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Full Version: Going Away/Coming Back Topic
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So, I'm not really a popular guy or anything, I don't think anybody will even realise that I'm gone, aha.

Well, I have to attend my cousins wedding in Jeju Island (OMGOMGOMGOMG). I'll be there for 3 days, I don't think I'll be posting much, maybe coming online for a while and stuff, but yeah.
Hm, I'd been away for a long while already, and was quite happy to see you fill my spot in the Build Me a Combo thread! Grin
I used to one of the most active members in Build Me a Combo, and after I left, I was quite impressed to see you out there giving out good combos, and correcting people who didn't post good stuff. Smile
Aaaand, you say that you aren't popular...
You are an awesome member in my opinion, and your presence here matters A LOT!

But well, its just 3 days!
See you soon! Joyful_3
Haha, too many people to say individual responses to, but see all you guys who are leaving, and welcome back all you guys who are back!
lately i have been busy with school, friends, and girls (i may have a girlfriend now Wink )... but now i am back... i went to anime north, and it resparked my blader-spirit... and seeing the awesome new zero G blades has pushed me into really wanting to get back into the game...

i do know that i will have to do allot of studying now... i am for sure no longer that smart guy i used to be, about beyblade XD... anyways, "i'm back baby" XD
This better be permanent! Haha

king Wolfblade's got a queen Wolfblade now.
(May. 31, 2012  6:32 AM)Shabalabadoo Wrote: [ -> ]This better be permanent! Haha

king Wolfblade's got a queen Wolfblade now.

don't worry... this time it is XD

lol XD
Well, this guy has had a history of winning certain giveaways upon return...
But this time............

There's no ongoing giveaway. Eee

Welcome lord Wolfblade!
But he went to Anime North, so if he's in the BeyDays giveaway, then oh boy...
We have also not had the May giveaway yet.


i only won one give-away... ever XD soooo... Tongue_out

thanks for the welcome everyone XD
I know that I have framed you in a rather senseless belief which arose due to an AMAZING coincidence(which again, happened just once) of you winning upon return, but well, superstitions is what I love to believe in! Tongue_out

Actually, even I was away inactive for a while because of a LOT of homework and stuff. Sooo, I am expecting to win something, haha!
i dont know if anyone knows me but schools back in the most in the day i wil be offline but most in the night i wil be on. Bye for nowUnhappy
hello i am old member of wbo ,but i lost my password and email adress password.
(Jun. 03, 2012  3:10 PM)venkat Wrote: [ -> ]hello i am old member of wbo ,but i lost my password and email adress password.

What was your username ? You should send me a private message, we will solve the situation.
Hey, venkat, IIRC, you were banned ? Are you venkai/kai kai kai ?
The member Kai Kai Kai is banned so if that's him then he's in trouble.
I'm back for the summer. Not really into Beys anymore (new fancy gizmos look very intimidating) but I will be posting in the off topic section.
Going back to school wont be online as much but ill check in if i can
Well, I won't be on much because I have exams next week, and my parents have been making me focus a lot, so I haven't had a lot of chance for Beyblade. And I haven't even been allowed my phone or to go on a computer (I managed to sneak on now.) Lol i got a new phone =D

It will only be for about 2 weeks, I will try to be on to check PMs and things.
I'll be going away for vacationJoyful_2 Anyone that needs to contact me. please email me directly and not thru PM. You guys have a good summer vacationXD I know I Be back in end of August. CHEERS!!!
Haven't been on in a week, since it is getting to the end of semester 1/term 2, and have butt loads of assessed tasks. So, won't be on till about the end of the month, or maybe later.

well, this is a bit embarrassing, but I came back on here to check on everything, I'm now beyrank #20. I sorta have got interested again, so instead of me leaving, im going to be a sort of casual member. sorry for the wasted extra post, just change my mind alot so, yeah. Smile
Turns out, I've finished all the assessed tasks! Back quite earlier than expected, so whatever.
All the work was so much stress for crying out loud, as most of them were due in one day!

English - Book report x3, Oral presentation, Essay.
Geography - Nile River junk, like 5 pages of work ..
Maths - Maths project, geometry carp, test which I just did today.
Civics - Presentation
Art - Lino Cut Review ..
And Science - upcoming test. :\
Wooooooooot. Haven't been active as much but now I will be. Going for adv status and working on to get the Organizer's status too. Joyful_3