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Full Version: Going Away/Coming Back Topic
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Welcome back man, I knew you'd come back eventually, haha.
i wiil be gone for a week due to a broken keyboard keep on blading

ps i am using my friends laptop if you are wondering how i am typing this
Cya Neji, hopefully you can be back on the WBO soon.
Just figured I ought to post here and let people know...

I'm still here, lurking. Due to personal constraints I've had little time for anything hobby related (YGO, MTG, MFB, COD, even Iaido Uncertain). I am around though.... watching and waiting. Ahurr~
It's great to know you're still wandering around Hiro, welcome back (sorta).
(Jan. 13, 2011  9:32 PM)Neji Wrote: [ -> ]i wiil be gone for a week due to a broken keyboard keep on blading

ps i am using my friends laptop if you are wondering how i am typing this

hey guys im back. i bought a new keyboard at the orlando mac store so im back
Hey guys gonna just lurk and read for a while.
Hey guys. Tomorrow I will be heading off to Seatle and I won't be back until Monday. I will leave latter in the day so I will be on for only a few hours tomorrow. I doubt anyone will miss me.
(Jan. 15, 2011  8:46 AM)Nano Wrote: [ -> ]Hey guys. Tomorrow I will be heading off to Seatle and I won't be back until Monday. I will leave latter in the day so I will be on for only a few hours tomorrow. I doubt anyone will miss me.
Darn. Well, have fun with your uncle's girlfriends son. See you when you get back.
^ I will still be around for most of today. And thanks for caring! SmileSmile
Hi, sure no one noticed me, but i was gone for no reason i decided im back.
I noticed. Welcome back.
My mom is going to install Norton Family security, so she'll be able to monitor my online activities, INCLUDING WBO. Ill then be busted, so i MIGHT be gone for a VERY long time. I might not be on until i can find an alternative to internet access apart from my Mac. she'll also might be able to block me from the WBO.

See you all ( very) soon,
I've decided that during school years, I will only be online during weekends so that I can focus on academics. I'll see everyone again on Saturday! Smile
Im am and should now be back completely, Exams lasted a whole 2 weeks if anyone needs me feel free to PM i will start up a new avatar shop thread maybe soon its so good to be back
Im back....even though i was online for ages (i sneaked on the laptop) now im back.....i got brilliant grades and my reward is buying Screw Capricorne 90MF!!!! I LOVE MY PARENTS!
welcome back, awsome reward
(Jan. 21, 2011  11:05 PM)Conan Wrote: [ -> ]welcome back, awsome reward buying it when AD stocks.....
Welcome back ShadowZoroark!
hey guys i lost my bladers spirit Unhappy ill be back once i find it
can somebody tell me about how to find the beyblade copetion disscusion
I'll be going over across the pond to the States in July! Let's hope that they hold a tournament there. Might even buy a few beys if I can find some hobby shops. We might be going over to Universal so anyone live around there?
Hey WBO, I'm back. Sorry for not posting sooner, been busy.

For those wondering about the BEY INFERNO results, they should be up soon.

And yes, it's my birthday Joyful_3
Hey guys,

To be blunt and to the point my interest in Beyblade has been wavering for quite awhile now while most importantly I need to focus my energies on University and not become distracted. I’ll probably continue to post on the Forum sporadically though I won’t continue to be the active and contributing member that I previously was. Since joining the WBO in late 2009 I feel as though I’ve accomplished a lot of things that I was previously yearning to do with the Beyblade hobby back when I used to play it considerably a lot more during the Plastic/HMS era. While I feel happy knowing that I’ve accomplished all the goals that I’ve set out to achieve the thing that’ll make me the happiest is the fact that I’ve gotten to know individual people on this board and after awhile posting on the WBO begins to feel like a second life with a whole group of other friends. For that reason of making friends and getting to know people that’ll be the thing I’ll miss most about the WBO.

Now I know a few people will be reading this wondering what’ll happen with my collection, at this current point in time I do not know. I’m not sure whether or not I would like to sell any or all of it since it’s taken me quite awhile to build up my collection to the point at which it’s currently at. If I do decide to sell anything I’ll PM certain members first to allow them first dibs whilst after they have chosen what they like I’ll create a thread and a video on Youtube advertising which Beyblades from my collection will be for sale.


Kai -V - The endless hours of work you contribute whilst your undying commitment to the WBO is truly astounding. You’re the glue that holds this place together, if it wasn’t for your presence this forum wouldn’t be merely as great and wonderful as it currently is.

Kei - Perhaps one of the most unrecognized staff members on the WBO whom doesn’t receive enough credit for all the tireless efforts you put towards the website. Your Beyblade knowledge is simply amazing while your constantly pushing the Beyblade Meta Game forward by your meticulous search of new combos that’ll change the competitive nature of Beyblade ie, MF L Drago 90WF and MF - L Earth Bull 230CS.

McFrown - I always enjoy our discussions on MSN and hearing your outlandish ideas that always sound ridiculous but crazy enough to work whilst the scariest thing is that for the majority of the time those ideas do work! Continue pushing boundaries and questioning the accepted notion within society not just in Beyblade but in life it’s your most redeeming feature which is reminiscent of Brad. Though most of all I consider you a friend Wink

Momo - You one of the few members on here that I would consider an actual friend. I always enjoyed performing test for you and helping to uncover MF Gravity Perseus D125RF as a respected combo of equal ferocity of Vulcan, while your concern for my well being during the recent Brisbane flooding was touching. Thank you.

Dan - Your knowledge on Beyblades seem to have grown exponentially over the past few months, or perhaps it just took me this long to notice, lol. I know that your striving for that ‘Advanced Member’ title and I’m quite confident that if you continue posting and contributing in the manner in which you are you’d have deserved it.

Driger GT - You were the first person to give me a helping hand with my Youtube Channel. You gave me the platform of your YouTube channel to advertise my own YouTube Channel which allowed me to build a solid foundation for my Channel. If it wasn’t for that early helping hand I’m not sure whether or not my Channel would have ever been as successful as it was. For that reason I’m incredibly grateful and I can’t thank you enough!

Oki - For the same reason as GT, you were one of the first people to really help the growth of my YouTube Channel. The shout out you gave me during your unboxing of Ray Gil was phenomenal, my fan base increased dramatically and allowed my Channel and Username to grow and become more recognized by bladers around the world! For that reason I can’t thank you enough!

Rider Proxy - If it wasn’t for help with ordering from YJ my collection wouldn’t have been merely as big. I wouldn’t have been able to conduct all the testing that I did whilst I wouldn’t have the parts that were needed to make a successful YouTube Channel. Thank you.

Akiras Daddy - You always have the newest products with the cheapest prices on the net whilst having the fastest if not one of the fastest delivery from any seller on the net. Your simply incredible!

Dimsum2U - The rare Beyblades that you always managed to get your hands on from your suppliers were simply astounding. If it wasn’t for your incredible service and prices I wouldn’t own half the rare Beyblades that I own. Thank you.

While I’d like to give Honourable mentions to Diamond, Momiji, Daegor, Blah, Moss, Evan, RエスコルピオT125JB, GreenXBlader, milkychipz, JeeReegy, Fogotness, Nojo294, Galaxy and all the Australian Members.

Though I’d like to reserve the give the biggest ‘Shout Out’ to anybody whom help support my You Tube channel, whether that was by commenting, subscribing, spreading the word or by simply just watching my videos. If it wasn’t for the commitment and loyalty that my fans showed then my channel wouldn’t have been nearly as big as what it is and I wouldn’t have continued creating videos for as long as I have done so. Thank you.
Unhappy You'll be greatly missed. Good luck with University.