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Full Version: Going Away/Coming Back Topic
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That sucks... Hope everything works out! And zaneeago, there is nothing wrong with saying damn (especially with what happened to LDragobeast).
(Mar. 08, 2011  11:07 PM)Nano Wrote: [ -> ]I'm thinking about leaving the WBO for a little while. I'll still check in a lot, just not post or anything. The reason is because I feel as though I don't help people out, and all I do is SPAM.

Have fun without me.

That doesn't mean you have to leave. I used to be that way too when I started out. I got up to 40% warning for spaming in about a weeks worth of time. But eventually I learned and stopped! You can stop spaming if you put a little more effort in your posts.
i need to get in the game
(Mar. 11, 2011  1:24 AM)ginga12 Wrote: [ -> ]i need to get in the game

That post is spam and doesn't belong here.
I'm going to be leaving for a while, not sure when I'll be back. I've got to figure some things in my life first, you know like when the main character goes on a magic journey far away from home to find himself. Except I won't be going anywhere, just finding myself. :o
We'll stay in touch, friend. We have something to do in the summer anyway, so don't go anywhere yet. =)
I'll be gone for the weekend. I'll try to log on whenever I can. Bye! Grin
I was away this week form WBO.
But I'm back now Smile
Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving for Niagara Falls really early in the morning. This is the last hour or two (or three+) that I'll be online. I'll be back on Sunday though.
I'm leaving for Catalina Island tomorrow. Will be back on Thursday.
from Monday to Friday i will be doing this camp thing so i will have very little time to be on
Came back from NF yesterday at about7 PM. I'll be online normally now.
I will be away from March 15 to April 1 due to examinations... though I'll see this site around at least once a day..
I'll be away til' the 24th of April, trying to lay off Beyblading for a while.

I'll pop in from time to time, but I won't be as active as I was before.
I will be gone for quite a while, since I am seriously swimming in assignments...I honestly have no idea when I will be back.
Just got back from California! I will be posting regularlly again.
I'm back from exams. Although nobody cares...
(Mar. 17, 2011  9:46 AM)Delta Blader Wrote: [ -> ]I'm back from exams. Although nobody cares...
lol, of course we carre!...
anywayz, imma be going to canberrafor an overnight excursion on monday, and will be returning tuesday, so i won't be here for around 2 days. I may not be on on the weekend either due to me having to go to Basketball training as well as go to buy stuff for canberra, so yeh. C ya on Wednesday Guys! ( maybe... )
I'm back from my kind-of-a-leave. I'll be posting regularly now.
Im off for a Week; Camp.
Won't be here this week at all, I'm busy, got exams and also I'm camping out at GameStop on Sunday for the 3DS. So this week I won't really be here. Expect me back online this Friday for like an hour. But for sure I'll be online on Monday.
Taking a very long break from Beyblade (if not quitting permanently). I don't have the time right now to explain, so just PM me if you want. I'll still be lurking the boards as a guest though, with occasional log-ons at some times.
Im quiting beyblade for good but i will still lurk the B&W TOPICS
Too bad dude.

I just got back from a camp out in a gymnasium...It was quite cold.
Hey guys! I took a huge hiatus from beyblade, but now I'm back I guess. I'll be posting here regularly sharing my insight to you guys and girls. Also I would like to announce that I retired from actually competing because beyblade equals lots of money which I don't really have. Maybe I'll compete sometime who knows, anyways just wanted to drop in to say a quick hello!
Hey man!
Missed quite a lot. So does that mean you won't hit recruitment sessions or Bey Crusade? :[