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Full Version: Going Away/Coming Back Topic
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Oh my God, this place has more than doubled in size.
I'll be on a bit inconsistently soon; school's starting up, and I'm trying to tune up my YGO deck for locals + possibly regionals. I'll be on either Pojo or Yu-Gi-Oh! Forums getting Deck advice, while giving Beyblade advice here as much as I can.

Don't hesitate to PM me, and of course, my Shop is always open for business.
Yeah, Ill miss you too Momo. Ive decided to save up my money for more important things, and devoting my time to study, while participating as much as i can. thanks guys...
I'll still be on quite a bit; everyday, I'll try to be online. Don't worry, hahah. Pinching_eyes
Haha, yeah I understand. Ists me that wont be online to see your comments ,LOL
I am back now, I will hopefully get back to posting/reading a lot on here now Smile. Seeming as my Birthday is pretty much over and Christmas is finished.
hi i'm earth gemos,a new registered blader and i love the new beyblade!!!i'm twelve,my friends don't like this sport,so i hope to find new friends in this forum.i'm italian and i don't speak english very well.
earth gemos
P.S:how can i put an avatar??????help me!!!!!XO
Welcome. But you should make your own introduction thread and not post it here. If you don't know yet, there is an Italian forum which you can go to Smile
thank you very much Raykon and excuse me!!!!!
Well, getting home at 10:30pm Melbourne time. Getting home around 2 weeks earlier then expected. But that is due to the snow storm that New York was going through. I'm currently in Hong Kong and will be leaving Hong Kong in about 5-6 hours time.

Bit of a long and stressful story, thought I'd just me vent a little bit. I was with my family and one of my younger cousins in New York. My cousin was meant to catch a plane from New York to Australia on his own, while myself and family were meant to return to Chile (we had been in Chile for a few weeks before meeting my cousin in LA, then stay in Vegas for 5 day and New York for 8).

But, with the large snow storm that New York was experiencing, both the flights we were meant to catch were delayed. My cousin, myself and the rest of my family had to sleep at the New York airport and arrange another way for my cousin to get home, because with his flight delay he'd miss his connecting flights back to Melbourne.

Fastest way to get him home was to fly to Hong Kong, but he had to stay a night at a hotel, then leave in the morning for Australia. But, since he is 13 he can't stay at a hotel alone. Me and my older sister have come to Hong Kong with him, while my parents have gone back to Chile.

It was a very stressful situation we were placed in, but it is good now that we got here to Hong Kong and had a good night sleep. Soon we will be getting up and making our way to the airport to get back to Melbourne. We will be arriving back home at 10:30pm, so our New Years Eve will be back at our homes (me and my sister might still be in the car on our way home once it is midnight!).
Im finally back from San Francisco.
My Iphone got disabled, we went to yosemite, saw the giant red woods, went to Napa Valley, rode a hot air balloon, visited Toys R Us, Target, Walmart and was very disapointed with they beys there.
Did alot more too.
Happy New Year!
Welcome back UDC,did you like your time in san francisco?

and happy new year to you too
Happy new years to you all, and it's been about a week since I went online, due to cousins and family coming over from NY.
I probably won't be online until the 3rd, seeing as that's when they're leaving, I only dropped by to see how things are going.
*Sigh* I really hate to say this, but I'll be gone until May as I can't afford to spend too much time here, and too much time on Beyblade. I'll respond to PM's and keep up to date with the latest here, but the hobby's been eating at my wallet.

Starting my fifth semester at university, and I really need to buckle down and get to it. Until then, guys.

PS: Check out my selling Thread~!!
Im goin due to school so i wont be online that much anymore...i need better grades than last year or ill lose my beys untill i get good levels(an thas every 6 months)
(Dec. 12, 2010  3:39 AM)ShadowPegasis Wrote: [ -> ]Haha, not sure if anyone noticed I was away. A lot has changed since I was last here. Quetz has been crushed by Vulcan and is worthless now (thank goodness). There's an Advanced forum now. Ellz has now retired. Brad Day has passed and there was a giveaway (poo, I missed it). blah, pegasis105rf and Flosal are now mods. New banner for the site. Yep it's been awhile. Also, I will continue to be away for a long time, I just happened to find this space in my schedule to drop by. Keep bad posters away while I'm gone! Smile

What!? No body cared? Crying Haha, I kid. Anyway, I'm back on here permanently now, incase some haven't noticed. I promise to do my part in enforcing the rules and contributing to the community.
Great to have you back, man~! I was wondering where you ran off to. =P Be sure to nab an Attack Type Stadium so you can do some tests for us. =D
I will as soon as Heart gives beyblademon the green light. But if that doesn't happen I'll either get one seperately from AD or with a Hybrid Wheel Set from DS2U. But eventually I will get my hands on one.
Back, I suppose!
Hopefully my interest in this stays longer than last time, seeing as I just bought $30 worth of beys at Target earlier.
Could be a bit easier to stay interested with several of my friends getting a bey or two as well.
i will be gone for a week due to school and keep on bey blading!!
I will not be on for awhile, I had surgery on the 3rd, and I have to go quite a bit a way to experts to see whats up with my arm and hopefully they can fix it. I can still beyblade but I do not have full motion in it. Hope to be back soon Smile
Darn, I hope you get well soon. I think it is a good idea for you to rest up and limit your computer usage while you're recovering.

See you soon, iBslick.
Exams this week and need to catch up on some animes, i will still get on to make some avatars for people and check pm's but other than that i wont be on here much for the week
I know I've been on and off when it came to me being online here; I'm staying no matter what. I made some commitments for testing and writing articles for Beywiki, so when the time allows me to, I'll do it. I was caught up with Yu-Gi-Oh! quite a bit, but I think I can balance Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh!, work and school.

Momo's back in full-swing.
Yeah!!!! We missed u.....