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Full Version: Going Away/Coming Back Topic
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(Aug. 18, 2010  6:16 AM)souless1234 Wrote: [ -> ]Where's toonpenguin Unhappy I has a lots of serious questions for him.
Apparently, Toonpenguin needs a break (although he states that he will return on the 8th of August).

You should probably PM him the questions, or let him take a break if he doesn't respond(?), haha.
Wow, I fail.
I came back today, either way it was fun, caught a good amount of fishies. :3
And so HEAVYARMS makes his triumphant return!

It's been a while, so probably nobody remembers me!
But I'm excited to be back!
I am going away to return to Yu Gi Oh! I may or may not be back.
Whats wrong with not being able to do both hobbies?
(Aug. 19, 2010  2:14 AM)souless1234 Wrote: [ -> ]Whats wrong with not being able to do both hobbies?

My only problem is that both of them costs a lot of money to maintain. And if your're not old enough to have a job, it's harder to maintain the hobbies and keep up with it. =/

But still, you can do both hobbies.
I'll be away for 3 days, starting this afternoon...Go for camping...
Coming back. Got Storm Capricorn and Rock Aries today.
Going away tomorrow for a week to Florida! I may come online sometimes, but it won't be for too long.
(Aug. 20, 2010  6:23 PM)Kei Wrote: [ -> ]Going away tomorrow for a week to Florida! I may come online sometimes, but it won't be for too long.

Flo Rida. Cool

Anyways, have fun and beat up some crocodiles with your BeySpirit!
Leaving tommorow for a trip to Miami, and the Caribbean 8D
See you in 7 days Grin

EDIT: Just found out, me and Kei are going to the same place, his flight is 3 hours before mines.
So no beyblading on the plane I guess LOL

EDITEDIT: We're coming back on the same plane. o-o
Small world huh?
I'm back! Away for 3 days.....Lots of updates...
I'm back. So many posts!
WB chaos blader, hope you had fun.

EDIT: Sorry, didn't actually see your post RエスコルピオT125JB. Stupid of me, I know. Belated welcome back?
(Aug. 22, 2010  12:09 PM)momiji manju Wrote: [ -> ]WB chaos blader, hope you had fun.

What, you don't care about RエスコルピオT125JB? Gasp

Anyways, welcome back you two.
I'm leaving . Incase you didn't know 2 weeks ago i went on a retreat.
After the retreat I went on my eyes were Opened up and I really need to grOw up. No mOre playing with spinninG tops. I've got a bright future with Going through college and getting my career started. Theres so much more to life then beybladinG, and other things of that nature. Also I've noticed how much time I've rotted away with beyblade and just being on the computer. I've missed out of so much stuff and doing so many things with my true friends and not some people I may talk to over the internet about some hobby which won't take me anywhere in life. Yes hObbys are gooD to have but this is one i need to get riD of .

So i felt that i owned to post one more time. I will still be on twitter if any of you truly want to stay in contact though I'm not gonna be on there too much. And If someone could tell me how the tournament in the USA's CApital goes i'd like'd that as a lasting memorey .(Also if you take 3 letters that are different then the rest you'll find out what opened my eyes) .

Also to all the noobs man you guys were a hand full. Please be easy on Kai-V, Heart, Daegor42, and the other members. Esspically you adiennika24 I've heard that your really getting under peoples skin. Ha ha anyways Its been a pleasure (not really XD) on the WBO.

Good bye, Toonpenguin
what? 0.o at riddle part and any ways bye you were quite a good member
and yea its my job
miss ya bra
i am on a world trip Pinching_eyes . just me my friend and our beys. we are visiting part of south america europe and asia. i won't be on for a few weeks except for some little stops on here every now and then. i can't wait to see all of the different cutures and not to forget maybe battling some other blader! (forgot to post this before i left
have fun
damm gata be nice to have money to travel
thank you, and yeah, we've been saving up for this trip for quite awhile now Pinching_eyes
Hi, I'm new for this Site .. Tongue_out
(Aug. 25, 2010  1:44 PM)cyoxepz Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, I'm new for this Site .. Tongue_out
Then you are not coming back or going away, like the title of this topic states ... You need to create your own thread in the "Introduce Yourself!" forum.
Leaving on sunday to Germany for a week.
Beaching it again this weekend...
then school...
so I might not be on for a while.