so feel free to contribute there too!

A new approach: part-specific articles

Since the beginning, we’ve been writing articles strictly on a Beybade-by-Beyblade basis. While this did reduce the number of drafts that had to be reviewed, it created some issues:
  • To write a single article took a large investment of time;
  • Too many articles piled up in the review queue;
  • The release of new parts could prevent entire articles from being published;
  • Over time, two different Beyblade articles with a shared part could end up having completely different descriptions for those parts.

We've been looking for ways to fix all of those issues for a while, and cornerstone contributor Nocto has presented us with the perfect method to use: part-specific articles!

Instead of writing articles about entire Beyblades, we’re changing our approach to reflect the way the game is actually played and researched: part-by-part.

Maybe you’re not comfortable writing an entire article about Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF. But maybe you can explain how Death works, and in what types of customizations it’s useful.

Parts will be stored as their own articles, and larger Beyblade articles will automatically pull in the content for each part from those articles. This way, not only does each part and each Beyblade gets its own article, but if information on a part changes, it can be updated across every Beyblade article at once.

Anybody can help!

Sure, if you think about it, this merge might seem really complex and perhaps even 'impossible', but it's far from that! In fact, we've started making a list of articles Beywiki has and separating them into different categories to make it easier to know what to do with them. So, let's start with establishing that first, and then just doing the work, instead of scrambling everywhere.

Here's all the B articles to give you an example:

Categorized B- list (Click to View)

All Italian, Turkish and French versions should be transfered as-is on the Beyblade Wikia!

That's only the list of articles starting with B that we had on Beywiki. So, do you still think it's a mountain of work? Surely not! We will post the other letter lists soon, but you can also help by just choosing a letter and comparing the versions of common articles and post the lists you make in the Beywiki Project forum!

And of course, we'll also need help to actually make the changes after the articles have been categorized!

To help with filtering articles from both sites and categorizing them properly, please post here:

If you can help us move the articles, whether by simply copying and pasting them or merging Beyblade Wiki's and Beywiki's versions together, here are the two topics to know where to start and what to do:

All significant contributors will be rewarded with the Peridot Face [Image: peridotface.png]! That's how you know someone's really gone out of their way to help the community!

Infinite thanks in advance to all people who will help in one way or another! This is a huge opportunity in so many ways, and it's time to take Beywiki to another level, all together!

If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to post them right here, we'll be happy to answer!

Without further ado, we'll pass the mic to the guy without whom this would all be impossible: ~Mana~!!
face booster αlpha is no longer available. A big thank you to everyone who donated!

If you want to support the WBO, check out our t-shirts!

[Image: faceboosteralpha_ann.png]

Hey World Bladers!

We're super excited to introduce face booster αlpha, a beautiful Face Booster series designed by Kei and Kai-V in a style that brings the best of Burst to the WBO's Face Collection.

The WBO's continued existence can be owed to the fact that the Beyblade community is an exceptionally generous one. Donations from Bladers who love what we do have been fundamental to reaching milestones like the BeyPoint System, Blader Rewards, and BeyDays — not to mention day-to-day workings of hosting and managing the site.

The launch of Beyblade Burst does more than just give us the chance to grow the community again and continue running events; it gives us the chance to do more incredible stuff for all of you.

To create a better online community. To give everyone the resources to become a better player. To give you the best events — or to help you run the best events.

But at the moment when we most need to move quickly and excellently, we're ailed by extremely limited funds and an aging platform that is in dire need of some developer love-and-care.

So, straight-up: we need more money than we have to deliver all the great stuff we're working on. We'd like to ask you to help us if you can.

In return ...

As thanks for your donation, you'll receive the latest-and-obviously-greatest in the lineage of donation Faces, face booster αlpha. Beyblade Burst's style was much more difficult to adapt to the Face Collection than any Beyblade series before, but Kai-V did an excellent job with the line-art, and Kei masterfully compressed the complex designs down to a beautiful (and high-DPI!) series of wearable art ... for your profile.

[Image: 6JNfoHw.png]
face booster αlpha
available until january 1, 2016

▪ $5 donation : 1 booster
▪ $10 donation : 3 boosters

results are random

[Image: TE8gHbm.png][Image: NNxxnmN.png][Image: aWPAjkD.png][Image: ePjkSib.png]
valkyrie, spriggan, ragnaruk, kerbeus

[Image: c7mKSOf.png]
(ultra rare)

[Image: TE8gHbm.png][Image: NNxxnmN.png][Image: aWPAjkD.png][Image: ePjkSib.png][Image: c7mKSOf.png]
legendary αlpha set
available until january 1, 2016

▪ $40 donation : complete set + exclusive face

For those of you who would like to make a legendary contribution, we'll thank you by giving you the complete face booster αlpha series, along with an exclusive face with the the only rarity we could think to describe you:

[Image: WIVB77v.png]
black knight valkyrie

How to Donate

face booster αlpha was available until January 1, 2016. It is no longer available.