READ the whole post (especially the rules/guidelines) before considering.

Update: 10% DISCOUNT for the first 20 reservers!

Purchase over £50 and get a FREE BOOSTER BEYBLADE.£45 if purchased with a TT attack stadium.

Purchase over £60 and get a FREE STARTER SET
(non 4D/ BB-80)

ControL_ here going to China. Whilst I'm there I'll be picking up some MFB from Hong Kong to bring back to the UK. What I am going to do is reserve items for London tournament attendees only and allow them to pay for their items on the day of the tournament. The items will be bought from Hong Kong by hand, meaning no loss in delivery ect.

- I will be going to China from the 12th to the 24th of July, ask me to reserve any items you wish listed below or not before the 12th.

To reserve any of the items listed below, you must:
- Have attended more than two tournaments.
- OR be a reliable (in my opinion) blader as a whole.
- OR purchased from me before.
- Be 300% sure you are able/committed enough to pay/reserve these items.

Other Rules/Guidelines:
- Do not post if you are not a London tournament/meet-up blader - PM me otherwise.
- PM me where possible.
- I'm not shipping elsewhere.
- PM me if an item is not listed but you would like me to reserve it for you.
- If an item says "PM me", then you PM me with an offer.

All Beyblades are authentic, I do not sell any fakes whatsoever. If you forget to reserve, be assured, I will buy only the most popular beys back to hold as stock. Anything particular/rare/only you want probably won't be brought back.

New in Box/Package MFB:
Booster Beyblades (x1 free when you spend over £50, £45 if purchased with a TT attack stadium.) - £8.99 (maximum series are £11.49)
Starter Sets (x1 free when you spend over £60) (non 4D and Gravity Perseus) - £13.99
4D Starter beys - £22.49
Beat Lynx TH170WD - £29.99
RBV7 Beat Lynx (random) - £13.99 each
Gravity Perseus Starter Set (incl. LR launcher) - PM me
Perseus Ultimate Reshuffle Set BB-97 - PM me
L-Drago Ultimate Reshuffle Set BB-98 - PM me
BB-75 Deck Entry Set - PM me
BB-86 Attack & Defence Set - PM me
BB-96 Super Deck Set - PM me.
BeyDeck Case - £4.99

Beyblade Accessories/Stadia:
TT Attack Stadium - NIP - £24.99
Beylauncher LR (clear black) - PM [/colour]
Beylauncher L (clear white) - [color=#32CD32]£6.49 [/colour]
Beylauncher (Various colours) - [color=#32CD32]£7.49

3 Segment Launcher Grips (navy/black/white, card) - £7.49
Regular Grips (beypointer type) - £6.99
Metal Face set BB-36/66/67 - £5.99
Metal Face remod set BB-84/85 - £6.49
Metal Assist BB-79 - £6.49
Grip Support BB-101 - £4.99
Launcher Rubbers (3 Pack) - £4.99
Launcher Rubber (x 1) - £1.99
Launcher Suspension - £4.49
Launcher Grip Mule (Red/White/Black) - £4.99

Metal Wheels:
Clear Wheels:
Spin Tracks:

Photos 1
Photos 2

Prices subject to change.

does the segment launcher includde card?
(Jun. 29, 2011  11:05 PM)zflare3 Wrote: does the segment laher includde card?
No hong kong editions do.
so there dont include card?
i will try to reserve 1 segment launcher 3
(Jun. 30, 2011  1:45 PM)zflare3 Wrote: so there dont include card?
i will try to reserve 1 segment launcher 3

The 3 Segment Launcher Grip never comes with a BeyPoint Card anywhere. And what ControL_ is saying is that, on top of that, there are just no BeyPoint Cards for Hong Kong because they do not use that system, so even all the packages were modified by the company so that they do not include any information about BeyPoint Cards.
Can I just point out, if it's not a problem, I will be lobbing away the boxes of the items only if they are say DX sets, or Ultimate Reshuffle Sets.

All other non-huge items such as boosters, starters, and accessories will stay in their boxes.

Lastly, TT-Attack stadiums will be pulling out of their packaging in order to pile up for multiples to save space in the old luggage. I will make sure there are no dents whatsoever on the stadium.


ED: When i'm in various toy stores in Hong Kong, I will be making a video too - You will definitely want to see Hong Kong's beyblade stock like Atamaiidotcom did.
any possibility of selling a Beylauncher LR separately?
If so im interested. I dont want to have to get yet another gravity perseus...
(Jul. 01, 2011  9:12 PM)Manicben Wrote: any possibility of selling a Beylauncher LR separately?
If so im interested. I dont want to have to get yet another gravity perseus...
Very possibly, I'll have it up for sale if I do.
Can you get parts that you can sell?
(Jul. 01, 2011  9:55 PM)Shadow Lynx Wrote: Can you get parts that you can sell?
Sure I can, but of course it depends which parts - Please PM me which to minimise clutter.
I'm probably not going to be getting many 4D beys at all, so I am told, they are very pricey compared to pre-4D beys.

10% is still (just) applicable for the first 20 buyers.

When you reserve an item, please avoid contacting me frequently on continuously changing your order.

DX sets (apart from Big Bang) can be bought: BB-32 Hybrid, and Galaxy Pegasis DX set (no beypoint card).

I will consider selling parts if multiples are bought. Mostly items from Ultimate Reshuffle sets.

Seriously - Stop telling me to change your orders, any orders changed after the 12th will stay have to be bought, it's a risk you are going to take and a right one. I'm not getting anything for anyone when they keep telling me to change their order - Especially since I will have no internet for the worst part of 10 days at first.

If you reserve - You can not change your order after the 12th, if you do, you still buy - Agree to this if you buy.

On a brighter side:

Purchase over £50 and get a FREE BOOSTER BEYBLADE. £45 if purchased with a TT attack stadium.

Purchase over £60 and get a FREE STARTER SET
I will be selling parts after heavy persuasion. Most of the parts will be from reshuffle sets at cheap prices.
More to be added?
OK tonight will be the last night I can check the internet, and I will be without the internet until around the 22nd.

I will be in China from the 12th to the 22nd, and Hong Kong from the 22nd to the 24th.

Place orders tonight, as it's unlikely I will get back to you.
ControL_ has asked me to help him with this thread while he is gone, therefore all queries shall be directed at me.
I will try my best to answer your questions but if I cannot leave a message for ControL_ to read when he returns from his vacation. Best of luck to ControL_ and all his customers.
Order, placed. I hope im not too late...
Have fun ControL_ and send my regards to Kaijun and your mother!
Hah, Ahmed helping Kevin with his business!
Have u heard from him yet? Or his he banned in china from going on WBO?
Or wat about no internet access!? *GASP*
He will not have internet until the 22nd I believe. Yeah, he asked me to help him with the thread while he is gone :3
He has a mind of steel, being able to survive that long without the internet!
I wish both of you luck and myself too.
(Mainly as I sent him an order and i dunno if he saw it b4 leaving...)
No I couldn't last that long, i'm in my neighbour's house for one day to use the interent, mainly to send an email for my dad.

Manicben I saw your order
I knew he wouldnt survive without it!
and thanks for looking at the order...
A friendly neighbour bought 40m worth of cable, which stretches down the street and in through the window. That means ok speed internet.

In 6 days I will be leaving the land of non-existent hygiene and head for Hong Kong. I will another luggage partly to hold Beys... And yeh, there is no Facebook/Youtube atm so it's still dying for now.

Updated with a lot more parts for sale, a cheaper option if you don't want a whole starter/URS/deck set.
Can we still place orders? If so i will PM you.
Ofcourse you can still place orders, make sure it's before the 22nd.

Popular items, I will buy extra, so if anyone misses out on placing an order, I will still have stock for the most popular beys.