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Full Version: Going Away/Coming Back Topic
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(Feb. 14, 2009  3:03 AM)Anu Wrote: [ -> ]Oh Man Sad to know when this happens... but anyways, Bye and Good Luck with whatever you do!
Wow that us a really good way to put it. Still sad to see you go. Maybe I can make you stay by showing you the Smith
if u wanna stop blading then ok but dont stop comming to the forums. we can talk about a lot of things here that are not about beyblade.
i rarley post on beyblade threads. but am still one of the most active members on the forums!
you rarely find people that are so kind like those in here so even if i quite blading one day i will still come to the forums.
Actually i decided to stay on wbo because i was about to throw out my stadium but then i just thought about somewhat fun times with beyblade so i can happily say im back
That's great news buddy. Glad to know.
Cool to know that your staying.
btw Happy B-Day Smile
YAY Happy Birthday Grin
Happy birthday!
Well then, welcome back and happy b-day.
Well I might not be here anymore
1. because I can't meet anyone for battles
2. i don't know carp about beyblade
So i'm thinking this over atm
You haven't posted all that much.......I've never even seen you before. I mean, you're free to leave when you like but this is such a good time to be in the beyblade community. Maybe if you posted more you'd learn some stuff and have fun?

Plus if you get others in your area interested then you could have battles. Smile
Yeah that's true Screw what i said i have green hair, wait i mean agh anyway i'll stay
am going to travil tomorrow for about 10 days, gonna miss this site Unhappy
bye everyone,hope you enjoy your week Wink
Byebye Pegasis. Have fun skiing. Joyful_3
See ya Pegasis Have fun.
Rocky how did you know he was going skiing? + I hope you have a great time! Wink
He mentioned it in another thread.
Meow. I guess it's time for a re-entrance! Good to see everyone alive and kickn'!
I wondered where you'd gone. I stopped getting you confused with Pika. XD
Welcome back. Joyful_3
Glad my IM brought you back Grin
Welcome back.
Welcome back! Joyful_2
(love that emoticon XD )
Welcome back Shikamaru!
Yay! Your back. Glad too.
I think I need to disappear for awhile. See you around.
the face king has abandoned his kingdom