Recent Beyblade Purchases

(Mar. 10, 2019  2:44 AM)CheetoBlader Wrote:
(Mar. 10, 2019  2:35 AM)Beyfather Wrote: Had an earlier lot for about 45 euros containing:
Diablo Nemesis TT
Flash Sagittario TT
Scythe Kronos TT
Death Quetzalcoatl TT
Duo Uranus TT
Wing Pegasis TT
L drago Guardian TT
L drago destroy TT
Big Bang Pegasis TT
Kreis cygnus TT
Flash Sagittario Hyperblade
Jade jupiter Hyperblade
Meteo Ldrago rush ver. TT
Beylauncher LR

Probably the best lot I have ever got, all of the beys where nearly unused

That’s about 50 USD! I need to get 1 of these lots!

Keep checking eBay i'd say, these lots really affected my collecfion, also a cheap way to grow your collection. Got over 250 beyblades from buying lots
Finally choz Achilles was shipped home
Gotta say,it's a lot better than choz valkyrie
[Image: 2ilzcs1.jpg]

My Cho Z Achilles .00.Dm arrived today and this beyblade looks gorgeous. I initially said Cho Z Spriggan was my favourite of the three cz stopper beys, but I think Achilles might surpass that. I really love that the Burst stoppers have something special for all of them: Valkyrie had extra wings for attack, Spriggan had stoppers to accommodate both spin directions and this one pops out the shields when the stoppers are activated, and it works as intended. The stoppers are as easy to bring out as Spriggans, and don't feel like they get in the way. The layer is also really vicious at attack, it one shot bursted my aH and seems to burst it more reliably.

00 is the heaviest core disk ever so this is automatically a plus for me, and it certainly feels really heavy and will be great for combos.

Dimension was a fun driver to use, the versatility is appreciated, a lot of heights with two tip modes to use. I avoid the Balance mode as the rubber sharp tip isn't very good. The attack mode was really fun and makes the stock combo decent for attack, I love it! My favourite adjustment is using attack mode and making it the second tallest height, which was a nice balance, but the lower modes are fun as well.

The LR Beylauncher looks beautiful and is pretty useful, although mine felt a bit weird pulling it. This is my first LR Beylauncher so I was probably not used to it but I could definitely feel the mechanism and gears when pulling it. However I kind of want to avoid using this to avoid accidentally breaking it, which is a shame as it looks really good, but I might end up using it, who knows. For now my LR Winder launcher from Sr works just fine for me.

Please, pick this up, it's a solid package will all useful or fun parts.

I also got Cho Z Valkyrie which I'll fully review if I feel like it, but I'll say this, the wings are actually not that hard to unlock all three off for me. Either I got a good mold or I was able to launch it hard enough. I used the Spriggan Requiem LR winder launcher, a strong launcher.
(Jan. 03, 2019  9:37 PM)Diabooty Wrote:
(Jan. 03, 2019  9:26 PM)Yblader1 Wrote: Woah, how much did you pay for that. Like damn

It was about £600 with taxes n stuff, but it’s so pretty :o

....... you've certainly got money to spend on pretty stuff......
Last Fri I ordered: 4 Ace/Rock/grand dragons (so I can have 1 full of each different layer with regular stickers an 1 with special king spriggan stickers), Slash Valkyrie and the other bey that I can't pronounce. I also got the King Spriggan. Ill get the stadium set eventually (even though I don't need the stadium)
[Image: GT_BEYS.jpg]

Got loaded on some recent purchases, have lots of testings to do
I'll be keeping one of each and the rest are for my fellow Bladers Joyful_3

[Image: l4nKZJg.jpg]
[Image: 28jodk.jpg]

For my next purchase I've bought one of the newly hyped Gachi beyblade! In this case it's Bushin Ashura .Hr.Kp TEN. I got this one first just because it's my favourite looking one of the three, all three of them look fantastic but I just love this one the most. Plus I've always had a thing for new defense type releases, especially if it's a new system and is this lovely green colour.

First of all, let's talk about the layer. Bushin Ashuras layer is a bit bigger than I thought it would be, but I don't mind, I really like the way it looks. It feels pretty heavy, but obviously it isn't the heaviest. The Gatinko Chip of this layer has a really nice translucent green colour, and alongside the Bushin colour, hans a very colour scheme very reminiscent to Hazard Kerbeus .7.At, heck even the driver looks similar but I'll talk about that later. Anyway, let's talk about the teeth on the Ashura chip, well... this is advertised to have 7 teeth, 7 clicks basically, and the idea is that the teeth are asymmetrical and they click one tooth at a time. The thing is though, the 7 teeth thing is hardly noticeable for me, while it could be because the Hurricane disk made it slightly tricky to assemble, I could rarely feel 7 clicks. It was either 5-6, or 4 regular clicks as if the teeth were lagging. The teeth strength is okay though, definitely not as bad as a lot of people make it out to be, I wouldn't call it viable but it's okay. Bushin I have yet to see it's true performance but it has okay defense I guess. The TEN layer weight chip feels heavier than the one I got from Driger F despite it's small size, but we'll see how it does when more parts come out. Overall I love the way this layer looks, it's one of the most beautiful beys I have thus far! It's performance is a mixed bag though. Not that I mind too much.

Hurricane is our first free spinning disk, and it has a buzzsaw look to it which is awesome! In fact, it's a nice plum colour, seriously this thing begs to be used for Tornado Wyvern for a fully free spinning bey, it's very reminiscent of it. With my comment on how BA looks like Hazard Kerbeus, is Ashura a mix of a few defense types over the system? Anyway, it free spins smoother than I expected and it feels heavy too, but since it's 25 grams, it's lighter than the other new disks and also lighter than 7/0/10/00 + Wall/Turn/Lift/Bump combos. People have also speculated that this might be good for LAD and despite being free spinning, I'm not sure if I agree, the disk is very rigid and even the circular part below is a little bit rough, we'll see though. However I still love love love this disk because it looks amazing and the gimmick is cool and unique for a disk.

Keep is a free spinning rubber tip, which is a great idea since Burst beys lack the stamina to maintain spin for a rubber ball tip like Bite. It's technically not a brand new concept, as Quest is kind of similar, only it overdid the whole idea. Keep is a godsend compared to Quest though, as it has much more stamina, the rubber ball has pretty good K.O resistance from what I can tell but doesn't overdo it like Quest. It's stamina still isn't great though, the free spinning mechanism is on par with Gyro and isn't that smooth so while it does compensate for the rubbers grip, probably not that much. Question is which one resembles Bearing Core 2 more? This one or Quest? I also love how the Driver looks by the way, it has a very castle turret look to it and it's pretty angular. I wish it was wider though haha.

So overall, I love Bushin Ashura, it's probably one of my favourite beyblades, but I wouldn't say I loved it more than Hazard Kerbeus or even Emperor Forneus, maybe on par with Forneus though. Still, I'm glad I own this, this is definitely my favourite Gachi bey so far, and despite the performance being a mixed bag overall, it has decent K.O resistance and is incredibly fun to play around, I love all the parts and it looks super cool. I'd pick it up, the parts might be interesting to mess around with! It gets an A grade from me!

And yes I'll get the other two later!
I saved $40 on Cho-Z Spriggan by buying Royal Cho-Z Spriggan and I bought the Wall frame for $47 I didn’t want to spend $80+ on Cho-Z Custom Set
(Mar. 23, 2019  1:10 AM)NobodyBlader Wrote: I saved $40 on Cho-Z Spriggan by buying Royal Cho-Z Spriggan and I bought the Wall frame for $47 I didn’t want to spend $80+ on Cho-Z Custom Set

Although if you did want the Royal King version specifically, that works perfectly fine as well.
[Image: uXxbeuC.jpg]
[Image: f1IzCV6.jpg]

I recently Got Myself a Cho Z Spriggan which was Spun only one in a tournament, for Rs. 1800 or $26
How do you put inline images it never works for me Crying

Just got Dark Effigy G, so beautiful, just Rapid Eagle G needed to have 1 of every plastic model, a couple more recolours and thats my plastic collection done :o

[Image: KX7t906]
Death drigers assemble!

Wish I could get the purple and pink ones, never seen them for sale
Got me the RARE Ariel 1 bey (gold). 1 down 2 to go. I got 2 copies of the B00 silver/red ho Z Valkyrie & another King Spriggan. I bought 2 so i can have a battle copy and a display copy. I finally got Slash V. Next I will get: the full random booster, a 2nd copy of all the GT beys, the black L launcher, special GT bey & new Fafnier.
The latest GT releases are pretty hard to get right now. Hoping for more stocks to arrive in the next couple of weeks...

[Image: AdIteQQ.jpg]
[Image: XPcJh5K.jpg]
Bought about genuine 40 beyblades + 8 beywheelz in mint condition for 25 euro's excl shipping, came with the beywheelz ramp and 2 stadiums. Including beyblades like Divine Crown, Screw Lyra, Basalt Horogium and also a grip

Pretty sweet imo
I just picked up a few things for my son and I. The local selection of Hasbro beys is pretty nonexistent not from a lack of stores but just empty shelves. I got everything from toymatters and so far I am pleased with their service. I ended up filling a cart and tried to get free shipping not realizing the giant stadium I ordered would automatically charge ems shipping but oh well.
B 109 launcher grip metallic grey
B 99 bey launcher clear white L
B 78 bey launcher black R
B 131 dead Phoenix
B 117 revive Phoenix
B 122 Geist fafnir
B 134 Slash valkyrie
B 135bushin Ashura
B 115 archer Hercules
B 128 cho z customize set
Giant stadium( not tt or Hasbro but looks like fun)
I’m hoping to be able to throw together some nice combos together for my son and I we would like to check out some tournaments in the future or even a club meet up.

(May. 01, 2019  12:09 AM)BeyBugoy Wrote: The latest GT releases are pretty hard to get right now. Hoping for more stocks to arrive in the next couple of weeks...

[Image: AdIteQQ.jpg]
[Image: XPcJh5K.jpg]
I’ve been trying to get my hands on a few or saving for box if I could make it before everyone sells out
[Image: 2d7bmac.jpg]

I got this in the mail today. I actually also have a Cosmo Valkyrie which is a neat layer base and recolour, but besides the layer base looking cool and having decent stamina, not much to be said here since Cosmo is the only new thing, and the gimmick isn't that new or interesting, still cool though and looks SUPER nice with a yellow Polish disk. Unlike Cosmo Valkyrie, I actually bought this confirmed since I didn't bother with trying for it, I just wanted it.

This is a really nice throw back to the past, I dig the way it looks, well, all except for the Storm Wheel looking a bit weird but it does make it more aggressive at least. It's actually decently heavy too so that's cool. It's massive too, much bigger than the BSB remakes which is a bit odd seeing as it was the other way round for the actual releases, but oh well. The stickers were very simple to apply and I am SO glad the eye stickers are tattooed on. 10 is a nice disk, it's one of my favourites so no problems there. Glaive in silver, while it looks nice isn't too interesting, and it makes Pegasis way too bulky in my opinion. I know it's for the "105" reference but well, first of all they kinda ruined it with Qc', "S" looks more like a "5" than "G", and it seems like a minor reason to add a part which feels unfitting. I think this bey looks way nicer without Glaive, I'll add it onto Driger F instead, the silver works better there and it is a bulkier beyblade. Quick' is a nice driver, while it's nothing special and feels like a driver specifically made to reference RF, it's a nice driver which will be useful for attack combos, the tightness of the spring helps. This rubber also feels grippier than all other ones except Xtreme'.

The beyblade overall is a decent attack combo stock, I think it looks cool and I'm glad I have it!
My 2 shinobi genbulls arrived today, super happy because now I don't need to use my TT Duo anymore
Just ordered:
ZeroG Random Booster Vol. 3 full set
Just picked up a Amaterios A3.
I got a judgement joker yesterday, It's on the way. I am just thinking about how I am supposed to stop it after it bursts is opponents. I havr seen people hurting their skin
(Jun. 08, 2019  5:09 AM)Adarsh Abhinav Wrote: I got a judgement joker yesterday, It's on the way. I am just thinking about how I am supposed to stop it after it bursts is opponents. I havr seen people hurting their skin

A small handkerchief or dish towel. Joyful_3