The World Beyblade Ranking System is Back!

Our worldwide ranking system for pariticipants of WBO Organized Play Beyblade tournaments has regrettably been out of commission for some time now due to problems which occurred after the launch of our new site design on our eighth anniversary. But we’re happy to announce that the ranking system is now working again!

Ranking System Updates Overview
  • New Ranking System Features – Winner/Loser Text Fields, Organizer Pre-Processing, Event Page Winners Display
  • Working Through the Queue – Prioritization, Credits, Pacing

New Ranking System Features
We have more features coming in the near future relating to our ranking system (battle profiles and notifications for tournaments near you, to name a couple), but with this latest update some key new features have now been added which will make processing events much easier and quicker for everybody.

Previously, each battle for each tournament required the winner and the loser to be manually input on the back-end of the site, accessible only to administrators. This has made for an enormous amount of work for the WBO Committee over the years. It was inefficient.

Winner/Loser Text Fields
With this new system, winners can be pasted into one column and losers into another column, allowing for all matches to be added essentially instantly for review before approval.

Organizer Pre-Processing
A “Winners” button will now appear for Organizers on their event page (not other event pages created by someone else) below its main description after their event has passed.

[Image: lPzTxCT.png]

This will allow them to pre-process their results directly to our system after completing and posting their results spreadsheet. The results will not be added to the rankings immediately as we still need to do a final review to ensure everything is correct, but Organizers who choose to do this will help speed up the process for everyone immensely. And it will only take an extra couple minutes to do.

[Image: uHrUWL8.png]
Pre-Processing “Winners” Screen. Visible only to Organizers on their Event Page after their event has passed. Organizers can simply copy and paste the winners and losers from their results spreadsheet all at once.

Once a Committee Member has reviewed and approved the results, they will be added to the rankings. Organizers, please check the Organizers’ Circle forum for a video tutorial and more details on how to do this.

Event Page Winners Display
Organizers can also submit the top three players when submitting their results using the above method.

Once the accompanying results have been approved, these three winners will be displayed on the thread itself showing that they won the tournament!

[Image: bEf2IX5.png]

In the future, we also plan to have the ability to review the specific results for any given tournament on the event pages themselves so that it will be easy to identify how everyone did in the event you attended.

Working Through the Queue
However, since we haven’t been able to process tournament results into the rankings for some time now, there is a large queue of events that we will have to work through. You can view them in our WBO Organized Play Tournament Data Archive:

This archive will be updated gradually as the tournaments are processed. Once a tournament is fully processed (results, Bits, and Credits), it will be moved to the corresponding sheet for the format it belongs to (ex. a Burst Format event will be moved to the BST Archive sheet from the Unprocessed Tournaments sheet).

Ranked and Burst Events Will Be Prioritized
We will be prioritizing ranked and Burst  tournaments first so that we can finally get the rankings up to date again.

Credits Usage Will be Announced Later On
Credits will be added, but cannot be spent until we get closer to completing the queue. We will announce when Credits may be used again.

Tournaments Will Be Processed Gradually
Rather than going on a blitz and trying to complete everything as quickly as possible, we will be taking our time with the processing of the results in order to provide the opportunity for the players involved to review the results after they have been processed. We don’t want to process 10 tournaments and then have someone say “a battle was missing” or “this result was wrong”!

Doing it slowly will also give us the opportunity to more easily assess who needs to be awarded the Platinum Bit (for reaching the Top 5 in the Burst or Metal Fight Rankings) and to capture a list of what the Top 15 or so looked like over the past year or so at any given time.

Thank You For Your Patience!
We’d like to thank everyone for their immense patience over the past year plus since the rankings went down and for their patience moving forward as we start to move through the queue of past events.

We’ve been committed to getting the system back up and running since it went down, but it’s become incredibly complex, especially given the eight years worth of results currently processed within it and the additional features we wanted to add.

It took longer than we would have liked to get the new features added, but we feel that with the features described here (and even more improvements we are planning  in the future), it will be the best thing for us in the long run in terms of being able to efficiently process events and reduce our workload, which will in turn allow us to spend more time working on other improvements to the site.
Let's get this Party Started.  DJ - Yeah!
I'm happiest blader in world! Thanks for this WBO! I will preprocess all events I can as soon as possible

About to try and get my school to do a club
Anyone know when a USA national tournament will be announced
This winner button is that present on a ranked event only or on unranked too ? Kei
(Jun. 26, 2018  6:04 AM)EmphaticYogi Wrote: This winner button is that present on a ranked event only or on unranked too ? @[Kei]

only ranked
I'm still waiting to get those wins on my profile. Been waiting since April
Happy to let you all know that we've finally caught the rankings up to just before BeyDays 2017! We've still got a long ways to go, but things are progressing steadily (barring any issues like missing users, which delayed this announcement by a month or so). A huge portion of the tournaments at and beyond BeyDays 2017 are already pre-processed thanks to the new system described in the opening post of this thread, so it should be smooth sailing for the most part.

In order to ensure the top Bladers of pre-BeyDays 2017 get their recognition, we've captured the Top 48 Bladers from both the Burst and Metal Rankings from this moment in time:

Burst Rankings – Top Bladers as of May 25, 2017

Top 10 Ranking
  • 1st: Kei – 1,539 BR — Won: 195 · Lost: 95
  • 2nd: JesseObre1,530 BR — Won: 177 · Lost: 83
  • 3rd: 1234beyblade1,476 BR — Won: 175 · Lost: 77
  • 4th: Mitsu1,369 BR — Won: 167 · Lost: 109
  • 5th: cadney1,335 BR — Won: 54 · Lost: 46
  • 6th: Alta1,267 BR — Won: 30 · Lost: 4
  • 7th: 1,267 BR — Won: 39 · Lost: 25
  • 8th: pyrus100001,266 BR — Won: 90 · Lost: 91
  • 9th: TimeOut1,260 BR — Won: 52 · Lost: 17
  • 10th: BLASTERJOKER1,252 BR — Won: 31 · Lost: 16

Full Top 48 Ranking
[Image: TQYkkte.png]

[Image: Z2y6LBB.png]

Metal Rankings – Top Bladers as of May 25, 2017

Top 10 Ranking
  • 1st: 1234beyblade – 1,730 BR — Won: 195 · Lost: 87
  • 2nd: LMAO1,696 BR — Won: 231 · Lost: 150
  • 3rd: Kei – 1,674 BR — Won: 539 · Lost: 188
  • 4th: JesseObre – 1,635 BR — Won: 436 · Lost: 208
  • 5th: geetster991,613 BR — Won: 382 · Lost: 178
  • 6th: Mitsu – 1,612 BR — Won: 185 · Lost: 161
  • 7th: Sniper1,611 BR — Won: 258 · Lost: 142
  • 8th: U wot m81,595 BR — Won: 168 · Lost: 188
  • 9th: Yami1,575 BR — Won: 330 · Lost: 175
  • 10th: Wombat1,570 BR — Won: 83 · Lost: 59

Full Top 48 Ranking
[Image: 4Tjo9r1.png]

[Image: 73QE9zy.png]

Platinum Bit – Inaugural Burst Format Ranking Recipients

At this point in time it also seemed appropriate to finally award the prestigious Platinum Bit for the first time to each of the Top 5 Bladers in the Burst Rankings! Congratulations to JesseObre, 1234beyblade, Mitsu, cadney, and ... me haha.

From this point onwards anyone who enters the Top 5 in the Burst Rankings will receive the Platinum Bit. Good luck!
Great to hear. Though no love for MFB top 5 lol  ;P
(Jul. 07, 2018  8:39 PM)FIREFIRE CPB Wrote: Great to hear. Though no love for MFB top 5 lol  ;P

All of them already have the Platinum Bit for that. There was no change from before haha.

Although, poor Mitsu is just one point away from being tied with geetster99, and Sniper just two points away!
We are now caught up to almost the end of July 2017 for ranked events. There's an issue with "Rowdy in the Dish 2" blocking our progress currently, and a few issues with multiple LA events on the horizon (hosts have been contacted in both cases), but beyond that most events for 2017 have either been pre-processed already or we have the results spreadsheet available to do so.

Stay tuned for more updates.
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Wow, almost a year after the fact, We're glad to announce that we are all caught up with the 2017 rankings! We still have a while to go before being completely up to date, though it's been far easier to get results pre-processed for 2018 since tournaments have happened more recently. With that said though, what Organizers can do to help speed up this process even further is to submit any results spreadsheets, fees, and winning combos as soon after the event as possible, as well as pre-process their own tournaments.

Burst Rankings – Top Bladers as of December 31, 2017

Top 10 Ranking
  • 1st: Kei1,709 BR — Won: 285 · Lost: 110 · 72.1% Winrate
  • 2nd: 1234beyblade1,535 BR — Won: 238 · Lost: 99 · 70.6% Winrate
  • 3rd: JesseObre1,481 BR — Won: 222 · Lost: 107 · 67.4% Winrate
  • 4th: Mitsu1,430 BR — Won: 191 · Lost: 119 · 61.6% Winrate
  • 5th: OldSchool™1,405 BR — Won: 53 · Lost: 44 · 54.6% Winrate
  • 6th: cadney1,362 BR — Won: 60 · Lost: 47 · 56% Winrate
  • 7th: King Loofa1,362 BR — Won: 53 · Lost: 14 · 79.1% Winrate
  • 8th: JoJo [Jp0t]1,321 BR — Won: 48 · Lost: 17 · 73.8% Winrate
  • 9th: Wombat – 1,318 BR — Won: 44 · Lost: 19 · 70.3% Winrate
  • 10th: LMAO1,314 BR — Won: 70 · Lost: 54 · 56.4% Winrate

Full Top 48 Ranking
[Image: EfuaOnM.png]
[Image: xUxAwoG.png]

Metal Rankings – Top Bladers as of December 31, 2017

Top 10 Ranking
  • 1st: 1234beyblade – 1,764 BR — Won: 208 · Lost: 89 · 70% Winrate
  • 2nd: Kei – 1,722 BR — Won: 552 · Lost: 190 · 74.3% Winrate
  • 3rd: LMAO – 1,696 BR — Won: 231 · Lost: 150 · 60.6% Winrate
  • 4th: JesseObre – 1,631 BR — Won: 443 · Lost: 212 · 67.6% Winrate
  • 5th: Sniper1,618 BR — Won: 266 · Lost: 144 · 64.8% Winrate
  • 6th: geetster991,613 BR — Won: 382 · Lost: 178 · 68.2% Winrate
  • 7th: U wot m81,595 BR — Won: 168 · Lost: 188 · 47.1% Winrate
  • 8th: Yami1,594 BR — Won: 342 · Lost: 179 · 65.6% Winrate
  • 9th: Mitsu – 1,594 BR — Won: 187 · Lost: 164 · 53.2% Winrate
  • 10th: Wombat – 1,583 BR — Won: 101 · Lost: 67 · 60.1% Winrate

Full Top 48 Ranking
[Image: cChyqxF.png]
[Image: mxql84i.png]

New Platinum Bit Recipients

Between Beydays and the end of 2017, a couple new users have risen to the Top 5 in either the MFB or Burst rankings: Sniper, who passed geetster99 for the #5 MFB spot after a 3rd place finish at Kei Spectates The World: MFL, and OldSchool™, whose two breakout performances at WELCOME TO A&C GAMES V and VI launched him upwards nearly 200 points and into the #5 spot for Burst!

[Image: platinumface.png]
So happy to finally get through 2017! Thanks so much to everyone who helped to make that possible. Organizers: please don't forget to continue submitting your results on time and pre-processing them if you have time. It's a huge help to us and the community.

Nice idea adding those win rate percentages Wombat. I've always thought that would be an interesting stat to show.

Also pretty interesting to note that the win rate percentage for myself, 1234beyblade, and JesseObre is basically the same for both formats.

And King Loofa nearly at that coveted 80% win rate! Amazing.
Rankings Snapshot
We have processed a few events beyond this currently, but here is the latest rankings snapshot:

Burst Rankings – Top Bladers as of July 22, 2018

Top 10 Ranking
  • 1st: Kei – 1,723 BR — Won: 345 · Lost: 128 · 72.9% Winrate
  • 2nd: 1234beyblade1,687 BR — Won: 286 · Lost: 112 · 71.8% Winrate
  • 3rd: OldSchool™1,567 BR — Won: 102 · Lost: 57 · 64.1% Winrate
  • 4th: King Loofa1,513 BR — Won: 45 · Lost: 10 · 81.8% Winrate
  • 5th: Sniper1,478 BR — Won: 57 · Lost: 36 · 61.3% Winrate
  • 6th: Yami1,471 BR — Won: 125 · Lost: 65 · 65.8% Winrate
  • 7th: The Supreme One1,463 BR — Won: 43 · Lost: 14 · 75.4% Winrate
  • 8th: Wombat1,459 BR — Won: 63 · Lost: 25 · 71.6% Winrate
  • 9th: JesseObre1,446 BR — Won: 231 · Lost: 116 · 66.6% Winrate
  • 10th: Mitsu1,433 BR — Won: 192 · Lost: 119 · 61.7% Winrate

Full Top 48 Ranking
[Image: WUyuAN5.png]
[Image: Ce94s3C.png]

Metal Rankings – Top Bladers as of July 22, 2018

Top 10 Ranking
  • 1st: 1234beyblade1,776 BR — Won: 213 · Lost: 90 · 70.3% Winrate
  • 2nd: Kei – 1,747 BR — Won: 558 · Lost: 191 · 74.5% Winrate
  • 3rd: LMAO1,696 BR — Won: 231 · Lost: 150 · 60.6% Winrate
  • 4th: JesseObre1,631 BR — Won: 443 · Lost: 212 · 67.6% Winrate
  • 5th: geetster991,613 BR — Won: 382 · Lost: 178 · 68.2% Winrate
  • 6th: Sniper1,618 BR — Won: 266 · Lost: 144 · 64.8% Winrate
  • 7th: Yami1,609 BR — Won: 362 · Lost: 183 · 66.6% Winrate
  • 8th: U wot m81,595 BR — Won: 168 · Lost: 188 · 47.1% Winrate
  • 9th: Mitsu1,594 BR — Won: 187 · Lost: 164 · 53.2% Winrate
  • 10th: Wombat1,559 BR — Won: 107 · Lost: 72 · 59.8% Winrate

Full Top 48 Ranking
[Image: OUPGV7P.png]
[Image: TiRMlEi.png]

New Platinum Bit Recipients
A strong showing at Beytuber Brawl pushed King Loofa into the Top 5 of the Burst Rankings, making him the latest recipient of the Platinum Bit. Congratulations!

And Sniper also cracked the Top 5 after a third place finish at BEYBLADE NORTH 2018 [Saturday]!

[Image: platinumface.png]

A few other things worth noting:
  • King Loofa was able to break through the 80% winrate barrier. Pretty amazing. Across the Top 10 in both MFB and Burst, no one is really even close to matching that at this moment.
  • The award for most improved goes to ... OldSchool in the Burst Rankings! The last update we posted his winrate was at 54.6%, but this time it has shot up to 64.1%!
  • Unsurprisingly, there wasn’t much movement on the Metal Rankings. 1234beyblade and I both padded our lead a little bit due to good performances at BEYBLADE NORTH 2018 [Friday]. Although, I have an upcoming MFL event which I didn’t do so great in (4-3), so I imagine I’ll be moving down closer to 1,700-1,710.
  • RIP JesseObre Unhappy Got bumped down several spots since we last posted an update haha
  • The Supreme One jumped into the Top 10 for the first time! Her winrate is pretty impressive.
Kei Thanks for the update - it's great that we've gotten the ball rolling again for rankings! Pretty crazy to see myself in the top 10 by July when the second Burst tournament I ever attended was in February. Now to aim for top 5 Smile