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Country: India (भारत) Registration Date: Dec. 30, 2017 Birthday: Aug. 02, 2003 (20 years old)

Starting from the small town of Darbhanga, struggling with fakes, I have my Beyblade spirit to guide me and my friends to exercise our full skills My blader Story I started beyblading When I was just 7 years old. I didn't knew anything related to beyblade except the fact that Beyblades are Spinning toys which has it's Anime(didn't believed ever in anime fantasy).I used to have battles on ground, We didn't had stadium, The only alternative for me was Indian Styled Frying pan(a large bowl though) I watched Every episode of Anime, and got 4 beys(always fakes). Plastic or mfb, dosen't matters It had to be a fake. I have a cousin, whom I bought into beyblade as well, with fakes lol.(namely 1Pratham) I had several Breaks, But after every 6 months or so, I got back in beyblade. I even had a condition, where I couldn't buy a fake. several days passed by, Playing with fakes. Suddenly Something Interesting happened. Just last year Disney XD started Airing Beyblade Burst(we still did not complete the series) I got into The Funskool advertisement. I searched for beys, I came to know about beywiki. I got L2 and X2.(the difference) And I went further into searching Beywiki. BOOM! Wbo was discovered by me. I mean I could Enjoy My hobby to the fullest. I was excited and very happy, that from that point of time I could Participate In tournaments. I was getting more and more Funskool beys, And thought when will a tournament come in Bihar, It was Happening in Mumbai(A rather large city) Then after i realized that This Community is fan run. So there needs to be more beyblade fans in here. I got 1Pratham back with me, and his friends joined too. A large spending, I got a beyblade stadium, Finally. Then I gave Organizer's quiz two times. Got my Community On WBO. A third time, it was reviewed Finally, And then A new Quiz paper, Diffirent from Others, I answered, And I did it. At that Moment I was in contact with each of India's Organizer. I was really happy about this. Finally, I scheduled my first event- Beywar:Mithila.

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