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Country: United States Registration Date: Aug. 04, 2019

HARRY IS THE MOST POWERFUL CHARACTER THAT COULD EVER EXIST Hi, my name is Arthur and I live in Florida, I was born in Brazil, I loved Beyblade since I was 9. My favorite bey-channels are: Cyprus Channel, Beyblade Galaxy, JoJo[Jp0t], leftburst, and citrus ninja gamer, I really want a tournament nearby my area, so if you are a organizer and live close to here, please. I was born in march 17 2007. that is why I have 007 in the username (it was supposed to be 2007 but it ended up being 007 like james bond). The hoomans that I consider my friends are: 6Jupiter5, NamanSpryzen, LEOBBG, TheRogueBlader, RoscoePColeslaw, Earth Helios, BladerUmarWBO , Takara the Lord,TeamRocketDJJ,Beykid44 My favorite beys are: all Valkyries except for god Valkyrie,Hyperion Burn, Tempest Dragon, Master Diabolos, Union Achilles , all Spriggans, Drain Fafnir and Rage Longinus

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valtaoi_007 hasn't participated in any recent tournaments.