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Full Version: Going Away/Coming Back Topic
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If he is content with his limited knowledge of the game and feels it is his time to leave, that is his decision.

Personally, though, I do not see why anyone would leave because they "know enough" - this is a community, not a page on wikipedia...
[content deleted by me]
Then why post? Face it, it's your decision, but your reasoning is PRETTY iffy. I've never hosted a tournament, but I follow the metagame avidly, even if I don't contribute much.
(Nov. 02, 2011  12:12 AM)DFB3636 Wrote: [ -> ]^ Those are the exact "goodbyes" I knew I would recive.

You're leaving a community of people because you think you're smart enough.

You're not. I'm not. Kei isn't. None of us are.

But, like I said, it is your choice, and it is obligated of us that we respect it.
So, after raging by butt off at Galaxy for saying lightning isn't as good as every test ever showed it was, I picked up lightning, and the "terror of italy" MF-H Basalt Kerbecs 230CS, some lightning combo, and after 8 KO's to a wall save and an OS (I.E. 8/10 in favour of lightning), I decided I might buy Variares and Phantom Orion and see if I can't get back into things.

Don't know how long it will last, if it'll increase my posting, or whatever, but I'm back to MFB for a little :3

It might mean I may start yelling at people again, as I have in the last couple of days. Hope that's okay :3

For example:
No, I don't know you. No, I don't think you know enough about beyblades and the metagame because it is forever changing, even with the anchor that is basalt and the stupid number of round wheels TT has put out, and tbh your graphics are blurry. But I don't think you should quit, because that's not going to change any of that.
That said, your choice bro.
I was just waiting for you to come back. Welcome back into MFB th!nk Wink
Yay, the lying, raging ginger is back Grin


Welcome back, th!nk. Glad to see you'll be posting more :]
*sniff* cya all for a month, my parents banned me for a while, PM/email me via my beyblade team forum, GuildInn, or PenPad, *sniff* cya for a while............. and Shika blade will be back, we talk via FB nowadays, we both will be back. soon........
Tehehehehehehe IM BACKKKKK!!!! And im better than ever no more spam posts and things of that nature. Now that ive read up the site while I was out im better than ever
, Temporal, and Kaiba

You guys are right about this. I'm sorry.
Finally back from 3 months of no contact with the outside world. Boot Camp was fun, now I'm back for 10 days of boot leave. After Marine Combat Training I'll be a more regular member of the the WBO again, but for now I'll be on occasionally.
If you guys haven't noticed, I've been out of the picture for a while. The thing is I am a bit busy with a school project and some other stuff. I am losing a bit of interest in beyblade, but don't worry I won't be quitting soon. Also I've playing a bit of Black Ops, Arkham City and Can't wait for MW3. I will be gone for about a month or less, most likely less. But for now only, this is a little bit of a goodbye. I don't plan on coming back a bit too soon.

EDIT: Will be signing on occasionally for PMs and such, But not too many postings.
You got Arkham City?

Oh. My. See ya' around!
Upload your Bdaman review before you go!
Yes, Yes will. I have a bit busy for that, But I will. Try to get it done over the weekend, But this weekend isa religious holiday.
My time off was longer than expected, but I'm back! I'll be posting regularly again.
Hey guys, remember me?

I took a long break from Beyblade, primarily since I kind of lost interest. But I'm back, and ready to write drafts for Bey Wiki!
Hi, person who consistently changes names Tongue_out
I thought you made a comeback and didn't do anything or something.
If you have some form of psychological problem/mental disorder (such as schizophrenia), you should probably deal with that first before coming back and creating Beywiki articles.. You should consult our local Psychology student, Th!nk, for more information and applicable treatments.
You've actually had 3 name changes negotiating with yourself over a space in your name.

Health before Hobby.
I going to leave the WBO for a bit,I try to keep up,but I don't have the money or time,Ill try to visit like once a month.Beyblade is pretty much my hobby,but Im going to play my Xbox 360 more :p
Well as of late I haven't really been spending too much time on the site , don't get me wrong I still love the hobby and such but I just really haven't had time for it lately I will still be on occasionally but won't really be keeping track of the meta so I guess you could say I am taking a break for a while although I will be on at least 1 minute a day just not posting.
allo im back im sorry for all of the bad things that were going on.... Pinching_eyes_2 i hope it didnt upset anyone and for a warning:dont say anything mean 2 me if u want to its better u not say it at all... and im not mad for ppl that thought i was mad
Eh, you probably havn't noticed, but I havnt posted for awhile. Schoolwork. But I'm back, helping in Build me a combo and Ask a Question, Get an answer, as well as helping on drafts and stuff. Its good to be back!
Well, I think this is it. For the past few months I've only been using the WBO for the "Your Creations!" forum, and now that I've found a home on PenPad forums I don't feel the need to post in the YC anymore. That's why it's been forever since I posted.

So, I think I'm leaving. For good? Maybe. I may get back interested in beyblade and come back (Maybe watching the anime again will bring back nostalgia?), but most likely not. In the even that I do not return and I'm reaching the end of my posts here, I'd like to give "shout-outs" to a few people I won't see on PenPad (I guess...?) :

Medz: You still rock. Just wanna say that. You're a great programmer and I wish you all the best of luck with your site.

Rai: I just wanna say you still light up this entire forum with your humor. You're funny and intelligent, and not many people can say that. I'll miss you, dude. Join PenPad!

Shabalabadoo: You're just buff. And that's just awesome.

To all of the mods: Wish I'd gotten to know some of you better. You're funny, smart, sarcastic, and witty.

To the Committee: Thanks for all of your help in making tournaments, contests, and keeping this forum in tip-top shape. It must've taken a lot of work to do that, and I really appreciate it.

Well...yeah. So, for lack of a better word...peace out.


It's a shame to see you go, Sparta. Good luck with the writing, though :3

If you want to get into beyblade through any means necessaries, buy plastics and come join us on the plastics side. We have spikes and stuff and no 5 minute stamina battles. It's kinda cool.