[London, England, UK] Machines With Hearts

blazing dragon was a no show he didnt come so team heros forfeit the match so team MWH wins
Ok congrats MWH.
Oh ok.

I had no knowledge of this but I guess if BHK knew about it then I could approve it.
you guys have heard about the teams tournament right?
RAW... I told you lots of times via PM but you didn't reply?
So on our team war record we can put it down as a win.

Also you can count on me and L-Drago2012 at the tag-team tourney...definately! I guess Hell-Reaper will be going and RAW... since he is the team leader!
I want to come so if anyone wants to come with me
Sadly I cannot go so a team of Rentao and Hell Reaper, sounds good?
So thats Me, L-Drago2012, Hell-Reaper and Rentao! So we have a good turn out!
me, BeyHyperKILLer, and rentao will be the main 3 with L-Drago2012 as our sub
No, it will be two teams of two.
I hope that on the 17th (one week after the tag team tourney) at Bey Apocalypse, hosted by UltraBlader, i see most of the team there!

Bey Apocalypse 17th September! Thread
There is a link underneath the mission bars and it has got my old bar in the link.
Will be an awesome meetup tomorrow hosted by TTT.

Myself and Blitz will attend, tomorrow 11.30 at the bandstand, see the TTT thread for more (link in sig).
Sorry, can't make it... but i will help spread the word.
ThePokeBlader and Shadow Scythe have offered me a place in Team GalaxyStorm, i seriously can't make up my mind. I have a good thing going on here in Team MWH, i am in a good position and the tag-team tourney is coming up soon. Also i have got close with you guys in Team MWH and my best friend is in this team. But then Team Galaxystorm is 5th in the UK, i can't really turn the offer down, can i? If i do leave i hope we can stay good friends and i hope you can understand.

Best of wishes,
So basically you are leaving?

just saying - I can make it tommorow if anyone has doubts

also, so is it going to be the 3-1 formation or will it be 2 teams of 2?
He has already left and is currently a member of Team GalaxyStorm.
Hi, i can't wait for tomorrow! I hope to see you all there! I will be coming with BeyHyperKiLLer.