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Country: United States Registration Date: Mar. 06, 2018

Venturing into the technical parts of all things beyblade. OFFICIAL account for "TechnicalBlader" YouTube channel. Twitter:@TechnicalBlader Instagram:@technicalblader https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPx0SbO2E4oeqVyUC8KR1Sg Direct Video links: .Geist Fafnir Technical Unboxing:starting Chouzetsu with a Blast!! https://youtu.be/qIz8bplEBV4 .My first Level5 bey+can avatar attacks miss+sneek peek https://youtu.be/nJHqBcxKN0M .Dual threat launcher unboxing+rapidity beybattle sX.1.Re vs lS. 8.Mr https://youtu.be/ACmYZJlAcXM .top 8 things we had to discover in hasbro's beyblade burst app https://youtu.be/tir_LwxYFT0 .Curveball technique https://youtu.be/NjeW4KB6W8U .Collision types (Hasbro's BBApp ) https://youtu.be/Fj4XHO0G3VA .Battling my first level6 bey https://youtu.be/GcaY4Pkm6Ck

Tournament History

TechnicalBlader hasn't participated in any recent tournaments.