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Full Version: Toronto Beyblade Burst Tournament Report: ALTERNATE BEY DIMENSION' – 8/10/19
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August 10, 2019 at High Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

[Image: toronto-beyblade-burst-tournament-winner...1019-2.jpg]

First Stage

We posted this event quite late, so it turned out to be one of our smallest events in quite some time! With just 11 players, we were able to play Round Robin. Everyone around here seems to love Swiss, but it was nice (albeit scary ... for my BR) to have a chance to play in a straight up round robin for the first time in a long time. The level of competition was quite high as most players participating have all placed within the top three at events recently.

The excellent variety in the metagame as of late continued in this event. In terms of Layers, the usual suspects–Judgment, Zwei, Perfect Phoenix, Archer Hercules, Cho-Z Spriggan, Balkesh B3, and even Hell Salamander–all saw use throughout.

[Image: lTBr0cR.jpg]

1234beyblade in particular made extensive use of Cho-Z Spriggan (which I gave him for fixing some of my launchers lol). He also continued his use of Charge a couple times throughout the event; he had used it several times at the last event but placed fourth, so it didn’t make it to the winning combos list. Dezz_man also used Charge on Hell Samander to defeat Justin TC’s Zwei combo (on X’, I believe) early on in the event. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to use Charge myself, but it’s been making an impact lately!

Before the event, I was playing around with henwooja1 and put together FA.Vn.Br 閃. In my testing the night before the event, I had experimented with Flare a bit to set a baseline for myself internally as to what it was capable or not capable of. The results were frankly underwhelming; it bursted so easily. It feels like with so many of these new GT Layers, TAKARA-TOMY is pushing us toward using the Gen Weight … but that just isn’t super viable a lot of the time with the massive hit in terms of stamina you take by using it.

But during that same session I also experimented with Vanguard and found that–like Armed–it tends to reduce bursting. It reduces the chances of it to the point where you can feel at least somewhat comfortable using Bearing with Layer Bases like Flare. And in opposite spin, it surprisingly can stand up to Wall Bearing and Xtend Plus … not sure it’s better, but it isn’t a lost cause either.

As a result, several players ended up using Vanguard on their Bearing combos throughout the event at different points.

I’m not sure how Flare or Vanguard stands up in terms of right-spin stamina, but it worked out for me the few times I used it against an attack type and some left-spin Beyblades today. Usually I don’t use things I haven’t tested extensively, but it was fun to try this out and be successful with it today.

It’s also interesting to note the lack of Judgment with Atomic on the winning combinations list; that combo had been quite popular as of late. Today it seemed to be shut down by things like Judgment on Xtreme’ or opposite spin Bearing combos a lot.

[Image: jYJKa1n.jpg]

Final Stage

I lost in the final match 5-4 (made a critical selection mistake at 3-3 when I had the advantage! :( ), but it was great to see 1234beyblade win the event! It feels like it’s been a while haha.

And poor MDK Shady was up 4-0 against 1234beyblade and 3-0 against OldSchool™, but ended up settling for fourth place! Haha. The 0-4 comeback by 1234beyblade was spectacular; he lost the first two rounds with 超S on Xt+, but switched over to JD.0C.X’ and swept the next three rounds with an impressive display of power and control.


And of course, thank you as always to everyone who helped to run this event!:

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Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to post below!

Winning Combinations

Cho-Z Spriggan 10 Cross Bearing
Cho-Z Spriggan Vanguard Bearing
Cho-Z Spriggan Blitz Charge
Archer Hercules 0 Cross Xtend Plus
Hell Salamander 0 Cross Xtend Plus
Judgment Diabolos 0 Dagger Xtreme Dash (Deck Format Finals Only)

2nd: Kei
Flare Ashura Vanguard Bearing Sen
Balkesh B3 00 Wall Bearing
Archer Hercules (Level Chip) 0 Cross Xtend Plus
Perfect Phoenix (Level Chip) 0 Cross Xtend Plus
Judgment Diabolos 0 Glaive Xtreme Dash
Zwei Longinus 00 Bump Weight Metsu

Judgment Diabolos Blitz Hunter Dash
Judgment Diabolos Blitz Xtreme Dash


More Photos

[Image: iGtWHfO.jpg]

[Image: gA4v59M.jpg]

[Image: 3MlbbM3.jpg]

[Image: w5b4svX.jpg]

[Image: ix0yoaA.jpg]

[Image: L1n4n7X.jpg]

[Image: cx4WECc.jpg]

[Image: pZwpG3x.jpg]

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My face looks so dark with the hat on.
Hey , did the Zwei layer base make an impact similar to Judgement in this tournament? Just asking because I only see Zwei on the winning combos once.
(Aug. 11, 2019  2:06 PM)Ardmore Bladers Wrote: [ -> ]Hey , did the Zwei layer base make an impact similar to Judgement in this tournament? Just asking because I only see Zwei on the winning combos once.

Yeah, it did. MDK Shady also used it, but he didn’t make it to the top three, so it’s not on the list.

OldSchool also used it in my finals match with him, but didn’t win because my Weight combo beat his.

OldSchool, MDK Shady, and henwooja1 all used Zwei on Xtend Plus at some point in the event. I also know Justin TC used it for some of his matches.

Also worth noting that everyone here is more cognizant of Archer Hercules countering Zwei now, so that contributed to the losses it had in a few cases.
Is there any vids or clips?
(Sep. 02, 2019  10:56 PM)Nate the Blader Wrote: [ -> ]Is there any vids or clips?

There is on MDK Shady's channel!
(Sep. 03, 2019  12:01 AM)henwooja1 Wrote: [ -> ]
(Sep. 02, 2019  10:56 PM)Nate the Blader Wrote: [ -> ]Is there any vids or clips?

There is on MDK Shady's channel!
Link? Plz and thanks
Crimson version Diabolos on Judgement looks wonderful. Good aesthetic choice, .
(Sep. 03, 2019  4:03 AM)DeceasedCrab Wrote: [ -> ]Crimson version Diabolos on Judgement looks wonderful. Good aesthetic choice, .

It's heavier as well!
So is cho z Spriggan blitz charge good? I'm thinking of using it at a tournament on Saturday.
Kei do you think vanguard could reduce wizards bursting?
(Sep. 11, 2019  6:38 PM)Nate the Blader Wrote: [ -> ]Kei do you think vanguard could reduce wizards bursting?

It should. Whether it's to a degree that makes it more usable or not, I don't know. You'd have to test it out. Also depends on what you want to use it against.