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Want one of my doubled faces? Hit me a PM and we can trade. -They're not freebies. ----- I simply love Beyblade, it has been an addiction, and one heck of a great one. I am fortunate to be part of Team Triple ThreaT along side with my brother BeyJun. We are looking for a third member. So for ever since Bakuten Beyblade and to MFB now. Here I have some achievements worth mentioning: 1st Place - Hasbro Tournament ToysRus October 2010 4th Place Jingle all the Bey December 2010 2nd Place Legend of the Bey January 2011 Fortunate for a full wins in group stages and just two losses. 2nd Place Feb-Freeze February 2011 Fortunate for a full wins in group stages and just one loss. 3rd Place March of the Bladers March 2011 Fortunate to withstand 3 redone finals due to points being the same to all the finalists. 2nd Place Regents Restricted Roundup 16th April 2011 Fortunate for a full wins in the group stages. 2nd Place losing to Blitz (AGAIN) 2nd Place Summers Eve Showdown 30th April Just two losses, losing it to beyfriend BladeStorm at the end. 3rd Place BeyDays Bonanza 2 27th May Struggle at the end against madmuppet and LeeDraciel. 1st Place BeyFest 25th June (Finally won) Wasn't going to go, but "ControL_'s SouL_" convinced me to in the end. Battled out against Lee once more and won. 1st Place BeyThunder 20th August Beat Blitz despite his deception tactics to end the the tournament flawlessly. 2nd Place BeyFest II 10th September Hell Kid beasted passed me with VariAres, there was very little I could do for gold. 2nd Place BeyFest III 24th September Hell Kid, again beasted passed me with Final Hope/ new Phantom combos... I lost 4 times overall that day, 4 times to Hell Kid. Other: Donated well over $200 to the WBO as a thanking for everything it has provided. Currently #2 in the UK.

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