Recent Beyblade Purchases

I recently ordered 2 random layer sets of Dread Bahamut and Heaven Pegasus. Now to just wait because shipping takes about 2-6 weeks. Uh oh....
On my way to pick up GT Triple Booster Set, 1 Heaven Pegasus Booster, and 1 Gaia Dragoon confirmed, along with a Gold Dragon Chip. Preordered Union Achilles automatically
Finally getting to round out my parts list to be at least passable if I ever get to a tournament.

I've acquired the following so far in the last few weeks:
  • Xtend+
  • Destroy, Bearing, Atomic, Eternal
  • pP, aH, hS, czV, czA
  • 1 Level Chip
  • Judgment Joker
  • Many miscellaneous parts and releases!
  • More Standard TT Stadiums!
Feels pretty good to get somewhere.
what should I buy to donate to a free tournament in my area 1 booster only that's all my money left from Christmas
(Aug. 14, 2019  3:22 PM)Ravinchen Wrote: what should I buy to donate to a free tournament in my area 1 booster only that's all my money left from Christmas

You can donate or lend stadiums if you have the cash to spare. That would make you like a tournament arranger (whatever the term is)
[Image: 50jx4x.jpg]

I got this gorgeous beauty of a remake, Gaia Dragoon S burst, and I gotta admit, I really love how this turned out! There is a lot of effort put into this and this is honestly the most accurate BSB remake, in terms of looks, size and gimmicks, this is the closest to being perfect! This, alongside Driger F and Draciel F remake is one of my favourite ones. The Hunter' recolour is beautiful! That solid purple and translucent orange rubber tip (which feels like plastic), and the purple Around disk is nice too!

Performance wise, I mean, since it's the heaviest of the BSB beys, it's one of the strongest of the lot (that or Driger F remake), however it really sucks against anything else. The actual layer itself sucks at attack power, the wings don't get to reach out a lot and they seem a bit too blunt. The layer is heavy but not that heavy. The biggest problem are those free spinning orange wings, which are so free spinning and smooth that the recoily shape of them is nearly completely dampened by how free rotating it is. However since this is more of a collectors item and nails down the aesthetics of the original the best, I don't mind if it's bad.
Gosh, I just went on a buying spree last night. Got the following off eBay:
* Dead Phoenix
* Revive Phoenix
* Judgement Joker
* Zwei Longinus
* B-123 Long Bey Launcher Set
* Bushin Ashura
* Ace Dragon
* Wizard Fafnir
* Venom Diaboros
* Heaven Pegasus
* B-149 GT Triple Booster Set
* Cho-Z Achilles
* Cho-Z Valkyrie