Omega's Signature Shop, signatures, avatars, userbars, posters, anything! - I take requests!

STATUS: Closed for the moment,

If you want a signature and/or avatar, PM me, or post here (I prefer if you PM me) and I'll make you one for free! Don't feel bad asking, because I enjoy making signatures and avatars, it's a hobby of mine.
I have made many signatures and avatars for many WBO members, and I take requests!

For an example of my signatures, just look at the one I am using now, or you can look at signatures other people have that are made by me, quite a few members have (or had, from what I remember xD) signatures made by me.

UPDATE: I now make signatures, avatars, animated avatars, user-bars, posters, or any artwork you want me to do! So just PM me with your requests!
OK. Can I have one please? Can you make it like your other Wolborg MS sig with my username on it.
Sure, but I can't make it too similar to my current signature. I'll get on it, after I finish the ones that I got requested.
Mine is simple, can i please have a really, really good Ryuuga Signature. Cute (Oh what a surprised lmao jks) with ReallyRandomTJ in it. Eee
Haha sure thing Grin I've got about 10 signatures to do xD But I love making them Grin I'll get onto yours ASAP, once the others are finished Tongue_out_wink
Eee Haha thanks Omega. DKS made me one. Speechless but i got bored with it pretty quickly. Unhappy
Hahaah Grin In that case I'll make yours extra special xD
Pinching_eyes_2 Woohoo. Cute I get an extra special Signature. XD Haha.
Alright finished all my requested signature (including PM requests)... Phew Pinching_eyes_2
Sent them all to you guys, if I have missed out on your signature just PM me, or post here.
I love my new sig Eee thanks again Omega. Tongue_out
OP is updated Grin Don't feel shy to request anything Joyful_3
Just dropping by to say that I really like the Earth Aquila signature you made for Beykid.
Thanks! Grin I made him an Earth Aquila one since no one else has an Earth Aquila signature Smile
Any chance I could get a Pisces or original Draciel sig?

Either would be fantastic.
Sure thing, I'll get on it right away.
Could I have an signature of Kenta and Tendou Yuu? Any design would be awesome.
Sure! Grin The more people the better!
Updated the OP with an example of a banner. Smile
What's with the long wait?
please me too could you make a avatar or signature for me please ????
because i'm on this=(
(Oct. 07, 2009  5:25 PM)Ash Wrote: What's with the long wait?

Umm I sent your signature on MSN a long time ago... Speechless
COULD you make me a Storm Pegasis signature please Stupid
LOL I take ALL requests, I just do them in order so of course I will make you one Smile
Yes, hello, I know im new, but can you make me a sig of a dranzer s? (my first blade)