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Full Version: Going Away/Coming Back Topic
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I'll be there, I just wont compete. I get really nervous when competing and I have a bit of an anxiety disorder so it's not very good for me.
hey guys! i'm back from Canberra!
I'm back after a couple weeks
My goal is to make a tournament in california
My grandma's death kind of depressed me and kept me off the WBO, but now I'm back and I hope I'll be able to contribute more to the site.
I am leaving the WBO and quitting beyblade entirely, so that means my YouTube as well. I new this would have to come sooner or later but I know I made it last. Thanks to everyone on the WBO and I wish u all great lives in the future. I have made alot of friends here but would like to recognize the ones that have helped me the most.

Momo- Thanks bud, you were one of the first friends I made here and the best I've had, hopefully we can meet in real life and take a drive since I got a car. I'll remember you bro.

wwqqyang- Amamda; I love you plain and simple, you've helped me out sooo much in my driger collection and will always be able to remember you by them. Especially Crystal Driger F, everyone should go and visit her and Buy her stuff because she is just a wonderful and nice women.

Deilaiko- I haven't known u as long as everyone else but I hope to get to know you better and maybe meet in real life, considering we have twin cars in a sense XD I wish you the best in life and in your beyblade career and might be able to visit u one day, good luck and thanks for the beyblade and car help, I appreciate it (still waiting for those pics Tongue_out)

AkirasDaddy- Thank you for everything u have done for me and informed me about everything. You are really a great and honorable man and I am proud to have you as a friend one here and YouTube. Good luck with your beyblade channel and your family. Thanks

And thank you to the WBO Mods and Admins. Couldn't have met everyone if it wasn't for this site and you all helping out with it. This is good bye, deuces
That is sad I think I speak for all of the wbo saying we will all miss you
UnLeAsHeD, I really can't believe your going, but, as you've said, life must turn its wheels, and we must go according to its direction. I wish you a lot of luck and love in your life bro; it's been a great ride with you here, and I've been super glad I was able to aid your quest for completing your Driger collection. I'll PM you for my other contact information, but when you have the time, drop by my Channel from time to time.

I'll be doing rants and a variety of comedies on another Channel linked to "ONImuzik".

Really sad to see you go, and I hope we really can meet up some day.

Take care, friend.
Back for a little bit guys Smile

I'm sorry friends. But my birthday is in a about 5 hours, and I've decided. I'm now too old to be playing Beyblades. I want to thank everyone on the WBO for being so kind. Perhaps I might come back way later, or something. But for the most part, I'm giving up. Goodbye everyone.

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See you around, ShadowPegasis. Darn, it's so sad to see people go. I have a feeling though that all of you guys are going to come back here and say hi one day, so I'm not all sad. =)
Goodbye WBO, I Am Going Away, And Return When I Will Find Out Something For WBO, Hint - Check Out Theflightyellz Giude To Fakes And Searching.

My Brother Is Joining WBO, Today, Hope He Knows As Much As Me. Goodbye.
So many people are leaving Unhappy It makes me want to cry T_T
(Apr. 03, 2011  7:07 AM)Nano Wrote: [ -> ]So many people are leaving Unhappy It makes me want to cry T_T

Same here.I've never even talked to half the people leaving and I want to cry...*sniff*..its just the goodbye messages are so..heart breaking.It's like the end of Dragonball GT all over..
ShadowPegasis doesn't have a good reason. You're never too old to play Beyblade!
(Apr. 03, 2011  7:31 AM)Nano Wrote: [ -> ]ShadowPegasis doesn't have a good reason. You're never too old to play Beyblade!

I agree.I'm gonna play till I'm dead.Heck,when I die I want to get buried with my beys.
woah,your not going to lend them to your kids?
Bye to all. Heaps of people are going... But MOSS IS BACK!!! HOORAY!

awesome,MOSS IS BACK!!!
Whoever is leaving, makes me feel so hyper and sad at the same time.
(Apr. 03, 2011  8:27 AM)bigbangpegasis9 Wrote: [ -> ]woah,your not going to lend them to your kids?

No,by the time I have kids they'll see my Basalt Bull 230 RS and say man daddy that bey is old as carp,and pull out some futureistic bey that glows and is an iPod and computer thats voice controlled in one bey..I can see it now.<--Offtopic
Well I hate to see everyone leave,come back and visit sometime!
Well, my BeySpirt has been reignited and I'm back. I've also improved my posting and probably won't get warned ever again.
Welcome back!
ill be away for the next 3 days due to me going to camp
ill be back on saturday EST
So many people whom I didn't get a chance to talk to, a chance to befriend them, are now going, I didn't get to say goodbye. Now they depart from our ship.

So many people are becoming bigger, better and cooler and coming back, these people I will not miss my chance to talk to, make friends with, before it happens all over again.

It makes me cry seeing so many people going, all the people who are leaving. It is sad, hopefully you come back, bigger, better and cooler!
- Woah! Too much emotion in your posts (LOL)!!! Well, I am back! I am done with my exams, I have completely lost track of Beyblade now, and it seems it will take some time to rehabilitate myself after the boot camp(exams).........