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Country: Australia Registration Date: Feb. 04, 2018

A quick run down of Beyblade Burst: Most Beyblades are made of 3 parts - layer, disk and driver. Some of these parts come in two parts (disk frames, Revive/Dead Armor and Barret Driver) Layers decide the contact points, weight distribution, and burst resistance of a Beyblade. Different layers specialise in different areas (aH in Stamina, pP in Both, czV in Attack). There are some special layers. Nightmare Longinus’ disk is fused to its layer, so all you need is a driver. You can still equip it with a frame. Revive and Dead Phoenix have 2 parts in the layer: the inner layer and outer layer. The outer layer (armor) is designed to fall off after taking too much damage in a battle, and once it falls off it is still considered to be in play, so it must not be touched until the battle is over. Dead Phoenix and Revive Phoenix can swap outer and inner layers. Layers have abbreviated names. In the dual layer system, the name is made up by adding the number 2 to the initials of the bey (Victory Valkyrie=V2, Storm Spriggan=S2). In the God Series, it is made up by the adjective initial as a lowercase and a capital for the name (Drain Fafnir=dF, God Valkyrie=gV. There is one exception to this, Spriggan Requiem changes the order so it becomes Sr, even though the same rule is used) Cho-Z follows the same rule, but for Cho-Z Awakening Beys, cz is the prefix (Cho-Z Spriggan=czS). In GT, the lowercase letter is the chip and the base is the capital (Ace Dragon is aD) Disks support the layer by adding extra weight to your beyblade. There are different disks for different purposes. Are you looking to get into competitive play ? Here’s a list of everything you need to get up to date with the Regular Burst Meta: B-105 Z Achilles 11 Xt (Xt) B-115 Archer Hercules 13 Et (aH and Et ) B-113 Hell Salamander 12 Op (hS) B-117 Revive Phoenix 10 Fr (rP, 10 and Phoenix Winder) B-121 Cho-Z Triple Booster Set (At, Br) B-123 Aiga Akaba Beylauncher Set (Long Beylauncher, Xt Chip) B-130 Dead Phoenix 0 At (all parts) B-133 Ace Dragon St Ch (St, Ch ?, Ace ? Zan and LR Dragon Winder) B-142 Judgement Joker 00T Tr (J, Zan, 00) And a way to get dupes of the Xtreme’ driver and Judgement base. I will continue to edit this, stay tuned

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