[Tampa Bay, FL, USA] Tournament Interest Thread

Hello Tampa Bay Bladers,

I go by joyos here and I am an aspiring WBO Organizer.  I have experience running fighting game and smash bros tournaments around the area.  This year I entered into the hobby and would like to use my expertise to help run a beyblade tournament series in the Tampa Bay area.

I am making this thread to drum up interest for a tournament in Tampa Bay.

I have a possible venue, which is Chewy Boba Company near the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL.  This location is near many food and convenience options and is also near a mall.  For car-enabled bladers it is not that far away from major highways.  Parking is free, but there would be a venue fee for tournament entrants.

As far as the tournament goes, I am aiming for a Noon/1PM start time on a Saturday before Thanksgiving.  If it does not happen, I would be aiming for the same time frame in mid-January in 2020.

I can also meet up with anyone wanting to play or practice at this location as well, just PM me.

Please let me know if you are interested by posting in this thread!  Also, if you have any questions please let me know.
I would be possibly interested and would be able to bring 2 bladers in addition to myself.
I definitely am interested in this! I'm about 1 hour away from Tampa, but when you do become an organizer, I'd like to see if you can do it around November, as that's when I'm back in Florida. (Currently away for other reasons)
awesome!! We're gonna get Florida Beybladers in no time !
(Sep. 16, 2019  12:29 AM)adrianlokie Wrote: can i use takara tomy parts

Yes of course!  Please see the WBO documents on Burst Standard for more information.